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Rev. Pinkney's Dred Scott Case

Updated Nov. 4, 2014: Rev. Pinkney Verdict: Guilty (without Evidence) "It's hard to believe that ... we have a county in Michigan with a legal system this antiquated and racist. What's harder to believe is that no one at the State or National level is taking any action to remedy the situation." ~Rev. Edward Pinkney

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A 21st CENTURY DRED SCOTT TRIAL IN MICHIGAN - Everyone in the world should be keenly aware of the prosecution of an African American human rights activist who is being tried before an all-white jury for election fraud although the prosecution admits there is NO EVIDENCE OF WRONGDOING. Rev. Pinkney's trial on election fraud charges begins on Oct. 27 at 8:30am at Berrien County Courthouse. It should be televised. This will be an exercise in corrupt court processes that will demonstrate how the legal system in America is used to persecute people for exercising the "rights" we have on paper that do not apply to any who use those rights to contest the absolute authority of the government and major corporations. Rev. Pinkney reports:

Prosecutor Mike Sepic asked the jury pool 
on three or four occasions, "Could you convict someone without evidence?" Each time he asked the question, he nodded his head, indicating that they should answer in the affirmative. Prosecutor Sepic also told the jury pool several times that evidence was not necessary in order to convict someone.

I have probably seen a thousand courtroom movies, all of which led me to believe that evidence was needed to win a conviction. Rev. Pinkney was also the first minister in America who was ordered into house arrest for quoting the bible (Deuteronomy 28 offended a judge who considered it a "terrorist threat"). Furthermore, Pinkney was the first American to be ordered not to use the Internet (while waiting for his hearing date on May 30). Nobody who was convicted of using the Internet for child porn, cyberstalking, or embezzling people via computer was ordered off the Internet, but Rev. Pinkney, who has a popular Blogtalkradio show, was. His wife Dorothy was ordered not to use the Internet in her home, although she faced no criminal charges whatsoever. Now Rev. Pinkney will be the first African American in the 21st century to be tried under the Dred Scott Decision: "A black man has NO rights a white man is bound to honor." Pinkney's life was interrupted, he was arrested and will be tried before an all-white jury that has already agreed that conviction requires no evidence of wrongdoing. What will the prosecutor say? "We don't like Pinkney; find him guilty"?

This trial transcript will undoubtedly be more interesting than any in a long time. It should be disclosed in mainstream media and published in law books to be studied by law students. If Pinkney is convicted, NO Michigan prosecutors may see it as necessary to present evidence in cases against African Americans or human rights activists again. Mike Sepic will become every prosecutor's hero if he eliminates the need for evidence to win convictions.

Protesters in ‪Ferguson and throughout America should be interested in Rev. Pinkney's trial and beware. These legal proceedings may be intended as a lesson for YOU. Protesting against government practices that Pinkney perceived as being unfair is how he got on Michigan's list of TARGETED INDIVIDUALS. 

You are probably more surprised about these criminal proceedings without any evidence of wrongdoing than I am. I was issued a court order saying that whatever The (Johnnie) Cochran firm did to prevent my family from suing Memphis Shelby County Jail for the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal was "immaterial." Until then, I did not know a judge could declare fraud and malpractice "immaterial," but it happened. Neither did I know that any Americans could be held in indefinite detention (in torturous solitary confinement) for years to force a plea bargain, but it happens to African Americans quite often during this - our "post racial" period. Isn't it strange that America's "post racial" period is similar to the pre-Civil War era?

You and I may not be able to attend Rev. Pinkney's trial in Berrien County, Michigan, but I hope you will join us in supporting Rev. Pinkney on a special radio broadcast. Human rights activists cannot always count on press coverage from mainstream media, which is why we must continue to fight Internet censorship. The Internet made mass media possible for average Americans. The link and telephone number for the radio show is below:

The Life, Work, and Persecution of Rev. Edward Pinkney
October 29, 2014, 7pm to 9pm EDT, call-in number (347) 857-3293 for "Human Rights Demand" channel on Blogtalkradio
Listen live, or use the link above to access the archived tape at your convenience.
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Note: This article is in Justice Gagged blog because cyberstalkers refused to allow it to post with a photo at the Rev.Pinkney Blogtalkradio Show page at Facebook. I'm also censored.

Rev. Pinkney (center front) leads "Occupy the PGA,"
a protest against the sale of public lands for corporate use

Thank you for your interest in how America contains news about crimes against humanity that happen here. Justice is gagged.

Mary Loves Justice Neal
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Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

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