Friday, April 20, 2012

Cyberattack to prevent NDAA discussions on Blogtalk

Cyberstalkers shut down my phone Thur, April 19, to prevent my talking about the dirty National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to a largely black audience. They don't want blacks to know about the concentration camp bill - Hear the Dr. Shirley Moore Blogtalk Show - Thirteen reasons why I am censored are listed in my JUSTICE GAGGED blog in an article entitled "America's Most Censored, Mary Neal" at . On the April 20 show, the cyberstalkers cut my phone connection to keep me off the Dr. Shirley Blogtalk Show. They want to hide the NDAA bill from blacks for SOME STRANGE REASON, and they don't want blacks knowing about H.R.3785, the bill Rep. Ron Paul introduced in January 2012 to repeal NDAA. Wonder what these people have planned? Why is there a concerted effort to keep blacks protesting about Trayvon and Zimmerman instead of protesting for our own freedom from concentration camps planned under NDAA?

I shared Dr. Shirley's radio broadcast of 4/19 widely, which is the last Dr. Shirley show the stalkers let me participate in. My phone is not their phone. I am not their slave. I am neither sold out nor microchipped. If they take over my phone, I use computers. When they take over my computers, I go stalk 'em in person in front of bogus courts where citizens are condemned to death or imprisonment for crimes that elitists and government officials are allowed to do without censure. I stand for justice, because justice is something that God and I love. These people want me to be quiet about abuses and murders. I promised to be a justice advocate until the Neal family experiences justice for the lynching of my disabled brother and The Cochran Firm fraud. 

Terrorists believe their censorship and stalking can force my silence, but they lie to themselves. The Johnnie Cochran Firm is a fraudulent organization that makes fools of minorities in order to contain anger in black communities after police violence and to reduce or eliminate payouts by government entities and major corporations after they cause wrongful deaths and catastrophic injuries among minorities and working class whites. 

My brother, Larry Neal, was secretly arrested and murdered in 2003, and the USDOJ officials in overview of Memphis Shelby County Jail used The Cochran Firm to help cover-up the lynching while that law firm pretended to represent the Neals in a wrongful death action the lawyers never actually filed. Then terrorists hired stalkers to censor my reports online and follow me in person to ensure I did not have use of a computer they did not have control over. Police refuse to address these CRIMES, and this country fights other nations for human rights African Americans and the mentally ill of all races do not have here. THIS IS THE TRUTH I TELL AND I WILL TELL IT FOREVER, REGARDLESS OF THEIR THREATS. If they act on their threats, it will only disseminate the information faster and wider. 

I have zero respect for Nazism, and my anger is greater than my fear. May that forever be the case. In God I trust. In case you are slow learners in addition to being sociopaths, NOTHING WILL WORK BUT JUSTICE. Hide this paragraph again, and I will have it blazed on every shirt I have and on every blog and one day hire a blimp to ride with it across the sky.


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