Monday, December 30, 2013

YouTube says "Don't Share Mary Neal's Videos" ~ Please Disregard

GOOGLE, I just noticed a warning label at my second video of my Lawless America interview on YouTube. Please move it. My goodness! I am so sick of being America's Most Censored Person. If these people don't want the world to know they secretly arrest and murder black mental patients (and possibly steal their organs), they should just stop doing it. They should also stop the KKK terrorism against the Neal family.

My brother's secret arrest and murder and The Cochran Firm's fraud to prevent the Neal family from getting due process of law afterward - using KKK tactics - is censored. I just noticed that YouTube labeled Video 2 of my Lawless America interview: "This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing." The poem I read on the video called "Dog Justice" is America's most censored poem. is the link for Congressional Testimony: Mary Neal to Bill Windsor of "Lawless America" Part 2 . What do you think of that, Bill Windsor? Thanks for all you do to help people expose and oppose crimes against humanity in the USA.

Please ask YouTube to take down the label that asks people not to share my video about Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail. Black people are disappearing all over the USA, and their organs are being stolen. It is important for everybody to know that they must go check the jails and prisons for missing loved ones. Do not simply call. Police lie on the phone and disclaim having them in custody. Next thing families know, they are getting back a dead, naked body without any explanation or excuse. Check out stories online about Mitrice Richardson, Timothy 'Bulldog' Allen, Trayvon Martin, Ryan Singleton, Kendrick Johnson, and Jason Smith.

Google, as you know, I have a Google Chromebook OS. The stalkers do not let me access settings while offline. I have to first go online to access settings. That way, they can put up a fake page for me to change the settings, and nothing actually changes. They don't want me to be able to work offline at all, and I cannot. They also do not want me to be able to do a wipe clean and remove their NSA takeover programs. It is such a pain being "America's Most Censored - Mary Neal." is the link for Congressional Testimony: Mary Neal to Bill Windsor of "Lawless America" - Part 1. It is embedded below:

I think it is shameful the way Internet companies help the government to hide its crimes against humanity. Nobody should be kidnapped by police officers and murdered behind bars while their families search for them as missing persons, and police lie and tell social workers and the family that they don't have the inmate in custody. Nobody should be killed for their organs, either. NSA may have slipped that message in that tells people not to share my videos. Please check your security. Y'all need to repent.

Mary Neal Phone (678)531-0262.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Preventing Christian Unity Online

Something new happened tonight. For the first time, NSA or whatever stalkers prevented me from adding someone to my "follow" group: Pastor Eric Miller at Google+
Pastor Miller publishes the importance of salvation through Jesus Christ and the absolute REQUIREMENT of repentance. He denounces the new, false gospel that we can have Jesus as "savior" without accepting Him as the lord of our lives. I did not learn about this new gospel until 2013. I have heard it from numerous pastors and teachers. They say, "Come as you are; stay as you are. Your sins are covered by grace."

Satan and His worshipers have an issue with real Christians. As long as God is on the throne in our lives, He has our love, respect, and complete obedience. Yes, we still fail - sometimes badly. We repent when we sin like King David did and ask for forgiveness. We strive to be like Christ in words and deeds. We recognize that God hates sin. We understand that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. We who fear Him do not want to provoke Him. People who don't fear God are both unwise and unsaved.

Satan cannot convince everyone that nothing from nowhere clashed against nothing from nowhere and banged out a world. Therefore, his new tactic is to convince Christians that there is no need to actually obey God because He is a pushover who will never demand accountability for sin. Pastor Eric Miller challenges Christians to get right with God according to His holy Word and not operate on some false idea of an ever-patient, ever-loving, ever-forgiving Father who punished people in ancient times but stopped now. Satan also understands the power of unity. That is likely why NSA or other stalkers prevented me from "following" Pastor Miller on Google+. I already am affiliated with two activist pastors who put the Word into action: Rev. Floyd Harris, Jr. and Rev. Edward Pinkney; both are Christian revolutionaries.

