Saturday, February 15, 2014

NSA Admits: We Laugh in the face of law

@PRISM_NSA to @koffietime: We laugh in the face of laws

I received that surprising tweet from PRISM US Gov at @PRISM_NSA. I replied, "I know you do. Glad you decided to tell everybody." I'm sure they also laughed at my response. I am America's Most Censored.
Below is a screenshot of that section of my Twitter page:

I should have known immediately the message was not from the REAL NSA, because my cyber stalkers would never be this forthcoming. They communicate by popping up messages on my screen that quickly disappear or by switching my screen to a website or photograph that conveys whatever message they want me to receive. 

2hMary Neal @koffietime
@PRISM_NSA @thehill I know you do. Glad you decided to tell everybody.
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.@koffietime @thehill We laugh in the face of laws.
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