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Censorship at Facebook and WePay

UPDATE: FEB. 29, 2012  --  TWELVE (12) LINKS ARE SUPPOSED TO SHOW, not counting the links for WePay re my conversation with the customer service rep) Today I have a FAKE FB page. First, I saw the same friends' posts that I saw on top several days ago when I was last at my home page. None of my groups and notifications are allowed to load. When I went to the profile page and returned to the home page, I only saw about ten of my friends' posts on the home page. I do not know how long ago they posted those because they are not dated. There was a "sort" button that I tried to use to line the posts up by date, but the "sort" function was not allowed to load. I then tried to view my FB emails, and I was DISALLOWED to see them. No access to my notifications, no access to my emails at FB.  I am the most censored woman in the world

That FB sabotage came AFTER I contested my Google+ profile being sabotaged - hidden so that people only have access to my Google+ posts page, not my acutal profile that allows visitors to see my Google+ photo gallary and links to other sites. See "WHY is Mary Neal's Google+ Profile Hidden and Substituted with my Google+ posts only?"!category-topic/google-plus-discuss/fix/79_NAeyS5LI  - I have a TEAM of cyberstalkers who go online with me to prevent my ability to tell you about how NAZI my existence is in this land of "liberty and justice for all."

The censorship recorded in this particular blog concerns my attempt to help the Pittman family through Occupy Atlanta by publishing Occupy Atlanta's request for the public to deposit funds at WePay. I published the article entitled "Occupy Atlanta Needs Help - So Do I." (This JusticeGagged blog contains ten(10) links, and twelve(12) WePay responses to my questions.) My article to help the Pittmans avoid foreclosure is at this full link:

After publishing the article, I went to the WePay page for Occupy donations to notify them the article was posted. My comment was cyberstalked at WePay. I stated:  Mary Neal:  I wrote an article like I promised to help Occupy Atlanta help the Pittman family. Sorry I cannot contribute money. I have not had regular income since 2008. My job applications are zapped from my email account like other correspondence my stalkers hide. See "Occupy Atlanta Needs Help - So Do I" at - Best wishes, Mary Neal. - Dated Feb. 9 around 6:30pm EST (That is a short link for the article in my FreeSpeakBlog at

I wrote to WePay to see why my comment was censored. I entered the above comment at WePay using my Facebook password. I elected to also send a copy to my Facebook page, which is an option WePay offered at the time that I submitted the comment for publication. I watched the comment post at Facebook, and I then looked at my Facebook page using another tab to ensure that the comment posted on my Facebook profile page. My WePay comment had posted. I immediately closed out of Facebook. Then I went back to the WePay tab, and the comments had been re-ordered!  They were initially ordered with the newest on top and showing on the main page - my comment was on top. But after re-ordering, my comment was off the front page altogether. In fact, my comment was stuck between comments from a month ago and several days ago.  I tried to copy/paste the list of comments to my JusticeGagged blog, and mine did not copy/paste. All other comments pasted in Blogger except mine. I wondered if this was another case where my comments would be ineligible for viewing except from my own IP address. I reported the sabotage at Twitter and then asked questions at WePay live chat. The conversation is below.

Live Chat comment w/ WePay Live Help: Now Chatting stuck? Have a question? We're here to help! - I am Mary Neal. How are your comments ordered? Oldest to newest or newest to oldest? Second, why is my post dated "about an hour ago" instead of the date and time like other people's? Is it because mine is the most recent? On my view, you have December posts first, then mine, then the list reverts backward through February. I was thinking of using and recommending WePay, but this seems strange. Please explain. Thank you.
ashleys: Hi There!
ashleys: Comments are ordered newest to oldest.
ashleys: Is this for the facebook comments?
ashleys: It may be showing about an hour ago because the post is fairly recent.
ashleys: If you are referring to Facebook comments, this is something we cannot control. I do apologize!
ashleys: Facebook generally organizes comments based on date; however, it looks like comments may reorganize when someone comments on a comment.
ashleys: Are you referring to Facebook comments?
Mary --- I sent the comment to FB and saw it post there. I signed out of FB after seeing it post immediately so that the cyberstalkerswho were hired to keep me muzzled could not steal the post. But when I went back to view it later, the comment was not there on FB
ashleys: I'm not sure what may have happened!
Mary --- I would also like to know how you order comments. Mine was posted an hour ago, yet it appears between one for Dec. 8 and one for Monday at 12:44 p.m.
ashleys: Unfortunately, we have no control over how facebook comments are displayed - what order they are in - the time that shows up - etc.
ashleys: Facebook controls all of this information. Sorry about that!
Mary ---  Facebook controls the order in which posts show at WePay? It is the comments that post at that I was inquiring about. (The next WePay respose is cyberstalked. There is a blank line appearing on my view that is not in my edit screen.)
ashleys: Yes - Facebook controls the order that comments are displayed on a WePay page.
ashleys: We use one of their API systems - Facebook designs the product and we apply it to our site.
Thank you very much, WePay. This is interesting. I appreciate your candor.