The Bill of Rights has five important provisions, and all five are regularly violated for Mary Neal: free speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, the right to peaceful assembly, and the right to petition government for a redress of grievances. Preventing my online association with Pastor Miller violates the first four, so I hereby petition the government AGAIN for a redress of grievances: U.S. Gov, either stop your CoIntelPro interference with my electronic communication, or investigate the crimes and make the responsible party stop. If you refuse to do either of these, then please show good cause why Mary Neal is targeted for oppression. Note: Oppression to cover up the secret arrest and wrongful death of my disabled brother, Larry Neal, and to stop my advocacy for 1.25 million mentally ill inmates would be unacceptable to any real Christian. They are certainly unacceptable reasons to me.

I have not studied Pastor Miller's posts yet, but I do know what the Word says and that God's Word remains unpopular with corrupt and totalitarian governments. Officials over governments that do or plan great evils do not want their actions being judged by what the Word says, because Jesus was and is the world's greatest human rights advocate. Therefore, people who emulate Christ are necessarily considered "dissidents" in such regimes. Read below Christ's stance on some topics, and you will see that His position is adversarial to totalitarian governments:

Jesus Christ is against capital punishment (Psalm 102:19-20), prisoner torture (Heb. 13:3), victimizing people (Matt. 25:40), avoidable wars (Rom. 12:18 ), all forms of discrimination (Gal. 3:28 ), and apathy about human suffering, which is inexcusable (Prov. 31:8).

God gave His best! But too many so-called Christians expect Him to settle for limp excuses: "I'm only human." Whereas that is true, God admonishes us to strive to be PERFECT: "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect" Matt.5:48. "Ye shall be holy; for I am holy" Leviticus 11:44, 45.

Endeavor to live a life that is pleasing to One who created you, gave you His Son, and offers you eternal life in Paradise. Although you and I will surely fail in our quest for holiness and perfection, that should be our aim. Goal-oriented people study hard for degrees and certifications, sacrifice much of their lives working from 8 to 16 hours a day, and some will kiss up to anyone and everyone who they feel will help them to advance. God sees all that we do for worldly success, but millions feel it is good enough to tell Him, "I'm only human." I really, really think you should read the Bible and learn the truth that sinful leaders won't tell you. Your chances of success with that excuse will be the same as a person with a middle school education applying for a CEO position. People who refuse to repent from sin are grossly under-qualified for God's worship and service.

We have discussed two of Satan's tactics: 1) spread the idea that there is no God; and 2) spread the false doctrine that God does not expect holiness from His people - anything goes! The third lie is for people who are too sensible to accept either of those. The third concept is most dangerous. It says, "God is real. He demands holiness, but you have time." Millions of people intend to repent and take a stand for righteousness, but they procrastinate. They plan to obey God, but not today. They ignore biblical messages conveying urgency.

Only fools say there is no God (Psalm 14:1). It is useless to argue with them, but there is hope for people who have been fed misinformation about the necessity of repentance and urgency. Our Father knows the problem with people who say "I'm only human" and "I will repent later" is they want a savior without having a lord. He says, "And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?" The "I'm only human" crowd will be rejected, as will those who are sleeping when Christ returns. There is no "bargain salvation."  It will become increasingly challenging to stand for righteousness in these Last Days. Christians not only have our own flesh to battle but also repressive governments that order "Don't feed the homeless! Don't say 'Christmas'! Don't care about your neighbors!" Although it is frightening, we are admonished to resist fear and the devil and be faithful to God. Holiness requires sacrifice, but we must TRY to please God every day in all our ways. When you fail, repent quickly, ask for forgiveness, and try, try again. Heaven is going to be worth it - a never-ending PARTY that nothing equals. Don't miss it. Blessings.

(Click for a larger image)

Satanic cyberstalkers often prevent my first paragraphs from showing on cellphone view. Therefore, paragraph 1 is repeated here:
Something new happened tonight. For the first time, NSA or whatever stalkers prevented me from adding someone to my "follow" group: Pastor Eric Miller at Google+
Pastor Miller publishes the importance of salvation through Jesus Christ and the absolute REQUIREMENT of repentance. He denounces the new, false gospel that we can have Jesus as "savior" without accepting Him as the lord of our lives. I did not learn about this new gospel until 2013. I have heard it from numerous pastors and teachers. They say, "Come as you are; stay as you are. Your sins are covered by grace."

