Thursday, December 26, 2013

Comments Disallowed on Mary Neal's Blogs

Google, I am not allowed to add a comment to my article "12 Years a Slave: A Case for Reparations." As I typed my new article, I noticed a crowd gathering at one of my suspected stalkers' home. I was not allowed to communicate with CoIntelPro about it. I wrote:

Allow your stalkers to go inside, CoIntelPro. It is cold, and they don't frighten me any longer.
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Although I own this blog (on paper), I am not allowed to submit my comment. I have been told by numerous people that their comments on my Blogger blogs are prevented. I am signed in at Google, or I would not be able to type this objection to my censorship. Please find out who is censoring your member Mary Neal and fire them if they work for you, or protest NSA's takeover of your services if they don't. See the comments that got through SOMEHOW at the article: "12 Years a Slave: A Case for Reparations"

My brother was secretly arrested for 18 days and MURDERED by Memphis/Shelby County Jail in 2003. Since that time, we have been denied any explanation, records, or investigation regarding the murder of this mentally disabled heart patient. We have been censored, terrorized, and financially persecuted for seeking due process of law. The USDOJ was in overview of that facility after a lawsuit was filed against the jail by the USA, but the USDOJ also refuses to answer any FOIA requests for information about Larry Neal's murder. 

America violates citizens' rights by covering up crimes against humanity done by police and abusive correctional facilities. The indictment of former vice president Dick Chaney and former U.S. Atty. Gen. Antonio Gonzales in Wallacy County, TX in 2008 alleged that high government officials receive pay-offs from abusive jails and prisons in order to avoid federal investigations. I BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED IN LARRY NEAL's MURDER COVER-UP. NDAA started for America's mentally ill people decades ago, and oppressors are only widening their range.
My censorship is intended to prevent advocacy regarding (a) justice for Larry Neal, (b) decriminalizing mental illness, and (c) prevent publication of my objections to mass incarceration, racism and class consciousness in the justice system, and the death penalty. But if you inquire about Larry Neal and his family members' KKK-like suppression, you might get censored and/or persecuted yourself.

MaryLovesJustice Neal

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