I would also appreciate it if Internet sites and/or cyberstalkers would STOP CENSORING MARY NEAL to hide the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal and to reduce the effectiveness of my advocacy to decriminalize mental illness and give ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL - I noticed some time ago that I am not permitted to go online at Twitter and Google+ using my cellphone, but I can go online to Facebook. Why is that? My post today about Occupy Atlanta collecting donations to help the Pitmann family keep their home and have utilities is not the first Facebook post of mine that disappeared. Now I find that if I sign in at other sites using my Facebook account, my comments at those sites are subject to attack. I do not know if it would have helped for me to use another password at WePay since Facebook controls their comment screen, but I will not sign into other sites using my Facebook password again. Obviously, the stalkers have my Facebook password, or something.

I am Mary Neal, America's Most Censored. See an article with 13 reasons why at this link -

That link dropped in a purple color when it should be blue. I have not figured out yet what stalkers do when they change the color of my links - Maybe they are redirected. I changed it back to blue. See the article in this JusticeGagged blog. Pray for liberty and justice for all in America, even Mary Neal, who asked WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL. Please go to WePay page at this short link where Occupy Atlanta is collecting donations for the Pittmans and see if you can see my comment SOMEWHERE. I videotaped the censorship at WePay that seems to stem from stalking at my Facebook account.

I went to Occupy Atlanta's camp at Troy Davis Park several times. The first time I went, I distributed shortened copies of my article "Occupy Demand: Divest or Resign." A woman named Ms. Tea stepped forward to claim that article was someone else's work product a few months later. I suppose fascists thought SOPA would pass and they planned to lay claim to my creative product in order to excuse taking two of my blogs offline: MaryLovesJustice, where I originally published "Occupy Demand" and FreeSpeakBlog, where I published the shortened version I created to make it fit front and back on a handout. By shortening it, I was able to get two fliers per page. SOPA, which was supposed to be about protecting Americans' creative product would have been used to remove truth-telling from the web on sites that have all original material. Not long after I went to Occupy Atlanta, Mayor Reed told the demonstrators they could not remain in Troy Davis Park (actual name: Woodruff Park), although they had previously been given to understand they could be there for several more weeks. They moved around for a while after leaving the park. The second time I went to Occupy Atlanta, I saw two of the men who stalk me. I have online stalkers and people who follow me around in person. Google my video, "Mary Neal's Messages to Occupy Atlanta Prohibited" link:  The video is one of the real-time cyberstalking films I posted at YouTube channel JKEMPP703 that document attacks against my freedom of press. I have one for the WePay incident, also.

One of the men seemed to be working with Occupy protesters. I assume he was assigned to watch the demonstrators like he and others follow me and interfere with my use of computers at public libraries after cyberstalkers take over my PCs at home. I do not frequent the Occupy Atlanta locales, because someone powerful is determined to hide my data. I thought it best for the demonstrators if I were not participating in their marches and rallies. Perhaps they would have been attacked if I were more involved. I occasionally write about their causes in my blogs, because their causes seem to mirror my own - justice for working class and poor people. Google "Mary Neal Occupy." Thanks for your attention and your interest in justice for all, including the First Amendment.

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