Most calls and some emails are never actually received

Friday, December 27, 2013

Is Facebook or NSA protecting CoIntelPro Law Firm?

Geronimo ji Jaga (formerly "Pratt")

I was allowed to write numerous people about The Cochran Firm fraud, including Bobby Seale, Larry Pinkney, Cynthia McKinney, and Maurice Muhammad. When I wrote to Lorenzo Ervin, my Facebook page suddenly froze! CoIntelPro apparently knows through my phone records and emails that Lorenzo Ervin is the one person I wrote to about The Cochran Firm from with whom I am in continuous contact.

I wrote:

I would appreciate your mentioning The Cochran Firm fraud during your broadcasts to warn our people about trusting the frauds with legal cases. Hear an interview by NPR with Shawn Chapman Holley, a former Cochran Firm attorney who sued the firm for racism, sexism, and fraud, alleging truthfully that The Firm turned racist after Johnnie's death and racists with whom Cochran had partnered took over.

In 1970, Geronimo ji Jaga (Pratt) was arrested for a murder he did not do. He stayed in jail 27 years, 8 of them in solitary confinement. I feel that his case had much to do with Johnnie Cochran's death and why CoIntelPro wanted his law firm. After freeing O.J. Simpson and gaining fame, Cochran turned his attention back to Pratt, a man who he felt was innocent but he lost the case decades before. Cochran filed a subpoena for CoIntelPro's records regarding its surveillance of the Black Panther Party members.

After some of the CoIntelPro records went public, CoIntelPro was investigated by the Church Committee, and the FBI covert program was defunded. Johnnie Cochran's brother and nephew were murdered by parties unknown. Pratt's godson Tupac was also killed. Cochran then announced plans to sue the USA and major corporations for reparations for slavery and Jim Crow in 2003. That was the last straw. Southern white supremacists approached Cochran about partnering with them, and he did so probably because he wanted money for a Reparations Dream Team. He sold them interest in The Cochran Firm, and their money helped open firms across the country that service mostly black and brown clients.

Now THEY have Johnnie's law firm and his name, which they use to defraud his people. I know they have great laughs off that. According to Shawn Chapman Holley and other attorneys with whom I have spoken, civil rights lawyers who worked with Johnnie Cochran in his Los Angeles office were fired or forced out of the firm during his illness or after his death. The law firm hired "new" blacks, some of whom help defraud their own people to accomplish one of CoIntelPro's main objectives: Keep wealth out of black hands. I do not believe all of the attorneys at the firm are aware of the main purpose of the law firm. For instance, Vickie Gilliam did not know when she was selected to represent the Ramapough People, an African/Native American tribe in New Jersey which The Cochran Firm defrauded to protect Ford and the EPA. Gilliam was taken off the case when it was time for Ford to either pay roughly $3 billion or go to court. The Cochran Firm pulled her off the case and settled the multi-billion dollar lawsuit for just $12.5 million. Google "The Cochran Firm Fraud Mary Neal."

I am a defrauded client of this CoIntelPro law firm. Google "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal." It is a story I have been telling for years. I am also one of dozens of black former clients who sued The Cochran Firm for fraud and malpractice, but no case against The Cochran Firm was ever allowed to go before a jury, as far as I know, and the media refuses to report the many lawsuits against the firm - even black media companies. The system want to keep The Cochran Firm's name clean to continue defrauding blacks in order to reduce or eliminate payouts by police departments and major corporations in certain cases involving wrongful deaths and catastrophic injuries involving black victims.

If you feel you know an attorney who is not afraid to take on the CoIntelPro law firm - The Cochran Firm - please let me know. There are literally hundreds of defrauded Cochran Firm clients since Johnnie died. Many of them tried to sue The Cochran Firm after being defrauded, but the injustice system protected The Cochran Firm from a jury trial. I cannot begin to tell you what I endure to get this news to you. See Justice Gagged at . Thank you.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Is Facebook Down for Maintenance 12/26/13?

