Friday, August 8, 2014

NYPD Infanticide Report by is SATIRE

POLICE ARE KILLING BABIES NOW. Police started with the mentally ill, then killed teens. Arkansas S.W.A.T. killed 107-year-old Monroe Isadore in 2013. Vulnerable people who are sick, disabled, young, or elderly receive most police violence in America. There is so much police violence, in fact, that it was not at all hard to believe the satirical story about police killing a three-month-old was true. is a satirical site that published an article about an angry NYPD officer kiling three-month old infant Layla Smith because her mom publicly breastfed her. See an excerpt by the below:

Officer Michael Fitzsimmons requested that Suzanne Smith stop feeding the baby in public as it was “indecent”. Ms. Smith refused to comply with the directive and told Officer Fitzsimmons that she wasn’t doing anything illegal. Officer Fitzsimmons again insisted that she stop and threatened to arrest her for indecent exposure. Ms. Smith calmly responded to the Officer that he could not arrest her because breastfeeding in public wasn’t against the law. “He got so mad at her”, said Tyrone Webb, who witnessed the unfortunate altercation. “He started yelling at her, saying that he was the police!"

The situation escalated when the bus came and Ms. Smith rose to board the bus. Officer Fitzsimmons forcefully grabbed the mother from behind and made her lose her grip on the baby girl. The baby fell from her mother's arms and crashed her skull on the sidewalk. The policeman saw what he had done and still arrested the mother after having murdered her baby for eating. NYPD issued a statement saying all citizens must comply with orders to submit to arrest peacefully so that accidental injuries can be avoided.

Again, the story is satire. Mothers have experienced trouble because of public breastfeeding, but police have not started killing their babies yet.

Mary Neal, a former breastfeeding mother

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