Monday, November 12, 2012

Mom Gets Help re Son's Lynching

Congratulations, Denise Johnson. You finally got some much-needed and well-deserved legal assistance about the lynching of Gregory Johnson, whose murder the USDOJ has been sitting on for years in order to help murderers escape justice. They recognize they cannot hide your son's murder since you were filmed for "Lawless America Movie." . They doubled their efforts to hide Larry Neal's murder, unfortunately. Bill Windsor must abandon filming whistleblowers just three days before filming me due to safety and security risks! That only pushes us to do something else to break out of this FEMA camp they turned our home into to hide the murder of Larry Neal after 18days of secret arrest and the terrorism they have subjected my family to ever since we served suit on their CoIntelPro lawyers at The Cochran Firm (Six links in this article). I guess Eric Holder cannot save 'em all, although he tried. What a coincidence that the coroner who pronounced Gregory's murder a suicide died just weeks after you and Bill Windsor wrapped Sigma Chi phraternity house in CRIME SCENE tape. See his obituary  Hope it was not due to stress. Watch out O.C. Smith! (He was coroner when Memphis Shelby County, Tennessee Jail covered up Larry Neal's murder under secret arrest ) which happened in 2003, when Ashcroft was U.S. Attorney General. All subsequent Attorney Generals have been keeping the murder suppressed by allowing Larry's family to be censored and terrorized.

Sigma Chi frat house, undergoing renovation, is declared a 
CRIME SCENE by Lawless America

Prevented facebook post for today:  I was not allowed to post the below paragraph as "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill."

FRIENDS OF MARY LOVES JUSTICE NEAL, I am sending you all invitations to "LIKE" Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) at Facebook. Make sure you are at the page . CoIntelPro set up numerous decoy pages for my organization. Judicial Justice Movement also has a decoy page. My friend Rozlyn Cross Ratcliff is pictured in the profile photo on the timeline view on the real page. The page I get from my "groups" is one with an incarcerated black youth on the profile photo, and the page's data is single-file like Facebook old view used to look. I believe all activists, human rights orgs, and Christian ministries at FB have a decoy page to censor posts members will not be allowed to receive. See a JusticeGagged article titled "WHAT'S ON YOUR DECOY FACEBOOK PAGE?" THIS IS THE KIND OF INFORMATION THEY WANT TO KEEP OFF "LAWLESS AMERICA - THE MOVIE."

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