Monday, May 6, 2013

Mary Neal and Al Jazeera: Visible Only to You

The following post at Google+ was marked "This post violates our policies. It is visible only to you."

They let me join Al Jazeera America! Thank you, CoIntelPro. I used my FB to enter and got no password. Also, my new +Google Chromebook clicked the entire time while I had +AL JAZEERA open on the computer. That never happened before - a CLICKING sound. Obviously, CoIntelPro doesn't want me to communicate with Al Jazeera. They can monitor me without all that clicking. I'm tired of them destroying my computers, so I logged out when the clicking resumed AFTER I reset the Chromebook OS. It is so taxing to be "America's Most Censored - Mary Neal" - Obviously, they want to keep the crimes against humanity that I write about a domestic issue. But . . . the secret arrest and government murder of Larry Neal, a disabled black man, has NOT been resolved domestically, and it has been nearly 10 years! Nobody can say I have not been "long-suffering." 

The International community is more apt to publish my report than American media is, i.e., +Press TV. They won't let me see this video where I showed the bloody towels from my "directed energy" attack. They do let you see a TINY bit of my interview with PressTV here . It is difficult operating in freedom of press/free speech that has so many LIMITATIONS, isn't it?
Now what part of that post is offensive? There are no dirty words, no ponography, and nothing false. It is VERY offensive to be the victim of continual monitoring and terrorism to prevent the world from knowing about a secret government murder, particularly of a disabled American who was my own brother. See "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" website for details at 
And see a picture of Larry at the "about me" section of this blog in the right margin. I wonder what on earth these people plan to do to keep people from having access to my book, "The Cochran Firm Fraud," if they cannot stand to see in print the truth about my oppression that happens to hide my brother's murder. It is absolutely amazing.

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