Thursday, December 26, 2013

Is Facebook Down for Maintenance 12/26/13?

Mary Neal, America's most censored person, was told that she cannot log in at Facebook at 6:45pm Pacific time on December 26, 2013, because it is down for maintenance. I found that message at numerous major social media sites over the years has been NSA or other hackers LYING. I told these people's bosses repeatedly that they would be better off if they paid their damages for secretly arresting and murdering Larry Neal instead of relying on censorship, terrorism by black Confederate soldiers, and financial persecution to make me stop human rights advocacy, but they persist. That is one of the traits of highly effective people - persistence. Their mistake is that they fail to recognize that BLACK WOMEN CAN HAVE THE SAME CHARACTER TRAITS THAT THEY DO - dogged determination, refusal to give up, fearlessness, and persistence beyond all reason. So tell me - is Facebook really down for maintenance?

Hear my struggle to be on air at Blogtalkradio. Apparently, the system is angry because we revealed the wrongful arrest and denial of trials for two black youths: Shannon and Terrell. I made an mp3 file that recorded many attempts to get on Blogtalkradio on Wednesday, December 26, 2013. Each attempt failed.
Read about Shannon in this article:

Shannon Nyamodi: A Good Samaritan Imprisoned
Shannon's mother, Katherine, expects visitors from various civil and human rights groups this week. We are very grateful that Shannon's case is getting attention from justice minded persons. We protest the loss of our radio show because we exposed Shannon's wrongful incarceration.

Terrell Scott - Teen Sex Slave Wrongly Arrested in PA
They may not want me to expose the fact that the district attorney in this case has prevented Terrell Scott from going to trial for four years - he is being imprisoned without trial. Each time a court date should be set, the district attorney apparently files a LIE with the court saying falsely that Terrell Scott is not mentally stable enough for trial and that he is in Norris Town Mental Hospital. Actually, Terrell Scott is in prison, and his mother visits him there every single week on Fridays.


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