Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Picket Planned at Blogtalkradio and Silicon Valley

Blogtalkradio hackers prevent us from scheduling the Ralph Poynter What's Happening Show. We have fought for the last two hours, and I grow weary and hungry. I think I will concede. How can a Georgia grandmother hope to win over NSA if they want to censor African Americans discussing issues of pertinence online? No chance. Did you know that the NDAA law gives the State Department the right to conduct cyber warfare on Americans? Yes, and the "right" to put innocent Americans in camps, too. I was given a cover story about today's censorship at Blogtalkradio. I don't believe it for a minute. If Blogtalkradio is having a service outage, it should prepare to NAME EVERY AFFECTED HOST at . The interference does not necessarily have to be from Blogtalkradio itself, but that is where we will picket. If it is not from the Internet site itself, it is probably NSA doing the censorship. NSA took out GMail and Care2 eCards both in one day to stop my posting news that Alabama was about to  an innocent man who passed his  test - Thomas Arthur in . They had secured the death warrant and were about to lethally inject the innocent man. So I am used to NSA's interference in order to cover-up wrongdoing, like it does at  and  to cover-up demonic activity - a planned wrongful execution of an elderly white man. What chance do Blacks have on death row if you would do this to a white man in Alabama? Maybe it is not you, Blogtalkradio, but the noise will happen outside your windows. The notice at Blogtalkradio says, "Service Status - Investigating network outages. Some hosts and listeners may be experiencing delays. Our engineers are on the case and we’ll post updates here as we learn more information."

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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

They have taken over my entire computer now. Notice that the time recorded on this article says "4:00 p.m." and not the 7:00 p.m. it is on the East Coast, where I live. They are sloppy like that. NSA has good hackers, but they do not cover all the bases. Heck, they don't have to worry about it. There is no Justice Dept. in the USA that cares about Americans being censored, especially not African Americans who use the Internet to expose oppression. Mainstream media cover-up news of pertinence to African Americans all of the time. For instance, most Blacks don't know that USDC, Central District of CA, pronounced that The Cochran Firm is NOT a law firm. They don't want African Americans to know about that court-declared fraud, so they can continue using The Cochran Firm to "keep wealth from black hands" and to "maintain the status quo" just like CoIntelPro always did. Below is the intended subject of Ralph Poynter's show tonight, by the way.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015.(Call in 1 347 857 3293 est)


We supposedly have the inalienable right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but Black and Brown people live now and have always lived under and around arbitrary authority that is white authority. Control of education is an integral part of democratic organization - a very natural and obvious structure. Community Control of police is against the organization of government control from the top down.

An anatomy of oppression requires an ANATOMY OF COLONIALISM. The anatomy of colonialism is merely a description of the connections that we have which relates to our ability to access money, that is jobs, education, housing and all the other benefits related to this economic system that we live under.

Jim Crow is not dead but alive and well and growing by the minute. The question for our next broadcast is...Do we have the emotional capacity to deal with this reality?


Special Report from Mary Neal about her national protest initiative against Police Brutality.

Special poetry reading of Mondo Eyen We Langa by Lynne Stewart

In addition, this Tuesday, we will continue our special discussion led by Dick Minnerly and the radio panelists (Larry Pinkney, Lynne Stewart, Joel Meyers and Ralph Poynter) concerning the best form of government and thefundamental principles of proper government based on Mr. Minnerly’s book Human Nature.