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Care2 Censors "AIMI v. USA" Petition AGAIN

Thank you, Greg Skomaroske. Thanks for confirming that our "AIMI vs. USA" petition at the Care2 Petititonsite is being censored, as I knew it would be. Care2 continually censors efforts to relieve mentally challenged Americans and immigrants from negligence, brutality, and wrongful deaths under the color of law.

greg skomaroske, WI Mar 31, 20:57 # 45
Second time signing this

Friends, please review the petition at Care2 and notify me if YOUR freedom of speech is also attacked by that social site. Everybody who is censored by Care2 can join our lawsuit for violations against their First Amendment rights, which will be filed soon. Some people might experience a denial of service (DoS) that prevents the "AIMI v. USA" petition from opening. Others will sign and check later and see their signatures are missing, like Greg Skomaroske did. This happened to every petition I ever posted at Care2 Petitionsite, and it seems to happen at other petition hosting sites as well, because America is firmly invested in slavery once again. Unfortunately, many Internet companies may be owned or operated by prison investors who cannot resist the temptation to subvert prisoner activists' efforts to eliminate mass incarceration by using their social sites.

Shortly after this advocate posted the petition, Care2 took it offline to prevent signatures after I added a petition showing a mentally ill man being shot by Dallas police officers. That video has a warning before it begins to play that warns that it has graphic violence. It is online at YouTube and has been shared by thousands of people throughout the country. Yet Care2 took our petition that is intended to notify the country about a lawsuit in International Court to help mentally ill people, like the victim on the video, to have a right to life that is actually respected by their government.

Please sign the "AIMI vs. USA" petition at the link above. It is a petition of, for, by and TO Americans and immigrants -- not to U.S. officials, although they are welcome to also sign it. Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) is through begging for the human and civil rights of mentally challenged Americans and immigrants to be honored and protected in the United States. We have begged for over 10 years, and our efforts are continually scorned and disregarded by officials in the USA. This is unacceptable for any country, especially one that bombs other nations for violating human rights within their boarders.

"AIMI vs. USA" will be filed in International Court in 2015 in order to expose and oppose the negligence, brutality, and wrongful deaths of mentally disabled persons in America. The lawsuit will be filed to win restitution to affected persons, their families and survivors, if applicable. AIMI is convinced that if the United States must pay a sizable amount of money to affected parties and families, it will begin to respect the rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness that are inalienable rights of mentally challenged people as much as they are for any other person in this country. None of those rights, particularly the right to life, should be removed by the government without due process of law. Police officers and prison guards who violate the right to life callously, which continually happens in this nation, must be held accountable. The nation, itself, must be held accountable for allowing and, in at least one case, HELPING to cover-up crimes against humanity that happen here. The wording to the petition that Care2 finds worthy of censorship is below.


Petitioners agree to share the good news with others. Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI") plans a lawsuit in International Court against the USA to compensate mentally ill persons and families of people with serious mental illness whose civil and human rights have been or are presently being violated under the color of law.

Everyone whose present or past circumstances involve denial of timely, appropriate psychiatric treatment has a case against the USA. Every person with psychiatric conditions that led to violence and torture and deaths under the color of law or as a long-term homeless person may also have a case. The families that underwent or still experience legal abuse syndrome while trying to extract their sick relatives from the prison industrial complex have cases. Especially if you have not received a settlement already, AIMI is arranging to take your cases before the United Nations to International Court for payment from the USA for crimes against humanity. People who suffered burglaries, assaults, or wrongful deaths because of their neighbors' untreated drug/alcohol dependencies or untreated mental illness also deserve payment.

None of the circumstances named above should have happened, and you are and were due protection under one or all of the following laws. Blaring failures exist regarding the U.S. Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA), the Civil Rights Act, the Convention Against Torture, and Executive Order 13107, implementing human rights treaties.

