Monday, November 11, 2013

Taking It to the Streets - Mary Neal v. CoIntelPro/NSA

The Washington Post reports that the government spends $52.6 billion per year on surveillance activities. See how they're doing hiding the murder of Larry Neal and The Cochran Firm fraud by TRYING to listen to my statement about the conspiracy to hide Larry's murder and deny his survivors due process of law
See the Washington Post report (url below) on how much it costs you for the government to spy on Americans and officials and citizens in other countries, as well as curtail freedom of press and free speech for some Americans (using cyber war powers granted under NDAA).

A friend at Facebook notified me that my live show went blank after a few minutes 
Mary Neal heard you last nite on the show for about 3 seconds and it went blank. Do you know what happened?

My playback of my +BlogTalkRadio tape was overlaid with commercials, and the word "Puerto Rico" was deleted altogether regarding CoIntelPro's determination to disrupt freedom movements in the 1960s-1970s. If you run into the same obstacles hearing the tape using the url posted above, please access the url to the tape from the MaryLovesJustice Neal Google+ wall. I have many attorneys on my friends list at Google+, and I heard the tape more clearly when I selected the url from there.

I decided to make this tape when CoIntelPro prevented Rev. Pinkney from seeing my phone number on his Blogtalkradio board on Sunday, November 10. I would have told his 700,000 listeners about the federal marshal who came to my home on Thursday, November 8, and said he was looking for a murderer who might be in a neighbor's house. The neighbor happens to be one of my stalkers. Having no desire to have the staring role in any false flag dramatizations, I thought it was best to let everyone know the latest in my ten-year justice quest regarding my brother's secret government kidnapping and murder and my fight for First Amendment rights. 

When I positioned the announcement for my Blogtalkradio show at MaryLovesJustice, I called it a "tell-all." Actually, there is no way to tell all that my family and I have been through to persecute and censor us in a 45-minute radio show. Therefore, please be sure to read the next article in "Justice Gagged" to find another opportunity to listen.

Indeed, Larry Neal is far from being the only mentally challenged American who police killed. In fact, 50% of all police brutality victims are mentally ill. However, Larry's secret arrest and murder may be the only premeditated death by police, and one that the United States Department of Justice apparently conspired with a jail and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm to hide from the public.

Since CoIntelPro decided to delete the word "Puerto Rico" from my statement, I thought it might interest you to read about its activities there as stated in Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia:

"The independence movement has not attracted wide support and support at the ballots dwindled significantly between the first and second parts of the 20th century. In a status referendum in 2012, 5.5% voted for independence. The dwindling support was due to several factors: the intense persecution of Independence supporters by the United States federal government under the infamous COINTELPRO program ..."

WHY would people waste any of the $52.6 billion to censor information about CoIntelPro activities in Puerto Rico that is already so widely known that it appears in an online encyclopedia? For that matter, why would government money be used to suppress Mary Neal's justice quest regarding the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal, a mentally and physically disabled black man? That is pretty widely known also. However, The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm office is still open in Atlanta, Georgia, where the law firm lied in court and disclaimed its existence. I'm trying to make that a true assertion and save other Africans in America from enduring "The Cochran Firm fraud" (Google that), which is censored by mainstream media companies and even many independent news publications.

$52.6 billion - The Black Budget for Covert action. Surveillance. Counterintelligence. The U.S. “black budget” spans over a dozen agencies that make up the National Intelligence Program. ~ The Washington Post

See a video embedded below (if "they" let you) - "Takin' It to the Streets." The Doobie Brothers sang, "I ain't blind, and I don't like what I think I see. Take this message to my [Big] Brother . . . ".

Mary Neal
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