Thursday, April 10, 2014

Black Girls' Rapes, Murders in Detention

From my Facebook Wall:
They are raping and MURDERING black girls in juvenile correctional facilities. Here's proof: They put the little girls on Birth Control. WHY would girls in a girls' facility be put on birth control unless the men guards and administration plan to RAPE them?
Below, you should see a photo of Kathia Casseus, 16, of Kansas, who took her mother's car for a joyride and had an accident. For this adolescent act, she was sentenced to an 8-month rehabilitation program in the Jackson County Family Court System. She was put on deadly birth control FOR SOME REASON and murdered. The man's photo you see is someone who commented on my article. HOW did the CoIntelPro agent that followed me to Facebook skip Kathia's picture and use the photo of a man who commented on the article?

When I placed the link about Kathia Casseus at Facebook, the man's photo showed up rather than the dead child's. Maybe I was supposed to be frightened like the time I was working at Care2 and hit "print" on an article CoIntelPro did not want published. Instead of the Share printing, a photo of a red devil printed. Snowden did not tell you HALF the things that cyberstalkers can do. Learn some more of their online capabilities by reading Justice Gagged blog at and see a few of my videos at YouTube

Mary Neal
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