Saturday, November 9, 2013

Stealing Photographs from Web Pages

Hello Justice Gagged followers. They stole the first seven(7) photographs on the cellphone view from my MaryLovesJustice blog: "MaryLovesJustice Story in 30 Photos" . I posted 30 photos and promised to tell the public all about them on radio on November 16, 2013, when I plan to be a guest on YMP Magazine Radio Show at at 9pm EST, on November 16, 2013. Call-in number is 215.383.3998. People using computers or more expensive cell phones may be able to see all 30 photos posted at that article, but people using basic cellphones will not. Such cyber stalking may prevent indigent and working class Americans from having full access to my published information.

The seven(7) photographs removed from my MaryLovesJustice article are posted below. Honk if you see them! 1) MaryLovesJustice icon, 2) Mary Neal, 3) AIMI icon - a jail, 4) AIMI icon - a jail inmate's legs - feet shackled, 5) mass incarceration (mostly young, black males), 6) Justice Mountain (with cross in center), and 7) Larry Neal, my mentally, physically disabled brother who died under secret arrest in 2003 in Memphis Shelby County Jail, whose murder Satanists have been determined to censor ever since in order to hide a) The Cochran Firm's fraud, b) collusion between Shelby County Jail and the United States Department of Justice to conceal an inmate's murder, c) the fact that minorities and mentally ill people of all races are deprived of the right to life without intervention by the justice system, and d) many American officials are corrupt, murderous, and consider themselves above man's law and God's.

Please join us at  YMP Magazine Radio Show at at 9pm EST, on November 16, 2013. Call-in number is 215.383.3998. Edward Snowden told you that they watch. I will tell you what happens when they don't like what they see.


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