Mary Neal, America's most censored person, was told that she cannot log in at Facebook at 6:45pm Pacific time on December 26, 2013, because it is down for maintenance. I found that message at numerous major social media sites over the years has been NSA or other hackers LYING. I told these people's bosses repeatedly that they would be better off if they paid their damages for secretly arresting and murdering Larry Neal instead of relying on censorship, terrorism by black Confederate soldiers, and financial persecution to make me stop human rights advocacy, but they persist. That is one of the traits of highly effective people - persistence. Their mistake is that they fail to recognize that BLACK WOMEN CAN HAVE THE SAME CHARACTER TRAITS THAT THEY DO - dogged determination, refusal to give up, fearlessness, and persistence beyond all reason. So tell me - is Facebook really down for maintenance?

Hear my struggle to be on air at Blogtalkradio. Apparently, the system is angry because we revealed the wrongful arrest and denial of trials for two black youths: Shannon and Terrell. I made an mp3 file that recorded many attempts to get on Blogtalkradio on Wednesday, December 26, 2013. Each attempt failed.
Read about Shannon in this article:

Shannon Nyamodi: A Good Samaritan Imprisoned
Shannon's mother, Katherine, expects visitors from various civil and human rights groups this week. We are very grateful that Shannon's case is getting attention from justice minded persons. We protest the loss of our radio show because we exposed Shannon's wrongful incarceration.

Terrell Scott - Teen Sex Slave Wrongly Arrested in PA
They may not want me to expose the fact that the district attorney in this case has prevented Terrell Scott from going to trial for four years - he is being imprisoned without trial. Each time a court date should be set, the district attorney apparently files a LIE with the court saying falsely that Terrell Scott is not mentally stable enough for trial and that he is in Norris Town Mental Hospital. Actually, Terrell Scott is in prison, and his mother visits him there every single week on Fridays.


Comments Disallowed on Mary Neal's Blogs

Google, I am not allowed to add a comment to my article "12 Years a Slave: A Case for Reparations." As I typed my new article, I noticed a crowd gathering at one of my suspected stalkers' home. I was not allowed to communicate with CoIntelPro about it. I wrote:

Allow your stalkers to go inside, CoIntelPro. It is cold, and they don't frighten me any longer.
 OpenID LiveJournal WordPress TypePad AOL
OpenID url is missing
Although I own this blog (on paper), I am not allowed to submit my comment. I have been told by numerous people that their comments on my Blogger blogs are prevented. I am signed in at Google, or I would not be able to type this objection to my censorship. Please find out who is censoring your member Mary Neal and fire them if they work for you, or protest NSA's takeover of your services if they don't. See the comments that got through SOMEHOW at the article: "12 Years a Slave: A Case for Reparations"

My brother was secretly arrested for 18 days and MURDERED by Memphis/Shelby County Jail in 2003. Since that time, we have been denied any explanation, records, or investigation regarding the murder of this mentally disabled heart patient. We have been censored, terrorized, and financially persecuted for seeking due process of law. The USDOJ was in overview of that facility after a lawsuit was filed against the jail by the USA, but the USDOJ also refuses to answer any FOIA requests for information about Larry Neal's murder. 

America violates citizens' rights by covering up crimes against humanity done by police and abusive correctional facilities. The indictment of former vice president Dick Chaney and former U.S. Atty. Gen. Antonio Gonzales in Wallacy County, TX in 2008 alleged that high government officials receive pay-offs from abusive jails and prisons in order to avoid federal investigations. I BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED IN LARRY NEAL's MURDER COVER-UP. NDAA started for America's mentally ill people decades ago, and oppressors are only widening their range.
My censorship is intended to prevent advocacy regarding (a) justice for Larry Neal, (b) decriminalizing mental illness, and (c) prevent publication of my objections to mass incarceration, racism and class consciousness in the justice system, and the death penalty. But if you inquire about Larry Neal and his family members' KKK-like suppression, you might get censored and/or persecuted yourself.

