Monday, August 11, 2014

Facebook Says: "No Posts to Show"

International Human Rights Lawyer Mustafa Ansari says we must
take crimes against humanity in America. to the World Court.

Stalkers at Facebook disregard the fact that SOPA did not pass. Where Mary Neal is concerned, they have specific views. I was scrolling through my homepage to read posts by my friends. They had chosen maybe ten posts that were OK for me to see. After that, I reached a dead end. At the end of ten posts, my Facebook homepage said, "NO POSTS TO SHOW." See this proof

I think the CIA, FBI, NSA agents are much more mentally ill than my disabled brother Larry Neal was. What could be accomplished by them preventing me from reading Facebook posts from my friends? Why are they so afraid of Mary Neal learning what her friends published today? Whatever they published is already on the Web, so it cannot be top secret information.

I used to feel insulted about their preventing me to have access to information on the Web. Now I know they only prevent my access to news because I am so damn POWERFUL. God made me terrifying to tyrants. They fear my correct interpretation of news I read, and I am unafraid to share my viewpoints. I'm like the rat and the cats. See the YouTube video.

The People could learn a lot from that rat. Stop being the prey. "Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness" ~Isiah 41:10. "RESIST EVIL AND IT WILL FLEE FROM YOU." ~James 4:7

CoIntelPro was probably trying to hide Dr. Mustafa Ansari's interview with PressTV about the murder of Mr. Garner by NYPD. Or they may have been hiding my friends' opinions about the police murders of Michael Brown, 18, in Missouri, the police murder of John Crawford III, 22, in Walmart and numerous other black men - all within a month. This is #OurGaza - the genocide and enslavement of African Americans that has continued for 500 years.

These people act like the world will not recognize that African Americans are being murdered daily by police in the USA unless Mary Neal reports it. That is how silly they are. Nobody can respect such stupidity.

African Americans will continue to scream for federal investigations of these murders, as though the feds will do something other than host another beer summit with prejudice police at the White House. Dr. Ansari, Dean of the American Institute of Human Rights, knows that relief for the racist murders of blacks in the USA must come from outside the USA. Slave masters' children can only be liberal to a very limited degree, apparently. Most of the so-called "white liberals" in America are actually very prejudice, and they work against racial and economic justice.

Try to call me. That will help CoIntelPro agents keep their job security. (678)531.0262

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