Saturday, November 23, 2013

Black Men "x" Out in Mary Neal's Photos

Why do racists particularly hate black men? Please see a photo of black grandparents I used for an article:

Racists in the NSA or someone modified the picture above. They converted the photo to black and white and deleted the man. The article is called "DHS Target Practice: Pregnant Women, Children and Elderly"

At Facebook, I tagged myself in a photo of an African couple with their two young sons. Immediately, the photo showed up on my wall like it should. Then, it disappeared. When I refreshed the page after about five minutes, the photo reappeared, and it had been resized so that the man was not in the picture any longer on my wall. He can be seen if one clicks the photo, but the woman appears to be a single parent on my wall.

I am very disturbed that the people monitoring my computer input at NSA (or whatever computer-stalking agency is being used) have an irrational fear and hatred of black men like George Zimmerman has. See my Facebook wall at

I found out today that my Petition for Free Speech is also censored. The stalkers made my link for the video "Prison Labor Profits" run into the word before the link, thereby preventing the link from being active. That is a classic trick - removing the spaces between the word before or after a link to prevent the user from having access to the data at the link unless they are savvy enough to copy/paste the link into a Google Search field. Below the the video they corrupted on my Petition for Free Speech: "Prison Labor Profits" at

Sad how much people in positions of authority hate black people, particularly the men, and prevent open discourse regarding its program to enslave blacks for prison profits.


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