Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Funeral Ad for Human Rights Advocacy

"They" thought I deserved this ad at Facebook today - yes, the burial ad:
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I posted several news items that prison investors and The Cochran Firm frauds might have found provocative:

1. Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally IllDorothea Lynde Dix - Women's History - 
Dorothea Lynde Dix (1802-1887) was an author, teacher and reformer. Her efforts on behalf of the mentally ill and prisoners helped create dozens of new institutions across the United States and in Europe and changed people's perceptions of these populations. She is our mentor at Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. Join us as we advocate for treatment to replace homelessness, prison and death for America's mentally ill people, especially the indigent, the unloved, and minorities. Working class and poor people cannot afford private rest homes or companions 24/7. Our loved ones are frequently arrested and sometimes euthanized, Dr. Stephen B SeagerMental Illness Policy OrgOlga Garcia-VerasteguiHolly AlstonJack MahoneyFred HayesHeather ChapmanDebbie StormDebby Sappand all concerned friends!

2. Black Lives Matter
Preacher Prosecuted for “Black Lives Matter” March ~ Rev. Dr. Floyd Harris Jr. was detained and faces trial on charges for participating in a “Black Lives Matter” march in Fresno, California in 2015. Hear him tonight on the Drybones Seven Blogtalkradio broadcast as they discuss Fresno PD using sophisticated equipment to unjustly ‪#‎target‬ people who use the ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ hashtag. There were two people in court wearing robes during Rev. Harris's arraignment on January 6, 2016: the judge and Rev. Harris. Read more in The Fresno Bee and at the Aclu webpage about Dr. Harris and about Fresno PD violating Blacks' right to privacy and free speech. More details about the radio broadcast is upcoming.

3. The Cochran Firm Fraud
SCHIZOPHRENIC LEGAL SYSTEM - The Cochran Firm is in 9th Circuit Court of Appeals today defending its right to advertise itself as being ONE law firm nationwide. In 2006 and in 2009, The Cochran Firm defended itself against my lawsuits for fraud and malpractice by telling Georgia Superior Court and United States Federal Court in Fulton County that it has NO law offices at all in the State of Georgia. See the lies put forward before Georgia Superior Court at this pdf. Meanwhile, the transFIRMer advertised The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office on MARTA trains and still advertises its Atlanta office over television and the Internet every day. Only elitists who defraud Americans for the system are allowed to commit perjury to avoid prosecution and defraud the courts when it suits them, all without news reports! Did you know The Cochran Firm has been pronounced "not a law firm" by USDC in California? If not, that's because #media companies are also FRAUDS. New World Orderlies are angry with me for reporting this news. In fact, today they are prosecuting an innocent relative of mine for a crime that never happened. I hope this persecution through the legal system ends and I will not have to give you more details on this. The Neals are a private family, but we will GO THERE if necessary. Don't hold your breath for a false confession or plea deal, because THAT IS AGAINST OUR RELIGION. THIS WILL GO TO COURT IF YOU TAKE IT THERE, "PUBLIC SERVANTS." I cannot think of a better time than this election year. COUNT how many times The Cochran Firm told Georgia Superior Court that the Atlanta office is NOT connected to The Cochran Firm or any other Cochran Firm offices -- lies that are being challenged in the 9th Circuit Court right now by The Cochran Firm itself, a schizophrenic law firm as well as frauds. See the perjury in the pdf If you cannot find a decent lawyer, friends, go pro se. Anybody is better than The Cochran Firm frauds. The Cochran Firm works hand in hand with #police and the #feds to defraud #Blacks and "keep wealth out of Black hands." Do you think it is a coincidence that my relative's court date matches The Cochran Firm's court date? The Cochran Firm frauds and their supporters don't even fear the black-owned media companies, who may also have been PAID OFF (perhaps by advertisement income) to withhold this news. DOWN WITH SOLD OUT PRESS COMPANIES. Johnnie Cochran's been dead almost 11 years (maybe not from natural causes)., (678)531-0262, Human Rights Demand channel at Blogtalkradio -- At Twitter, I am @koffietime -- Enter the fight for human rights for America's marginalized populations. 

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