Wednesday, January 13, 2016

End of Life Ads at Facebook

What does this mean, Ms. Lynch? Aren't I allowed to announce Rev. Dr. Floyd Harris, Jr. as a guest on the Drybones Seven Blogtalkradio show tonight, January 13 at 9pmEST?

I get all of these FUNERAL ADS and "end of life" ads whenever hackers are angry (or rather, the people they work for are angry). This intimidation has been ongoing for 10 years, ever since I asked y'all in the USDOJ, "What happened to Larry Neal?"

Thanks for this ad, hackers. There is a mentally ill young man with brain damage who feels he is being unjustly prevented from using his trust estate. He was arrested in Kingsport, Tennessee in the spring of 2015 after having a bipolar crisis and screaming at his (Caucasian) girlfriend. The neighbors were insulted and called police who arrested Bernard Johnson and charged him with assault for raising his voice at Jeana. He was kept in solitary confinement in extreme pain, experiencing effects from having been shot in his stomach as a teen by another patient at his care home and after having received traumatic brain injuries from falling from a high building as a seven year-old and then hit in the head by some community bullies more recently. Mentally ill people are frequently abused by the system and their community members, I learned through my brother's experiences and recorded the info in Wrongful Death of Larry Neal --- But you probably know about that.

 I am currently seeking another trust fund lawyer or certified public accountant to arrange an audit for Bernard. His present trust attorney did not find anything wrong with Bernard spending MONTHS in solitary confinement in extreme pain while he was deprived of the few thousands of dollars (of his own money) that he needed to bond. See more at "Bernard Johnson Dying in Custody."

As we now know, if Bernard had expired, the USDOJ would have been extremely unlikely to object.

MaryLovesJustice,, (678)531-0262, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI), @koffietime at Twitter Blessings!

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