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Conversation about Gov Murders in Memphis Area

Troy Goode - hogtied, 
Lynda Barnett Mary, Southaven is just across the Tn.-Ms. line close to Memphis. Wasn't Larry killed in Memphis.

In Southaven Mississippi, Troy Goode, died in police custody after being arrested in July.While the state did run an autopsy on Goode, the family had an independent examination performed. The results, according to their lawyer, do not match.

Originally, drugs were credited for Goode’s death. Tim Edwards. the family attorney, tells WREG the autopsy pinpoints the way the man was tied that caused his death.

“The medical examiner will support the proposition that hogtieing and placing in a prone position is lethal force,” family attorney Tim Edwards, of Ballin, Ballin & Fishman, said during a press conference.

The attorneys also state that Goode wasn’t a threat, but was tased, had a K-9 dog on him, and was “hog-tied” until his death at the hospital. The family says that Goode wasn’t untied until he had already died.

The secondary autopsy states that in this hog-tied position, Goode wasn’t getting enough oxygen, which caused the rhythm change and eventually stopped his heart.

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Lynda Barnett An attorneys son captured video of Goode's arrest showing him hogtied & placed face down on the stretcher being placed in the ambulance. The following is the video & a comment from the attorney who witnessed this arrest & officers at the time of the arrest in the dangers of using hogtying as a form of restraint.

Published on Jul 20, 2015
On July 18, 2015 Troy Goode was seized by Southaven Mississippi Police and hogtied. He passed away after being taken into custody.
UPDATE: There have been a lot of questions and comments from people that do not have a grasp of the facts or the law. I am attorney David A. McLaughlin with Morgan & Morgan Memphis, LLC. My 14 year old son filmed this tragic event. He stopped recording because his mother told him to stop, he did not know whether it was allowed and was quite shocked, as we all were, in the aggressive tone taken towards us.

What the video does NOT show was my interaction with the person in the white shirt, who bellowed in our general direction. He was with the Fire Department. I will not state his name now, though I know it. I believe that he was acting at the behest of the Police Department, though I do not have any proof on that point other than the way he was commiserating with the Police. I responded, "You talking to me?" before the video stops. He instructed me to come to him. I yelled to him that I am not going anywhere, and if he wanted to speak to me he needed to march right over. He came over and changed his tone immediately to a more civil tone. I explained to him in no uncertain terms that I was an attorney and that I have handled lawsuits where people have died due to "positional asphyxiation". I told him that their hogtie was ill-advised. He said that the individual was with a paramedic and did not seem to understand the grave danger Mr. Goode was facing. There was plenty more discussed that will be revealed at the appropriate time and in the appropriate forum.

If anybody cares to read about the law and science on hogtying, feel free to review a civil rights case I filed on behalf of Debbie Loggins vs. Carroll County Mississippi. I have sued officers and policing agencies for killing people and understand exactly the danger of this ill-advised technique. For example: (http://caselaw