MaryLovesJustice Neal

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

NNIA Blogtalkradio Shows Prevented 12/24/13

NSA, or whoever wants to prevent African Americans from using Internet radio, prevents National Network in Action from going on air at Blogtalkradio tonight, December 24, 2013. Despite the fact that our "RealTalk for Real Solutions" show is scheduled for 8pm Pacific, Mary Neal's computer shows in the studio that "no shows are scheduled." Neither did CoIntelPro allow the 9pm Pacific Time episode on National Network in Action to broadcast. We are sorry for this interference, but it is not in our control. The government does what it wants, and it has never wanted to assist Mary Neal in having a voice. My First Amendment rights are seriously curtailed. See a schedule for our shows at the link below for "New Human Rights Blogtalkradio Broadcasts." That is the likely the problem. In the United States of America, African Americans have no protected human rights. To increasing degrees, neither do whites in the working class.

I requested help from Blogtalkradio. The following is the wording in the email to Support at

1) Our show for 8pm tonight "Real Talk for Real Solutions" was scheduled, but the studio lied and said there was no show scheduled. Please see if all of our Tuesday night shows are also sabotaged to prevent us from going on air. The exact same thing happened regarding our 9pm show on "Justice for All," also.

This kept us from being able to reschedule the shows (when I tried, the response was that shows were already scheduled). Therefore, we were prevented from going on air.

Screenshot of 8pm "Real Talk" show, which was scheduled, but the studio showed as not being scheduled:

Screenshot of 9pm "Justice for All" show which was scheduled, but the studio showed as not being scheduled:

2) At the conclusion of each show we air, when I select for the show to go to Facebook, Blogtalk does not send the icon for the show that we actually taped but for our next scheduled show. For instance, upon the conclusion of "Audrey's Body of Knowledge," which is our Monday night show, the icon that would be sent out from Blogtalk would not match that show, but it would be for Tuesday night's "Real Talk for Real Solutions." 

Please address these two issues. Please send a response to Dr. Harris and myself. Thank you.
What this CoIntelPro interference says to me is summarized in these five points:

1)  Mary Neal, do not think you can escape our censorship by using Internet radio. We control the entire Internet. We can shut you down any day we want to do so. We control your telephone. We control your computer. We control the entire Internet. Whatever goes through telephonic connections, we control. Whatever happens through the satellites, we control. We listen and censor where we choose. We are displeased that you reached out to people on Google+ and at Facebook about your disabled brother we murdered after 18 days of secret arrest (a kidnapping). We are displeased that you criticized the United States Department of Justice for assisting the coverup. 

2)  We do not want you to discuss the police murder that happened in Los Angeles to an unarmed mentally ill man today. We kill who we want. We use the mentally ill to fund private prisons, and your criticism is not appreciated. We do not want you to discuss the German who is said by his ex-wife to be an unlicensed Nazi passing himself off as a medical doctor and working (experimenting on our U.S. veterans) in the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Washington, D.C. We do not want you to reveal that Terrell Scott, who we have listed as being at Norris Town Mental Hospital in Pennsylvania is actually in prison, where he has been awaiting trial on false charges for four years. 

3)  We do not like Rev. Floyd Harris revealing how oppressed African Americans are. We do not want him challenging other ministers to protest injustices like he does. We do not want you to reveal that Shannon Nyamodi, a youth who has been denied trial for a year in Franklin County, NC, is innocent and that the Caucasian woman who we allege he shot is willing to testify that Shannon did not shoot her. We do not want you to reveal to your audience that the results of 180,000 forensic cases will be reassessed, because lab personnel were working with prosecutors to set up wrongful convictions against Americans. We are tired of you talking about young blacks being killed for their organs. 

4)  We have threatened you; followed you, flown helicopters over your home where they stood still over your rooftop, sent a fake nurse to your house to do a sexual assault on your 90-year-old mother, arranged road accidents and malicious arrests for other family members. We had your home burglarized to remove original court records regarding "Neals v. The Cochran Firm" case, and much more. We control the flow of information in America, and we will not have you telling things that we do not want to be told. We are aware that you were saving to self-publish your book. Check your bank account now, and REALIZE that we are in control of banks.