Mentally ill people and/or their relatives are being told to "get over it" and to "pull themselves up by their own bootstraps." Many of them deserve money to buy boots. Let AIMI help you get it. We are suing the USA for a subsantial amount of money to convey the following message: Don't execute the mentally ill. Stop using mentally ill people as prison commodities. Do not torture mentally challenged people with solitary confinement. Stop police violence against this vulnerable population. Prosecute murderous police officers and prison guards, especially when their crimes are proved with videotapes and medical examiners' reports. Honor the U.S. Constitution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Visit "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill" online at "AIMI vs. USA," or contact its director, Mary Neal, between noon and 2:00pm EDT daily, Monday through Friday, at (678)531.0262 or (571)335-1741. If you receive no response within two days, please call again. We have opposition. Email, and title your email "AIMI vs. USA." You are also invited to visit our blog, "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" online and comment at articles there in order to receive more information about "AIMI vs. USA." You can also conduct a search for "AIMI vs. USA" online. Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) is on Blogtalkradio every Wednesday night at 9pmPST. Call (818)572-2947 to listen or speak on air. Archived tapes are available. AIMI holds monthly conferences for claimants and persons who are interested in more information. We meet on the first Saturday and Sunday morning of each month at 9:00 a.m. PDT, except April, when we will meet on April 11 and 12. You can connect with the conferences at FreeConferenceCall dial-in number (605)562-0020, Meeting I.D. Code: 992-212-650. If that fails, the backup number is (805)360-1075.

Please do not request assistance in comments to this petition. If access to the petition becomes problematic, AIMI's director may not see your requests. All other comments are encouraged.

Many thousands of mentally challenged people in the United States are chronically homeless. Thousands more are killed during lunacy arrests and as inmates annually, and 1.25 million of our most vulnerable fellow citizens are cruelly warehoused in prisons and jails, where there is virtually no accountability for torture and deaths. The mentally ill comprise over 60 percent of the inmates experiencing solitary confinement torture, which causes their conditions to worsen. Families and friends who seek psychiatric care are usually denied unless and until mentally challenged people PROVE (usually through violence) to be a danger to self and others.

Denial of treatment while awaiting crimes in order to earn prison profits from vulnerable people's arrests creates unnecessary risks for people with serious mental illness as well as to their families and communities. Innocent people's safety is risked by withholding psychiatric treatment until another avoidable tragedy happens. This is unacceptable in the United States, a country that enforces human rights throughout the world.

"AIMI vs. USA" will only sue for monetary damages for claimants, not for release of prisoners or policy changes. AIMI believes that if enough money is paid by the United States to persons whose human rights are or were violated, policy changes will be a natural consequence of the international exposure and financial loss resulting from this lawsuit. Claimants are encouraged to continue using regular legal channels to seek prisoners' releases and improve humane conditions during incarcerations. AIMI will sue for monetary compensation to claimants for pain and suffering. Generally, persons who have already settled monetary claims for personal injuries and deaths will be ineligible as claimants for "AIMI vs. USA," but feel free to apply. AIMI's International Human Rights Attorney will begin reviewing up to 100 cases by the first of August 2015, and "AIMI vs. USA" is expected to be filed within 2015.

Access more info at

We the Petitioners hereby agree to share the "AIMI vs. USA" petition with friends and family members as well as civic, social, and online groups in order to notify people that help for America's abused and neglected mentally ill people and persons with drug/alcohol dependencies is available and being sought under International Law.

We the Petitioners request that Americans and immigrants use every opportunity to share news about "AIMI vs. USA" with their connections.

We the Petitioners agree to begin sharing this petition today by using the options available at Care2 to share by Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

First Paragraph Repeated for Certain Cellphone Users:
Thank you, Greg Skomaroske. Thanks for confirming that our "AIMI vs. USA" petition at the Care2 Petititonsite is being censored, as I knew it would be. Care2 continually censors efforts to relieve mentally challenged Americans and immigrants from negligence, brutality, and wrongful deaths under the color of law.

greg skomaroske, WI Mar 31, 20:57 # 45
Second time signing this

Thanks for your interest in how human rights news is censored in the United States of America. Justice is gagged. The next "Justice Gagged" article is one you should not miss. It reveals how censorship is used to prevent freedom of religion.

Mary Loves Justice Neal
Phone (678) 531.0262 or (571)335-1741
Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
"Human Rights Demand" Radio Station Manager
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
Dog Justice for Mentally Ill


MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

I also want my readers to know that stalkers at Care2 are racists. They replaced the "www" in some of my "Share" links with the word "PRIMATE." The links that had been thusly sabotaged then led to a photo of a large ape and not to the articles that they should - articles I published in my Care2 Sharebook to help America's mentally challenged people of all races, 1.25 million of whom comprise America's largest group of prisoners. See a lawsuit filed against UCLA, a university in California, that also thought it was funny to represent African Americans as being gorillas like Care2 did to me:

Dr. Head v. UCLA: Gorilla Warfare

Dr. Head won $4.5 million for that single infraction. I have volumes of proof that Care2 did racism and censorship against Mary Neal, Randy.

Diana Beth said...
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