Eventually, we will learn why Mr. Goode died. In the meantime, the discussion should be whether anybody who is clearly having a medical emergency (heat exhaustion, psychological break, LSD trip, drunk, asthma attack, diabetic emergency, or whatever) should EVER and I mean EVER be placed in a position (hogtied) where their ability to breathe is impaired.
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Mary Neal Thank you, Lynda Barnett. Yes, Memphis and Southaven are neighbors. I am so sorry for Troy Goode's murder. Whatever methods killed Larry Neal, neither Memphis Shelby County Jail nor the USDOJ, which was in direct overview at the time, will reveal presently. It must have been horrendous, just as Goode's murder was. I was told about one black mentally ill inmate in Minnesota who was likely used for waterboarding practice to train "enhanced interrogation experts" to torture the War on Terror camp detainees. The U.S. Gov. answered one of my FOIA requests by claiming that revealing information on how Larry Neal was murdered and why he was placed under secret arrest would "threaten national security." These murders are too atrocious to allow to continue. We must stop them, Lynda -- somehow. Blessings.
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Mary Neal People are lucky who have videos, such as the #attorney's son captured of Goode's abuse which led to his death. My family must rely on God's promise that nothing is hidden that will not be made known. We plan to launch a fundraiser for a reward for people who are willing to tell us about Larry's fatal arrest. The authorities and the media are in bed together on Larry Neal's death under secret arrest, so we're on our own. I hope that many of my friends will help us to get the information we need and deserve for closure. Blessings again to you, Lynda Barnett. Thank you so much. Good luck to Goode's family and attorneys.
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Lynda Barnett WOW Mary I have read a lot about Larry's murder since I met you, but I don't remember reading that revealing information would threaten national security. I'm sure, because he was mentally ill, it never occurred to them that he would have a loving family & sister a willing to risk it all to find out what happened & never give up. You are right, we can never give up fighting for all of the men & women being abused & murdered by our criminal justice system. Somehow one day if we fight long & hard enough it will happen.
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Mary Neal Thanks for affirming "it will happen," Lynda Barnett. Reading that brought tears to my eyes. I know of no other family deprived of an inquest, records, explanations, excuses, or anything after a relative died in secret police custody (kidnapped for nearly three weeks by #police). If they are allowed to get away with this, look for more such murders. Was Goode mentally challenged, by any chance?
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Mary Neal I believe the Civil Rights Division of the USDOJ regretted sending me that letter, Lynda Barnett. They followed it up about a week later saying they have no records from Memphis about Larry's death, which was another lie. I sent the USDOJ his death cert. and the Shelby County Attorney wrote and told me that the USDOJ had been informed about Larry's death, just as the Agreement between Shelby Co. Jail and the USA mandates. If the USDOJ allows the jail and County Atty. to lie about this to cover-up a murder, it still amounts to a federal cover-up. Share this news with Goode's attorney, please. They need to know how corrupt the system is about covering up deaths in custody. Blessings.
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Facebook post with six comments so far discussing cover-ups regarding deaths in custody in the Memphis area. Larry Neal expired in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003; Goode died in Southaven, Mississippi, a neighboring town, more recently. Fortunately, Goode's family seems to have contracted with REAL wrongful death attorneys who are not interested in protecting Goode's killers, unlike the Neals. We contracted with The Cochran Firm frauds and got defrauded, naturally. That is what they do.

MaryLovesJustice Neal


MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Pray with me that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California ends The Cochran Firm fraud against grieving families whose members were murdered under the color of law. Although federal courts are a part of the federal system, they need not be accessories to murders after the fact simply because the USDOJ is. Numerous judges have rendered righteous judgments who operated under corrupt government administrations. We can pray and expect the best.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Conversation continues:

Lynda Barnett
Lynda Barnett I don't think he was mentally challenged. Supposedly he & his wife had been to a concert & he had taken LSD. That's coming from the media though & law enforcement's reason for his death so I don't know if that is true or not. Someone who is mentally ill, on drugs, etc. or at an even higher risk of "positional asphyxiation" & all the more reason not to hogtie them. The attorney that witnessed his arrest said he warned them against the way they had him positioned & he was told that Goode was with a paramedic. Well that paramedic allowed him to die while hogtied & placed on his stomach.
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Lynda Barnett
Lynda Barnett Mary Neal it says that the attorney in the civil suit by Goode's wife & child is Tim Edwards but it does not say where he is (Memphis, Southaven, etc.). If I can find out I will definitely let him know about Larry. Evidently Goode lived in Memphis. As I am sure you are already aware, all of these law enforcement departments in Ms & Tn. along the states border all work together as well as cover for each other. Here is another article that gives a little more detail about what happened. Ms. is as corrupt as they come & are extremely good at keeping things hush, hush & covered up. That rug that smothers Ms. is crammed so full that it has finally started spilling out some, but not nearly enough to begin to put a dent in the problem.

Family sues Southaven over police custody death
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Mary Neal
Mary Neal: Goode looks like a happy young man. It is heartbreaking the way he died. Yes, the states certainly do work together, Lynda Barnett. I'm in Georgia, and police here seem angry with me for revealing Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder. See what happened the night I was followed by a fed vehicle leading other cars

See what happened when I picketed the court-declared "nonexistent" office of The Cochran Firm -- our wrongful death attorneys who double-crossed our family and withheld lawsuit while the TN statute of limitation ran >> Even Georgia judges seem to be a part of the cover-up conspiracy. I hope Goode's family does not start being terrorized, Lynda. I hope someone warns them to be careful.

Exposed: Mary Neal Finally Heard From Police Re 911 Emergency Call When Waylaid


Facebook made me answer a Captcha code before I could post the last comment, so I suppose they got a call from ON HIGH. Lots of things disappear from Facebook, so I wanted to make the record of this conversation more complete while I have the chance.

Pray for people who have a diminished capacity because of drugs, alcohol and/or mental illness.