5)  We do not like you talking about God and challenging Christians to really DO the Word. We do not want you to reveal that military service members in Mississippi were reportedly told not to say the "Christmas tree." We are tired of all of this talk about Jesus Christ. We do not want anyone instructing the masses to "put God first." We want to be MASTER. We want to be GOD. 

Apparently, prison investors and/or the government disagree that National Network in Action should be able to go on air with our programming, which (1) provides our audience with information about current news and events, (2) gives the public an opportunity to speak on the air, and (3) includes Christian programming.

Have your say on "Real Talk" Broadcasts at 8pm Pacific (619)393.2837
"Justice for All" Broadcasts at 9pm Pacific (818)572.2947
NNIA1 has two channels, two phone numbers, two urls, but one cause: We offer spiritually uplifting and educational programming that promotes human rights for ALL.

See the schedule and call-in numbers below for our radio shows.

This article contains five urls and one email address link, one photograph.
MaryLovesJustice Neal, Director of
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill,
Human Rights for Prisoners March,
Davis/MacPhail Truth Committee, and
Dog Justice for Mentally Ill

Have a very merry Christmas, everyone. May GOD bless you in the name of
 JESUS CHRIST, my Lord and Savior!

Friday, December 20, 2013

My Dec. 31, 1969 Google+ Posts

I don't know why some of my Google+ posts are dated December 31, 1969. I will start putting all of them with that date at this article. Apparently, there is something amiss when I send out Christmas greetings. Even that post has the suspicious date. Even my invitation to prayer was dated wrong. I invited the public to pray with me for prosecutors, that they would be honest and fair to all people, without regard to race or socioeconomic status.

MaryLovesJustice Neal

Shared publicly  -  Dec 31, 1969
I asked what happened to my mentally, physically disabled brother who died under secret arrest in 2003 in Memphis Shelby Co. Jail, then started advocating for incarcerated mentally ill people. I advocate against private prison profiteers and executions, too. I also object to enforced depopulation vaccines. Being a Christian is practically a no-no in the USA. To top it off, I'm black and proud. I'm on lots of inhumane people's sh*t list, but in God I trust. [This post should have been dated August 5, 2014.]

A "Native American Affairs" Blogtalkradio program announcement was mis-dated on July 2, 2014:
Mr. Mani, of Strong Heart Warrior Society, is on the air at "Human Rights Demand" tape will be archived at Blogtalkradio for future listening if you are unable to join the live broadcast. Call to speak on air at (347) 857-3293 at 3pm Eastern Time every Wednesday.   #NativeAmericanAffairs  #StrongHeartWarriorSociety   #IndigenousPeoples  
I was surprised to learn that my stalkers at Google+ are Anti-Semantic. They mis-dated this heartwarming story about survival during the Holocaust.

MaryLovesJustice Neal

Shared publicly  -  Dec 31, 1969

Sir Nicholas Winton thought he had lost the children he sought to save from Hitler's death camps, but the mission he thought was a total failure was not. He learned the truth on a TV show over 50 years later.
Here is a post about NSA that NSA doesn't want my readers to access, apparently:

MaryLovesJustice Neal
Shared publicly  -  Dec 31, 1969

Today we heard from President Obama about NSA spies Video highlights and a written summary of President Obama's speech on NSA are ready at this link. 

MaryLovesJustice Neal

Shared publicly  -  Dec 31, 1969
TONIGHT WE PRAY FOR PROSECUTORS on MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting at 9pm Pacific Time Call (818)572.2947. Pray for:@Angela_Corey(Marissa Alexander case), Cyrus Vance -@ManhattanDA(Glenn Broadnax case), D.A. John Morganelli (Terrell Scott case), D.A. Sam Currin, III (Shannon Nyamodi case), Burleson Co., TX D.A. Julie Renken (Henry Goedrich Magee case), and former prosecutor Ken Anderson (Michael Morton case). Join us online or listen to the archived tape at

