Monday, December 29, 2014

Antonio Martin Petition Espionage

I would like to know HOW and WHY I am credited with getting people to sign a petition that I neither signed nor recommended to anybody. I disagree with this petition statement: "I’m certainly not saying that kid [Tamir Rice] or Antonio deserved what they got. They didn’t. Well, I can’t be sure about Antonio as of yet, but it would appear to me, that’s not a gun in his hand."

I do not wonder if "Antonio deserved what he got". I clearly saw his cellphone in the slow-motion video that was removed from Facebook immediately after I shared the film, and nobody deserves being fatally shot for attempting to tape police. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled taping police as being a constitutional right. STOP crediting me with getting people to sign the petition that expresses doubt about Antonio when I have no doubt about what I saw on the film that was so hastily removed. I have no way to authenticate the video, especially since it disappeared, but the FBI does and should. However, in my experience, the Justice Department covers for police. IS NOT A PETITION I RECOMMEND. Therefore, why did I get emails saying I got the following people to sign it when I did not even know the petition existed until I received the email saying I got someone to sign it? You CoIntelPro people need to quit your disinformation campaign or leave me out of it, because I expose lies.
Marilee Armstrong
Linda Shelton

I do not even have Linda Shelton on my friends list. I wrote to Marilee Armstrong to inquire about the petition: "Hello, Marilee. I received an email from crediting me for getting you to sign a petition about Antonio Martin, the recent Missouri victim of a police shooting. I did not sign nor recommend the petition. Would you please tell me how you were contacted (supposedly by Mary Neal) and asked to sign this petition? Thanks in advance."

I knew nothing about the existence of this petition until I received the following email notice from
reply-to:"" <>
date:Sun, Dec 28, 2014 at 1:33 AM
subject:You got Linda Shelton to sign

Hi Mary Neal,

You just got Linda Shelton to sign this petition: United States Attorney General Eric Holder: Open a Federal Investigation into the fatal shooting of Antonio Martin. Investigate the released CCTV footage of Antonio Martin pulling out what appears to be a "Glowing" object and not a "Gun" police say he had..

Every person you add is a huge step toward winning this campaign. Each new supporter is another person who will spread the word, get their friends to sign, and bring the campaign closer to victory.

Can you find more people to join this campaign? Ask them to sign now.
- The Team
I perceive this petition as an attempt to get people to sign a statement saying they doubt that Antonio Martin had a gun rather than a petition saying that they clearly saw a cell phone in his hand, which 97k people saw like I did on the (unauthenticated) slow-motion video that was removed from Facebook. I have never seen the other two videos mentioned in the petition that allegedly show a bystander in white pants in the frames or a policeman running, falling, and shooting.

I planned to capture proof that when I access the petition link on, that petition site offers me an opportunity to sign the petition like it did this morning, but that changed while I wrote this article. now offers me an option to share the petition on Facebook as though I already signed it. God bless Edward Snowden. Because of his sacrifice, Internet tricks are easier for the People to believe even without evidence that was destroyed. Below are three screenshots. As far as I know, Facebook members are unable to delete messages that were sent or received from their message histories.

Screenshot proving that I am credited for getting people to sign the petition to Atty Gen Holder
(see the lower left side of the screen)

Screenshot proving that my last emails from and to Marilee Armstrong included no petition for her signature. She sent me a "happy birthday" note on Sept. 30, and I wrote her the request today for information as to how she received a request from me to sign the Antonio Martin petition on the second email in view (click to enlarge)

Screenshot proving I have no messages at Facebook to or from Linda Shelton (click to enlarge).

As far as I know, Missouri police do not have the capacity to manipulate data on the Internet at either Facebook or, but somebody does. Therefore, I assume this is further proof that the feds protect police when blacks are killed. I first learned that this happens when the USDOJ protected the Memphis Shelby County Jail when my disabled brother, Larry Neal, was secretly arrested and killed there in 2003 (see the link to the "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" website in my signature block below).

I would appreciate it if everyone who calls me at (678)531-0262 would be prepared to record what they hear when the phone rings. I have been told that a white man answered my phone when my niece called my cell phone number twice on December 26 and that he rudely told her she cannot reach Mary Neal at that number. Another relative asked me the next day me if I had changed my voice mail message, and I had not. He said it was a different voice mail message played when he had called my number. My phones are redirected (to my stalkers) to prevent my communication, and I would like to hear your tapes. As director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI"), I offer up to 100 people who have/had mental illness or mentally ill relatives (or their victims) an opportunity to report negligence, abuse, and wrongful deaths to me by phone or by commenting at my articles. We plan an action in International Court in 2015 to win restitution for the claimants.

Regarding AIMI vs. USA, I discovered last night that nobody could reach our website for that International Court action from my blog "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill." The link to "AIMI-HumanRights" web page on the top margin of "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog had been corrupted by stalkers who added a space to the link. I removed the space in order for readers to have the ability to go to the following AIMI website

It is unfortunate that civil rights under the First Amendment and human rights under the International Declaration of Human Rights are violated often. Because of espionage involving the Antonio Martin videos and petition, I believe Martin had no gun. More information about the slow-motion video that was deleted from Facebook after I shared it is in the next article in this "Justice Gagged" blog, which also has one of the videos that is said to verify the cell phone allegations (it is not as clear as the video that was removed from Facebook). Your comments and questions are invited in the "comments" field below.

Mary Loves Justice Neal
Phone (678) 531.0262 or (571)335-1741
Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

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