Friday, December 27, 2013

Is Facebook or NSA protecting CoIntelPro Law Firm?

Geronimo ji Jaga (formerly "Pratt")

I was allowed to write numerous people about The Cochran Firm fraud, including Bobby Seale, Larry Pinkney, Cynthia McKinney, and Maurice Muhammad. When I wrote to Lorenzo Ervin, my Facebook page suddenly froze! CoIntelPro apparently knows through my phone records and emails that Lorenzo Ervin is the one person I wrote to about The Cochran Firm from with whom I am in continuous contact.

I wrote:

I would appreciate your mentioning The Cochran Firm fraud during your broadcasts to warn our people about trusting the frauds with legal cases. Hear an interview by NPR with Shawn Chapman Holley, a former Cochran Firm attorney who sued the firm for racism, sexism, and fraud, alleging truthfully that The Firm turned racist after Johnnie's death and racists with whom Cochran had partnered took over.

In 1970, Geronimo ji Jaga (Pratt) was arrested for a murder he did not do. He stayed in jail 27 years, 8 of them in solitary confinement. I feel that his case had much to do with Johnnie Cochran's death and why CoIntelPro wanted his law firm. After freeing O.J. Simpson and gaining fame, Cochran turned his attention back to Pratt, a man who he felt was innocent but he lost the case decades before. Cochran filed a subpoena for CoIntelPro's records regarding its surveillance of the Black Panther Party members.

After some of the CoIntelPro records went public, CoIntelPro was investigated by the Church Committee, and the FBI covert program was defunded. Johnnie Cochran's brother and nephew were murdered by parties unknown. Pratt's godson Tupac was also killed. Cochran then announced plans to sue the USA and major corporations for reparations for slavery and Jim Crow in 2003. That was the last straw. Southern white supremacists approached Cochran about partnering with them, and he did so probably because he wanted money for a Reparations Dream Team. He sold them interest in The Cochran Firm, and their money helped open firms across the country that service mostly black and brown clients.

Now THEY have Johnnie's law firm and his name, which they use to defraud his people. I know they have great laughs off that. According to Shawn Chapman Holley and other attorneys with whom I have spoken, civil rights lawyers who worked with Johnnie Cochran in his Los Angeles office were fired or forced out of the firm during his illness or after his death. The law firm hired "new" blacks, some of whom help defraud their own people to accomplish one of CoIntelPro's main objectives: Keep wealth out of black hands. I do not believe all of the attorneys at the firm are aware of the main purpose of the law firm. For instance, Vickie Gilliam did not know when she was selected to represent the Ramapough People, an African/Native American tribe in New Jersey which The Cochran Firm defrauded to protect Ford and the EPA. Gilliam was taken off the case when it was time for Ford to either pay roughly $3 billion or go to court. The Cochran Firm pulled her off the case and settled the multi-billion dollar lawsuit for just $12.5 million. Google "The Cochran Firm Fraud Mary Neal."

I am a defrauded client of this CoIntelPro law firm. Google "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal." It is a story I have been telling for years. I am also one of dozens of black former clients who sued The Cochran Firm for fraud and malpractice, but no case against The Cochran Firm was ever allowed to go before a jury, as far as I know, and the media refuses to report the many lawsuits against the firm - even black media companies. The system want to keep The Cochran Firm's name clean to continue defrauding blacks in order to reduce or eliminate payouts by police departments and major corporations in certain cases involving wrongful deaths and catastrophic injuries involving black victims.

If you feel you know an attorney who is not afraid to take on the CoIntelPro law firm - The Cochran Firm - please let me know. There are literally hundreds of defrauded Cochran Firm clients since Johnnie died. Many of them tried to sue The Cochran Firm after being defrauded, but the injustice system protected The Cochran Firm from a jury trial. I cannot begin to tell you what I endure to get this news to you. See Justice Gagged at . Thank you.

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