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Sgt. Manuel Loggins' Family Rely on Cochran Firm Frauds

Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr. was shot to death by an Orange County, California deputy. He was honored by a 21-gun solute at Camp Pendleton. His family will sue for wrongful death. They are represented by The Cochran Firm, a law firm that works FOR police and large corporations behind its clients' backs in matters of police violence and corporate wrongdoing. The Cochran Firm's clients are overwhelmingly blacks and Hispanics who are deprived of just resolutions because they mistakenly trust the law firm that bears Johnnie Cochran's name but does not share that lawyer's commitment to ethically represent clients. In fact, The Cochran Firm embarked on a program to defraud The Firm's clients immediately after Johnnie Cochran's death. His new partners also ousted every attorney in Johnnie Cochran's California office, which is where Johnnie had his sole law firm before partnering with Southern whites. Those partners now own and misue Johnnie Cochran's name and legacy to deny justice to African American clients nationwide on a selective basis. If they defrauded every client, The Firm would self-destruct. But no Cochran Firm client knows whether or not a deal has been made in his case to "throw the fight." Some examples are given below. Others are discussed in numerous online articles this writer published over the span of six years to warn Americans about The Cochran Firm fraud because consumer protection agencies, Tennessee State Bar, legal search engines, law enforcement, mainstream media, and the federal government refuse so far to investigate, expose, and censure the law firm for its racketeering.

The Cochran Firm is allowed by authorities to defraud its clients, as such frauds benefit government entities and major corporations. The frauds are generally not reported in mainstream media, and Better Business Bureau refuses to document complaints so as to keep The Cochran Firm's record clear. Other consumer protection agencies, including FCC and FTC, document the complaints against The Cochran Firm, but fail to acutally investigate and censure The Firm. The Cochran Firm's fraud against the Neal family was validated by two courts which dismissed the Neals' lawsuits against The Cochran Firm. When caught doing fraud and deliberate malpractice against its clients' interest, The Cochran Firm was allowed to perjure itself in court by falsely asserting that The Firm has no law offices whatsoever within the State of Georgia or within the City of Memphis, Tennessee. You have heard the famous slogan, "If the glove doesn't fit, you must equit." A fitting slogan for The Cochran Firm since Johnnie Cochran sold his firm and died soon after is, "If you have no defense, just say you don't exist." This writer regards The Cochran Firm's fraud to protect Memphis Shelby County Jail from investigation and censure regarding Larry's wrongful death as criminal conduct. Since Shelby County officials used the Cochran Firm fraud as an opportunity to actually cover up Larry's murder and omit divulging the disabled inmate's death when reporting to federal agencies (a fraud against the USA), The Cochran Firm became and accessory to Larry's murder after the fact.

Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr.'s survivors deserve an attorney who is not as likely to be working FOR Orange County Police Department behind their backs to reduce the amount of Orange County's payout for Sgt Loggins' wrongful death. In the case of the police murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, The Cochran Firm contracted with his survivors to file lawsuits for his negligence and wrongful death, but The Firm actually had a serious and undisclosed conflict of interest: The Cochran Firm's managing partner in its Memphis office was himself a Shelby County Commissioner and past chairman of the Commission. The Cochran Firm signed contract with Larry Neal's elderly mother with no intention of actually providing legal services regarding his neglect and wrongful death. Instead, The Cochran Firm wrote the Neal family lying letters falsely claiming to conduct discovery and prepare to sue the State of Tennessee and Larry's final care home for neglect and sue Shelby County Jail for wrongful death connected to Larry's 18 days of secret incarceration and death in custody of a jail that refuses to divulge the circumstances of Larry's demise. The Cochran Firm continued its sham of representing the Neal family until the end of Tennessee's statute of limitations to file lawsuits for personal injury.

The Cochran Firm has also been sued by numerous other parties who were defrauded because of The Firm's racism, including some of its own attorneys and partners.  Former Cochran Firm partners Julian Bolton and Shawn Chapman Holley sued The Firm for racism and fraud. Numerous clients sued The Cochran Firm. In addition to the Neals unsuccessful lawsuits against The Cochran Firm for defrauding them in the matter of the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, The Firm is presently in litigation  with numerous other clients who were subjected to its fraud to help the clients' defendants eliminate or reduce payouts.

The Anderson family in Kentucky sued The Cochran Firm for defrauding the family after the death of a truckdriver whose death was caused by the neglect of his former employer that failed to keep his truck in operational condition. The truckdriver had to use a truck that was documented to be in need of service.

The Firm is also in litigation with The Wilson family in California regarding the permanent disability of a brain damaged woman whose injury was incurred in a traffic accident. The Cochan Firm settled the woman's case for a low amount without consulting with her sister, who has the brain damaged woman's Power of Attorney. The Cochran Firm was sued for defrauding a Latino client named Ms. Martinez. The Firm then bragged that it got its former client to settle for less than fifteen(15%) of the amount The Cochran Firm caused her to lose by mishandling her case.

