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Police, Hackers and Kristopher Rodriguez (April 11, 2015) ~ "Police departments in midcoast and northern Maine said they have paid ransom to hackers to keep their computer files from being destroyed, WCSH-TV reported Friday night. The Portland station said the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and four towns paid $300 to the hackers after a virus, called a 'megacode,' was downloaded on a computer system they share . . . The creator of the virus gave the sheriff’s office a code to unlock the computer system after the money was received . . . the FBI tracked the payment to a Swiss bank account, but no further."

It was satisfying to read about police having to pay a ransom to save their computer files after enduring years of computer and phone interference while advocating for justice for police victims and prisoners. This week, for example, I encountered a denial of service (DOS) attempting to sign a petition to the Florida Department of Corrections to protect the human rights of Kristopher Rodriguez, an inmate with serious mental illness who should not be imprisoned at all. I captured proof of the DOS on film using Screencastify, which is available through Google Chrome, and saved the video at the YouTube url

Petitions are sometimes treated like U.S. presidential elections. Signatures are prevented and sometimes stolen. That is why I prefer using petitions. Signatures are given a number, and people find it easier to know when signatures are stolen. If you sign as number 452 and the number beside your name reverts to number 432, you would know that 20 signatures had been removed. Furthermore, all signatures and comments are available for public view at, which is not true of and Care2's Petitionsite. Please add your signature to those that were allowed on the petition for Kristopher Rodriguez, IF "they" let you. Use the url below to access the petition:

Prison investors do not like for the world to learn about the barbaric conditions under which Americans with mental disabilities are warehoused in the nation's jails and prisons. Prisoners with mental illness comprise over 60 percent of the inmates in torturous solitary confinement and experience beatings, gassing, restraint chairs and hot showers, which are sometimes deadly. Mentally ill prisoners are occasionally made to engage in human dog fights - gladiator sports - for the entertainment of corrections officers. Many have died that way, also. Prisoners are kept in solitary confinement for years and sometimes for decades, and few are allowed to receive visitors. Kristopher Rodriguez was recently granted one visit from his mother, Gemma Pena, after being denied visits for over a year. Since launching the petition, she has been granted another visit. Therefore, we rely on you to please continue to share the petition to help Kristopher have more visits with his mother. It means a great deal to them both.

Sometimes, U.S. prisoners are killed and not reported dead for years (possibly to continue receiving prison profits from their incarceration). That is the greatest fear that families have when they are denied visits with their imprisoned relatives who are too mentally dysfunctional to write letters.

Hackers are used to censor information about brutality and murders of mentally ill inmates in the United States and other crimes against humanity. This article, for instance, filled with codes in the html view, and fields appeared that can be used to pull data out of public view. That is because sociopaths recognize that most Americans are decent people who would be repulsed by the torture and murders of disabled people in for-profit jails and prisons. Prison investors, including some U.S. lawmakers, prefer that Americans never insist on sick people being treated in hospitals and community care programs. They fear that you might demand Change and end their 21st century slavery.

Mary Neal, director
"Human Rights Demand" radio channel
Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI")
Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
Phone 678.531.0262 or (571)335-1741
Eugenicists enforced sterilization for "undesirables": blacks, poor whites, and the mentally ill from the 30's to the 70's. See "Margaret Sanger, a racist eugenicist, is/was being considered for the $20 bill: Bravo!"

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