Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mr. Scrooge Cyber Stalkers

I WISH you could come to my MaryLovesJustice pages JUST ONE DAY and not see posts about deaths in custody and deaths by police and justice denied. When I was a teenager, I'd pray that I never have to live in a war torn country. I did not realize until I was nearly 50 that America is a war zone, and being either black or mentally ill or poor qualifies people to be treated as enemies. And if you really want trouble, try writing about it!

Today started out just fine. I posted a few Christmas songs and made a holiday greeting for my online friends. Then I looked at the poems I published at MaryLovesJustice blog using my cell phone (a very standard, inexpensive phone similar to the ones the government gives poor people to use), and I saw how different the page looked for those cellphone users. The greeting was not in view at all, and both poems had an extra space after each line. The stanzas were not separated with a line space at all like they are on the computer view of the page. See

Cyber stalking makes me furious. I believe the agents deliberately do it to earn overtime. First they interfere with something I post, then I post more injustices that are common in the United States, like unrequited police murders, killings of mentally ill citizens (including U.S. veterans), and brutality against homeless people. That gives greedy cyber stalkers more to censor, so we continue for hours longer than if they had never interfered with my posts. Do you wonder whose money pays them? I do not.

I just wanted to send a Christmas greeting to my online friends and invite them to our Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill Blogtalkradio show, which airs at 9pm Pacific Time on Wednesdays. Instead I encountered hours of drama. You can listen or speak by phone at (818)572-2947, or listen via computer anytime, 24/7 to the broadcast for Christmas Eve 2014 at 

In any case, I wish you peace and joy this holiday season.

MaryLovesJustice Neal
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