The Cochran Firm defrauded the estate of Kathryn Johnston, a 92-year-old Atlanta woman who was killed during a home invasion by police officers in November 2006. The Cochran Firm claimed to have filed suit with an $18million demand in Georgia State Court on November 21, 2007. However, upon making an extensive records check on August 18, 2010, Georgia State Court insisted that no lawsuit connected with the death of Ms. Johnston had ever been filed in that court. The Cochrna Firm settled Ms. Johnston's case with the City of Atlanta for only $4.9million in August 2010. The Cochran Firm did not take its case before a jury, because its clients would have been likely to receive the full $18million demand or more, considering the racial makeup of Atlanta's jury pool and the fact that three police officers were sentenced to prison for Johnston's shooting death. Robbery and murder were among the initial charges against three of the police officers who fired 36 bullets into Johnston's home and shot her with six bullets. The police then handcuffed the dying elder and planted drugs in her home to excuse the home invasion. They conspired with a police snitch who police expected to testify that he had bought drugs from Johnston's home, but the police informant refused to lie on the dead elder and went to the FBI and media to report the cover-up instead. Therefore, the truth was revealed, three of the police officers were sentenced for their crimes, and Atlanta founded a citizens review board to monitor police use of force. Any jury would have awarded Johnston's estate the full amount of the $18million demand if the case had been presented to the jury by qualified attorneys who were really working in the interest of Johnston's survivors instead of the police.

The Cochran Firm defrauded the Ramapough People of New Jersey to protect Ford Motor Company when the African American/Native American mixed tribe sued Ford for 40 years of toxic waste dumping on its tribal lands, which caused sickness and numerous deaths among the tribe in addition to ruining the land. The value of the lawsuit Mann v. Ford was estimated to be between $2billion and $3billion. The Cochran Firm set out to undermine the Ramapough People's lawsuit by assigning a young associate as the lead attorney on the case - Vickie Gilliam. Gilliam did an excellent job representing Mr. Mann, named plaintiff in the case on behalf of his tribe. When the Mann v. Ford case was ready to go to court in the absence of an acceptable settlement offer by Ford, The Cochran Firm suddenly pulled Gilliam off the case and settled with Ford for less than $14million. That low settlement saved Ford billions of dollars to the detriment of The Firm's clients.

A former Cochran Firm attorney, Mechel Pete, defrauded Edwina Davis to protect Tyco Corporation from paying sufficient damages regarding her lawsuit against her former employer for sexual harassment and actual assault. Edwina Davis had already filed a pro se lawsuit against Tyco because her boss refused to stop sqeezing her breasts when she and co-workers met with The Cochran Firm about racial discrimination: nooses were being hung in the plant to intimidate black workers and other infractions were happening to create a hostile work atmosphere for African American employees. The Cochran Firm told the black employees that since a white Tyco employee had taken responsibility for hanging nooses and apologized, they had no racial discrimination case against Tyco. However, Pete contracted to represent Edwina Davis in her already-filed sexual harassment case. He took her lawsuit off the court docket, saying he needed to amend it, but Pete did not re-file the lawsuit. Instead, he settled her case for a small payout, then started a romantic relationship with Davis. In retrospect, Ms. Davis feels certain that Pete initiated a romantic relationship with her because he wanted to know if/when she took further action against Tyco for the racial harassment and sexual assault that Tyco sanctioned in its workplace. When Ms. Davis told Pete that she felt cheated by the small settlement she received considering all the evidence and witnesses she had to her sexual assault, including her bosses'  confession on tape, Davis asserts that she became a victim of gangstalking just as Mary Neal did after suing The Cochran Firm for its fraud to save Shelby County Jail after Larry Neal's still unresolved secret arrest and murder in that facility in 2003.

Criminal defendants who are clients of The Cochran Firm rely on the traitors for defense in matters that could result in long prison sentences. The Cochran Firm also represents defendants in murder cases who face execution if found guilty. I received a call from one of The Cochran Firm's clients who The Firm represented. The man claims he was brutalized by police officers who then charged him with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer to excuse the fact that officers Tasered him 15 times and beat him brutally. The victim asserts that The Cochran Firm deliberately presented a poor defense to the criminal charges, and the man was found guilty of assaulting the officer and resisting arrest. The fact that he was found guilty negatively impacts on his lawsuit against police for overuse of force. Once again, The Cochran Firm acted on behalf of police against a black victim of police brutality.

