Thursday, December 5, 2013

Note to Bobby Seale re CoIntelPro

Quick note to Bobby Seale:

+Bobby Seale, I followed your page to some of the G+ groups you joined, knowing that I would find people there who care about liberty and justice for all. I joined "Media Democracy" and posted there. I then followed a member to his home page and added him to two of my circles. I commented on his post (on his own page) which he posted at "Media Democracy." However, when I tried to comment at YOUR post to "Media Democracy" at YOUR page, I was told I have to first join "Media Democracy." It appears that my membership in "Media Democracy" and perhaps my post there are fake. Please check into this CoIntelPro activity +Google+ +Google+ +Google+ (Notice they won't let my posts to Google link like they should. I am America's Most Censored Person - Mary Neal )

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