Saturday, September 26, 2015

Johnny Strozier Censorship on Blogtalkradio

The truth is very hard for oppressors to hear. That may be why I am not able to schedule the Johnny Strozier Keeping It Real show on Blogtalkradio at "Human Rights Demand" channel. When I tried, hackers made it schedule at NNIA1 channel. That may be because certain parties resent Strozier's success as a radio host, especially since his broadcasts tell ugly truths about prisons.

The broadcast starts at 9:30pm Pacific on September 26, unless the hackers continue changing Blogtalkradio's settings.

I recorded a YouTube video to prove that NNIA1's broadcasts were erroneously showing on the "Human Rights Demand" channel's Episode page.

Storzier always speaks about his conversion to Christianity while serving time in prison. He has a growing following among church people in the Atlanta area, including some churches that are also interested in supporting his efforts to make successful reentry possible for more released inmates. Prison investors don't like that. America has a 67.5 percent reentry rate, and it would not remain the case if churches got more involved in helping released men and women experience success. That may be why Johnny Strozier's parole officer told him he cannot attend church on Sundays for the time being. He was put on house arrest on the weekends, because a woman answered Johnny's phone one day when the parole office called. He was unaware that it was a violation for another party to answer his telephone, and I still doubt that it is. I believe he is being kept from church on Sundays for another reason in the State of Georgia, where churches are on every corner.

Pope Francis spoke against tyranny suppressing religious freedom during his recent trip to the United States. I wonder what the Holy See will think about Johnny Strozier's situation - being cut off from his radio audience and from his church family for no reason other than to suppress Johnny's voice about his own life experiences and to stop Johnny's efforts to help other released inmates.

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