Mary Neal arranged with an attorney to represent her in her second lawsuit against The Cochran Firm in federal court after Georgia Superior Court dismissed her initial lawsuit by lying and saying the lawsuit was served wrong because there is no Cochran Firm office operating in the State of Georgia. The lawyer worked on Mary Neal's case against The Cochran Firm on an unofficial basis for roughly two weeks pending the law firm's conflict check. During that period, the lawyer discovered that The Cochran Firm has a reputation for defrauding its clients and that public records reveal numerous incidents of perjury by The Cochran Firm during the Neals v. The Cochran Firm that was in Georgia Superior Court, which perjury is evident by using public records. For example, The Cochan Firm's Atlanta office claimed to be a firm called "CCGSS, LLC" in order to disassociate itself from The Cochran Firm. However, no law firm named "CCGSS, LLC" had ever been registered in the State of Geogia at any time. Secondly, The Cochran Firm disclaimed any association whatsoever with any Cochran Firm offices, including the Memphis office of The Cochran Firm. However, "CCGSS" was actually registered with the Tennessee Secretary of State to operate out of the Memphis office of The Cochran Firm. Ironically, when Mary Neal sued The Cochran Firm in federal court, The Cochran Firm responded that it had no law offices in Memphis, also. Wherever clients sue The Cochran Firm, it claims not to exist. Indeed, at one point The Cochran Firm was registered in Tennessee Secretary of State records as being "an assumed name."

The attorney gave me her notes from the two weeks she unofficially worked on my case and declined to continue. She said her firm had a conflict of interest suing THE GOVERNMENT. Her firm rejection of Neals v. The Cochran Firm on that basis explained many questions I had previously: 

Why would a judge dismiss the Neals v. The Cochran Firm case while based on The Firm's nonexistence in Georgia while The Firm was the most prolifically advertised plaintiffs' firm in the State of Georgia?

Why would consumer protection agencies, including BBB, FTC and FCC, refuse to investigate and censure The Cochran Firm in Atlanta for advertising and presenting itself to courts, opposing attorneys, and to the entire universe as being The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office but deny that identity in court?

Why would numerous attorneys refuse to represent the Neal family against the wealthy, renowned law firm when the Neals had such an obvious case of fraud and deliberate malpractice. The Cochan Firm pretended via U.S. Mail fraud that it was conducting legal cases regarding Larry Neal for nearly a year, but at the end of the Tennessee statue of limitations, The Cochran Firm's file on the matter was EMPTY, and The Firm admitted that it had actuaally done zero to represent the Neals against Shelby County Jail while misleading the family. That fraud was done to prevent the Neals from contracting with a law firm that did not work behind their backs to protect the jail that secretly arrested and murdered the lifelong mentally ill heart patient, Larry Neal.

As I told an attorney last month, if the government uses The Cochran Firm to prevent riots that used to happen after police killed African Americans, then the government should assure that The Firm's clients are not cheated as a result of having undercover CoIntelPro agents masquerading as their attorneys. That is a racist conspiracy against African Americans who have already endured centuries of enslavement and a century of overt and covert Jim Crow discrimination, including lynchings that continued until the 1950s, emplyment discrimination, enforced separatism in every area of life, including housing, schools, hospitals, shopping; surriptitious medical experiments, including the Tuskegee experiments and birth control experiments that happened to unsuspecting teens in Fayette County, Tennessee, where I grew up; slavery through the prison industrial complex where 1 in 9 young black men are today, and more. I told the attorney that it is good to avoid riots that could lead to Martial Law, but it is wrong to defraud families after police murder their loved ones.

Police should not essentially kidnap a handicapped American, kill him, then refuse to obey open disclosure laws and release records that explain the circumstances of the victim's demise. Furthermore, it is illegal and immoral to censor, stalk, and terrorize a victim's family for divulging his death and begging for justice through Internet services. That is what happened and continues to happen following Larry Neal's death and The Cochran Firm fraud that was meant to prevent disclosure and justice. The main reason why this writer is censored, stalked, and denied any response from police reports and letters and calls to authorities about the crimes is so that people like Ms. Johnston's family, the Ramapough People, and Sgt. Loggins' family will not learn about the program and continue to entrust legal cases against police and large corporations to the FRAUD LAWYERS AT THE COCHRAN FIRM. Before my brother's murder and the conspiracy of fraud, censorship, and intimidation that continues to this day, I believed America had almost overcome systemic racism. I was wrong.

Excerpt from "Mourners Try to Make Sense of Marine Sargent's Death," b - February 25, 2012

The shooting is under investigation, and details of the early-morning incident remain sketchy. But already sides appear to have been drawn: Loggins' family has retained the Cochran Firm in Los Angeles; the deputy is being represented by noted criminal defense attorney Paul S. Meyer.

According to the department's version, Loggins crashed through a gate at the parking lot, walked into the darkness of a nearby athletic field, then returned to his SUV and ignored orders not to start the car.

The department initially said Deputy Darren Sandberg shot Loggins in fear for himself, but changed its account to say the veteran deputy — a former Marine himself — feared for the safety of Loggins' two young daughters, who were in the SUV.

Authorities and The Cochran Firm should send a stalker to secretly collect the Loggin family's mail lest they receive a letter about the BIG MISTAKE they made in choosing an attorney to represent them against Orange County regarding Sgt. Loggins' death.

My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge ~ Holy Bible. The Loggin family's chance for justice may perish because they are represented by those frauds and because YOU did not give them the knowledge to avoid it. Sgt. Loggin was well-liked by Marines he worked with defending America. They will not appreciate knowing who is handling his wrongful death case.

Blessings from Mary Neal

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