Tuesday, November 26, 2013

EXPOSED blog "shielded" after reparations article

After I published "Twelve Years a Slave: A Case for Reparations" at my EXPOSED blog, I have had a strange new symbol on the top right margin for all the articles in that blog:  Insecure content shield icon shows at http://FreeSpeakBlog.blogspot.com . Google explains the issue thusly:

"This page has insecure content."
Websites that ask for sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords, often use secure connections to transmit content to and from the computer you're using. If you're visiting a site via a secure connection, Google Chrome will verify that the content on the webpage has been transmitted safely. If it detects certain types of content on the page coming from insecure channels, it can automatically prevent the content from loading and you'll see a shield icon appearing in the address bar. By blocking the content and possible security gaps, Chrome protects your information on the page from falling into the wrong hands.

At one point while I was trying to find the answer to the symbol, a url saying something about cookies appeared: http://www.erikrush.com/ . Last night, I tried to listen to Dr. Darrow's interview with Erik Rush on the Erik Rush radio show, but I could not get it to play (taped Nov. 19). I tried to copy and paste the url to the interview into a draft at my Exposed blog, but could not do that either. I did not plan to publish the interview, but I wanted to hear it. I did not save the draft. None of my blogs should ask for usernames, passwords, etc. In fact, they should not even ask people who want to comment to unscramble a Captcha code, but I discovered that some of them do. Cyberstalkers want to make communicating with Mary Neal very difficult - actually, they would like to make it impossible. I closed out of Erik Rush's site when it asked me for a username and password. I was not that interested in what Dr. Darrow had to say. I figure if his allegations were true, surely something more would have been done to address the alleged treachery. But, maybe not. Google "Cochran Firm Fraud."

I found on my computer (Google Chromebook OS) the following message when I tried to hear the mp3s on Rush's site: The Following Cookies Were Set When You Viewed This Page:

I instructed the computer to block the cookies, then I cleared the cookies set on the computer. Still the shield appears at EXPOSED blog.

I don't know if the shield has anything to do with Erik Rush's site and the cookies it tried to set. At EXPOSED blog, I have a draft of an article awaiting publication that carries explosive information about San Jose State University. I wonder if the shield is to hide the fact that African American men are killed or seriously assaulted at that school every few years. The case that is getting national publicity today about the freshman who was tortured, called racially denigrating names, and chained by his fellow students is NOT the only or worst case. In fact, Gregory Johnson, Jr., was murdered there in 2008 in Sigma Chi Fraternity House during his junior year, according to his mother.

The official story goes that Gregory hanged himself in a basement with a very low ceiling. Greg was 6 feet, 2 inches tall, and we doubt whether he could commit suicide by hanging in a basement that was several inches shorter than he was. Gregory was a happy, well-adjusted young man living in an otherwise all-white frat house, who was killed on November 22 (like President Kennedy was), shortly after President Obama was elected. Gregory's dead body was supposedly cut down from the basement and taken to his room in the frat house by students. No explanation was offered for the six-inch gash on the back of Gregory's head where his brains were oozing out. I was surprised to learn that the latest incident of racism on San Jose State University is the fourth incident where black male students were killed or brutalized (as far as we know -- there could be more). Two of the three previous deaths and catastrophic injuries also happened in November. Could be a tradition. San Jose is near Silicon Valley. My cyberstalkers could be school alumni, for all I know.

I don't know what I must do to get rid of the shield icon at my EXPOSED blog, and I would appreciate advice on this. Perhaps I should remove the "Twelve Years a Slave: A Case for Reparations" article, since I do not remember the symbol being there before I published it. People are VERY touchy about slavery and Jim Crow reparations, although other ethnic groups that experienced captivity, enslavement, and systemic discrimination by the USA were paid reparations. Maybe high officials are not really regretful about slavery. After all, it brought this country such a long way, and Caucasians yet enjoy the fruits of slave labor. Or maybe this new "shield" at my blog is not about the reparations article at all. Perhaps I should publish the San Jose expose' in another blog or in independent online news media instead of EXPOSED. Like most of the articles in EXPOSED, the truth about San Jose University is front page information that is censored. Most of my articles are about cover-ups. If you can advise me on this, please let me know.

WELL, I DID IT. I removed the draft to my San Jose article, and I also removed a brand new article I had published in EXPOSED that carries links to recent interviews with Indigenous People, because I already have it published at the MaryLovesJustice blog http://MaryLovesJustice.blogspot.com . It so censored that I cannot get the article to respond to its name in search engines: "U.S. Occupation of Native Americans."
The first interview with David Alvarez is so censored that it did not become an archived tape available at Blogtalkradio for at least 24 hours after the interview. I imagine tonight's interview with James Cosner, a Native American author, is controversial, also. Is there anyone in the whole wide world who does not already know about the Native Americans' genocide? I cannot understand so much censorship surrounding well known subject matter. It is ridiculous. In any case, with those two articles gone (the draft about San Jose and the published article carrying interviews with Native Americans) the shield is still there. Therefore, it has to be the reparations article that creates problems for my censorship team. The only other recent article is

Special MaryLovesJustice Broadcast Nov. 10, 2013

I don't think NSA should carry on a cyberwar against freedom of press, if my censorship is some government operation. The USDOJ should NOT help jails to hide disabled citizens' secret arrests and murders; then there would be nothing to hide. And taxpayers' money should not be used to suppress due process of law. I am sure that is illegal.

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