Why can't I have freedom of press? Why does Google+ date my posts to a day before there were personal computers and the Internet? See an example below:
MaryLovesJustice Neal
Shared publicly - Dec 31, 1969
I admire white people. They have free speech. My relative was selected for jury duty. The judge asked the potential jurors if there were any who felt they should be excused. My relative answered that he is against mass incarceration and could not be party to sentencing another black man to prison. The relative who is a veteran, civil servant, and college graduate was immediately arrested for contempt of court.
Here is the unarmed mentally ill man who was executed by L.A.P.D. on Dec. 13, 2013, after he surrendered: Brian Newt Beaird. His father, Bill, is also pictured. See the murder on video . Thanks for giving Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill


MaryLovesJustice Neal

Shared publicly  -  Dec 31, 1969
From Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, Dog Justice for Mentally Ill, the Davis/MacPhail Truth Committee, and the Human Rights for Prisoners March

+Science on Google+ I wonder if there is a scientific explanation why some of my posts are dated December 31, 1969, when that date is before Google was invented? Or does this symbolize NSA's attempt to hide my existence in order to cover up the government's secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal and prevent advocacy for 1.25million mentally ill inmates in the U.S.A.? See the example below. Only when I refresh my page will the actual date appear. But certain of my posts are dated December 31, 1969 initially.

*MaryLovesJustice Neal
Shared publicly  -  Dec 31, 1969

From Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, Dog Justice for Mentally Ill, the Davis/MacPhail Truth Committee, and the Human Rights for Prisoners March*

I asked at a Google+ group of computer experts why my posts are mis-dated December 31, 1969, and they immediately withdrew my membership:

MaryLovesJustice Neal

➥ How-tos & learning  -  5:42 AM
Does anyone else have issues with mis-dated posts at Google+? Are some of your posts dated December 31, 1969 until you refresh your page? If so, what do you think that means? I have so many violations against my First Amendment rights that I inquire about such discrepancies. Thank you in advance for responding if you have ever experienced this. I am "America's Most Censored - Mary Neal" (for the 14 reasons in this article, beginning with a secret gov lynching)
Read more


MaryLovesJustice Neal

Shared publicly  -  Dec 31, 1969
What do you feel looking at this picture? I think about HUMAN RIGHTS. Both people in this picture must depend on others. It will be years before the baby is of age to work and contribute to the empire. The elder's usefulness to the empire is gone. Both need their village to protect them and stand up for their human rights. I say to them, I WILL. They need us so much. SWAT shot a 107-year-old man in 2013 when he was a little demented, and police killed numerous elders. We must protect the very young and very old and the handicapped. There are people who want the right to "abort" babies up a year of age or older. Read "ETHICISTS ARGUE IN FAVOR OF ‘AFTER-BIRTH ABORTIONS’ AS NEWBORNS ‘ARE NOT PERSONS'"

What do you feel looking at this picture? 

When I saved this article about the December 31, 1969 posting date, it also posted with that date. 

MaryLovesJustice Neal

Shared publicly  -  Dec 31, 1969

See all of my Google+ posts at this url


America's Most Censored - Mary Neal

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Facebook Censors Ethan Couch v. Travion Blount Sentencing Disparity

I was told that Facebook was started partly by investment money from the CIA and Vanguard, a prison investment broker. I do not know much about high finance. I do know that I encounter censorship at Facebook. The following notice was put on my Human Rights for Prisoners March article which shows the wild disparity between sentencing for an interracial child (black and white) of age 15 who was involved in a robbery that resulted in NO injuries and Ethan Couch, who killed four people and seriously injured two others in a drunk driving incident.

Facebook thinks this site might be unsafe. If you are not familiar with it, please provide feedback by marking it as spam (you will be brought back to Facebook).

It is a damn shame that so many racist government employees and prison investor's employees are involved in containing freedom of press on one of America's most important social media companies: Facebook. I think prison investors should not own social media companies. They should know that they will run into many articles and other posts that upset them. They fear the growing awareness of racism and classism in America's injustice system. Containing members' use of First Amendment rights will likely land them in court and relieve them of some of their millions one fine day.

The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just. ~Pv. 13:22
Thank you, LORD, for some of that Facebook money. I feel it coming! Hallelujah! I have my proof, God Almighty, that Facebook censors me regularly. Amen!

Mary Loves Justice