Wednesday, November 20, 2013

U.S. Government Racism Exposed Despite Censorship

#NSA, I find it unacceptable for my voice to be distorted on radio shows. Stalkers make it patently obvious who is the target of censorship on this NNIA1 show taped last night. They verify my assertion that I am America's most censored person - not for anything that I have done wrong, but because my advocacy EXPOSES and OPPOSES wrongs done to my brother and family. When disabled people are secretly arrested and murdered in the USA, authorities should deal fairly with survivors - not attempt to censor and terrorize families in order to hide their crimes against humanity.

Covering my voice with noise, using slow-down viruses on my computers, and even murdering me like you did my disabled brother, Larry Neal, will not cancel widespread knowledge about this wrongful death which you are hired to keep covered up - misusing tax money paid by American citizens, some of whom still believe this is a land of "freedom and justice for all."

YOU WILL NOT DELUDE PEOPLE ABOUT HOW LITTLE REGARD THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE HAS FOR THE RIGHTS OF AFRICAN AMERICANS AND HANDICAPPED PEOPLE BY CENSORING MARY NEAL. In fact, you only expose yourself more effectively than I could without your blatant interference, which I record on videos and Blogtalkradio records on archived shows at National Network in Action channels "Justice for All" and "Real Talk." Therefore, although it is irritating to playback our radio shows and hear my voice distorted while others talk clearly, I understand why you do these offenses. YOU FEAR ME AND THE TRUTH I EXPOSE ABOUT HYPOCRISY.

"That victim who is able to articulate the situation of the victim has ceased to be a victim; he or she has become a threat. The victim's testimony must therefore be altered.” ~James Baldwin (from "The Devil Finds Work").

I further assert that none of the military invasions America has been responsible for could have possibly been to uphold human rights, because the leaders in the United States have zero regard for human rights of ordinary citizens of this country, particularly black, brown, and handicapped persons. Two Blogtalkradio tapes that evidence your fear of truth can be accessed at the urls below. My voice was distorted on the first Blogtalkradio tape, and the censorship team hung up MY phone while I talked on the second tape below, and I had to reconnect to Blogtalkradio:

Enslavement and Genocide of Africans and Indigenous Peoples, taped Nov. 19, 2013

Real Talk Broadcast of Nov. 19, 2013, with Obituaries of Police Murder Victims 

An article we discussed during the broadcasts was "12 Years a Slave: A Case for Reparations." It can be accessed at the url below, and it has three petitions for reparations that we invite everyone to endorse. 

"12 Years a Slave: A Case for Reparations"
You need not have such fear about Mary Neal exposing your murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother, scribes and pharisees. It is not as though the United States of America has a policy of equal justice. Stop spending the taxpayers' money on four agents to go online with me whenever I use the Internet. Fire your stalkers who follow me in person. Release my telephone (678) 531-0262 to receive all calls rather than only those on my "frequent callers list." Relax. Our criminal justice system is merely a "slave catching" system, designed to continue victimizing Africans in America to benefit the country's new slave masters in the prison industrial complex. Whereas some 3,200 prisoners serve life sentences for nonviolent crimes, you are absolved from prosecution for your murders of Larry Neal and many other black, brown, and handicapped citizens of the United States. BUT YOU WILL NEVER BE SPARED FROM EXPOSURE ABOUT YOUR HYPOCRISY.

None of your censorship and terrorism will silence the truth. Whereas I realize more clearly than other people the depths of your depravity and your utter fear of and hatred for Africans in America and dejection of handicapped persons, I fear and serve God rather than you. The Bible says, "the righteous are as bold as lions." MARY LOVES AND DEMANDS JUSTICE.

The wicked flee when no man pursues~Prov. 28:1

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Thank you for confirming through your terrorizing ad at this article that you got my message. I never doubted that you did. But as usual, it is the WRONG ANSWER.


Mary Neal said...

With that said, I will now go outside and watch the caravan of stalkers who drive past my house whenever I write an article exposing and opposing racism and class consciousness in the USA - indicative of hatred that I find as evident and offensive from the Obama administration as any other.

Mary Neal said...

This time there was no caravan of cars carrying stalkers, but I did see the drone plane.

If My Father decides to have His angels move and let you hurt me or any of Larry Neal's relatives because I expose your murder of this handicapped man and advocate for other mentally ill Americans who are cruelly mistreated in the criminal justice system and killed by police officers daily, I will join my Father in heaven and await the day when He puts every enemy of His in hell where they belong.

Mary Neal said...

GANSTA NAZI RACISTS threaten Americans with military equipment and concentration camps bought with their own money. That is a damn shame. It only happens because so many people are hypnotized. Americans' sleep is of a supernatural nature that makes them apathetic about their own victimization, in order for the antiChrist to establish his kingdom on earth. Then depopulation through wars, HAARP, and peculiar medical and other scientific procedures will follow. Whether or not I be here for the rest of this CREEP SHOW is up to God and not you or your drone planes.

Mary Neal
Daughter of the Most High God,
Creator of Heaven and Earth

Mary Neal said...

GO and get naked, put on your furry hats, have an orgy, and drink the blood of another executed American. I will not talk to you anymore.

Mary Neal said...

f u

Mary Neal said...

You are right. We cannot rely on the Supreme Court, which approved NSA spying. We cannot rely on the Justice Department, which actually conspires against justice in the case of the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother. We cannot rely on Congress or Senators, many of whom received my letters regarding this travesty of justice. We cannot rely on the White House. We must rely on each other. May I rely on you? If so, please write or call me at 678.531.0262. See the letter below and confirm receipt. THEY often steal my mail. I will call you this week:
U.S. Government Racism Exposed Despite Censorship

Mary Neal said...

NSA or whomever is doing the stalking against Mary Neal today, I invite YOU to my VIDEO PARTY showing films of your cyber war against Mary Neal. Right now at Google+, you interfere with my posts about INTEGRITY and the necessity of the Government showing integrity in conducting the People's business. I know that concept insults you. Therefore you give me another filming opportunity as you keep moving the field to prevent my posts on this subject. It is as though you have my computer screen on your own desktop and your cursor has superiority over mine, and you move the page every time I try to publish a post. SEE THIS ILLEGAL INFRINGEMENT AGAINST MY FREEDOM OF PRESS DEC. 11.

And WHY am I or anyone asked to descramble a Captcha code at my JusticeGagged blog? I specifically set my blogs to accept comments without a Captcha code. YOU PEOPLE HAVE TAKEN OVER GOOGLE, unless you changed my settings.