Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lawless America Movie Filming in Missouri

Missouri, TRUTH has come to you! William Windsor, producer of "Lawless America - The Movie," will film testimony about Missouri's public officials and courts as presented by whistleblowers in your state. Bill is traveling throughout the country and meeting with over a thousand Americans who have been victimized by corrupt government officials and courts. Upon completion of the filming, "Lawless America - The Movie" will be shown in film festivals and on the big screen. Copies of all victims' testimony will be given to each member of the U.S. Congress on video discs, and I suggest that it also be sent to the United Nations. Lawless America victims and our courageous hero then plan to bring criminal charges against the criminals. See this link , which is entitled, "Plans announced to bring Criminal Charges against Every Corrupt Government Official in America." Bill Windsor has taken the leadership role in a new American revolution -- the Lawless America Revolution -- a peaceful revolution organized to save America.

My own testimony on "Lawless America - The Movie" involves the murder of my disabled brother, Larry Neal, who died under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail and whose wrongful death civil action was prevented by corrupt lawyers at the Johnnie Cochran Firm. The unethical lawyers signed contract to represent my family against the jail, then proceeded to hold the case inactive on its shelves while the Tennessee statute of limitations passed in order to facilitate a murder cover-up that benefited Shelby County Jail and the United States Department of Justice. I later discovered that The Cochran Firm is a huge fraud against minority people to give the semblance of justice while actually working against its own clients to protect government interests and certain large corporations from their lawsuits. The corrupt justice system pays The Cochran Firm back for the times it "threw the fight" by dismissing the lawsuits that defrauded people of color file against the CoIntelPro lawyers once they know what was done to them.

Sometimes there are acceptable reasons for plaintiffs not to prevail in court or even have their cases heard by a court. Other times, people face "kangaroo courts." For instance, fraud lawsuits against The Cochran Firm usually get dismissed by judges in order to keep the cases from going to jury, regardless of the merits of the cases. Furthermore, the media refuses to report the lawsuits like they report lawsuits against other famous companies and persons, like Bishop Eddie Long. You usually only read about defrauded black people's attempts for justice against these CoIntelPro lawyers in legal journals. I keep record of the lawsuits filed against The Cochran Firm by its former clients and former attorneys in preparation for a RICO Act (racketeering) action against The Cochran Firm and other officers of corrupt courts. The latest plaintiff in a fraud lawsuit against The Cochran Firm is a D.C. law firm that the frauds partnered with to represent the son of Emil Mann in a wrongful death action. He was a member of the Ramapough Mountain Indians who was shot and killed by New Jersey Park Police Officer Chad Walder in April 2006 in Mahwah, N.J. Read about that case and ten others in this article "Catalano & Plache: The Cochran Firm Fraud "

Censorship is used to prevent the general public from knowing about the illegal program to defraud minorities seeking jusitce, which I call "The Cochran Firm Fraud." This week, Google carried two stories from the web about The Cochran Firm in a Google Alert dated October 30. The first link opened to a story about The Cochran Firm and Meals-on-Wheels, which would make people think The Cochran Firm is a benevolent law firm. The second link, which should open the story about The Cochran Firm being sued for another fraud, would not open. It led to a fake page saying that the article is not in FreeSpeakBlog.

GOOGLE ALERT - COCHRAN FIRM (October 30, 2012)
Cochran Firm Reports on Atlantas Meals on Wheels Program ...
Recognized as one of the nations premier law firms, The Cochran Firm handles cases on behalf of clients seeking a Personal Injury lawyer, Criminal Defense, ...

 Exposed: Catalano & Plache: The Cochran Firm Fraud
THE COCHRAN FIRM apparently defrauds other law firms as well as its clients and some of its partners. See an excerpt of an article in New York Law Journal, ...

Esteban Garcia, director of the Missouri and Texas Writ Writers Association, notified us that his organization plans to file criminal charges against corrupt prison officials just as Bill Windsor and the Lawless America Revolution will file charges against corrupt government and court officials (Missouri Writ Writers Association, 2109 N Robberson Ave., Springfield, MO 65803, (417)380.4140).
Very few district attorneys dare to prosecute ranking government officials, like FORMER district attorney Juan Guerra did in Wallacy County, Texas in 2008. And only a few attorneys will dare to go after corrupt government officials and elite corporate executives in lawsuits like Spires Law Group, LLC. Spires has filed the largest lawsuit in history - $43 trillion, against high government officials and major corporations on behalf of foreclosed homeowners. The lawsuit charges defendants with racketeering and money laundering under the RICO Act. Therefore, bloggers, independent news companies, and citizens movements like the Lawless America Revolution try to save America by exposing and opposing corruption and racketeering done by public officials and officers of the courts.

If you are interested in appearing on "Lawless America - The Movie," you may still have an opportunity to do so, even if Bill Windsor has already completed filming in your state. 

DON'T MISS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO BE INTERVIEWED FOR "LAWLESS AMERICA - THE MOVE." If you are not in one of the remaining states, which include AR, LA, MS, AL, FL, HI, AK, and GA, you can still be interviewed during the month of December 2012 via Internet. Bill Windsor is presently filming in Missouri. Use the four(4) links below to arrange an Internet interview in December. Thanks to Lawless America, you do not have to deal with corruption alone. This is especially good news if you are being censored, gangstalked and burglarized like I was on August 11, 2012, when thieves invaded my home and stole only two boxes that contained my lawsuits against The Cochran Firm.

*Please check the website for updates.

It may be urgent to use Internet services to expose corruption while we can, according to information in the next blog at Justice Gagged: "OBAMA POISED TO SEIZE THE INTERNET VIA EXECUTION ORDER"

Feel free to copy, print, and re-publish all or part of any article in Justice Gagged blog, as long as you credit the source and include a link back to Justice Gagged. Join us in exposing and opposing corruption to SAVE AMERICA, our home, sweet home.


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