Friday, April 17, 2015

Bob Darby Advocacy Censored at Blogtalkradio

I apologize, friends. The "Bob Darby Human Rights Advocacy" show was kept off air today by stalkers working against me at +BlogTalkRadio. See proof below. Bob will be absent next week when he protests the School of the Americas in Washington, D.C. Join us for one of his tapes next Thursday at 3pm. We hope we can get on air then, but as you can see, censorship is fierce in the USA. Large corporations have lobbyists who are welcome in the halls of Congress, but middle class and poor people have advocates like Bob Darby, who advocates primarily for homeless people. We are not allowed freedom of press. See my denial of service in scheduling the show in yellow - "Sorry. We couldn't create your episode" (click the photo for a larger view). Darby is a peace advocate, and he is also against racism, poverty, and war. We have had numerous problems scheduling his shows lately,+United Nations. In fact, Darby is my most censored host on the "Human Rights Demand" channel. Thank you.

Darby got his B.A. in psychology from Emory University and attended Harvard Divinity School and Crane Theological School of Tufts University. Darby is from a privileged background in Georgia. "My family owned the bank and other important businesses in Vidalia, Georgia," he said.

Darby studied to become a Unitarian Universalist minister. He is a human rights activist who was active in the anti-war movement during the Vietnam conflict, an anti-racism activist who grew up in a very racist environment, and he is founder of Food Not Bombs in Atlanta. He is the host of "Bob Darby, Homeless Advocacy" show on the "Human Rights Demand" channel at Blogtalkradio every Thursday at 3pmEST (when we are not prevented from going on air).

As soon the censorship stops, which we experience at Blogtalkradio, Bob Darby plans to invite many of his friends 
to his weekly programs at "Human Rights Demand," including people from the Vietnam anti-war movement, Harvard and other Ivy League colleges and universities, and people who advocate against racism like Darby does, as well as his "Food Not Bombs" colleagues.

Darby's memoir will soon be published. Like the movie "Forest Gump" and the book, "Having Our Say," by the Delaney Sisters, Darby's memoir parallels many important national news events over decades from the standpoint of an exceptional young white man who came of age in the Deep South during the civil rights movement and during the USA's last military conflict when the draft was employed.

MaryLovesJustice met Darby during a "Save Troy Davis" rally sponsored by Amnesty International. "How could I hate black people when my second mother, the woman who helped raise me, was black?" Darby asked.

The photo of Darby above was taken at the 2015 Selma, Alabama "Bloody Sunday" commemorative activities. He also was among activists who traveled to Alabama after the first "Bloody Sunday" march. Darby has been against racism all of his life. Darby was also among hundreds of Caucasian students attending Ivy League colleges and universities who came to the rescue of hundreds of sharecropper families when they were evicted from their homes 
in the 1960's for trying to register to vote in Fayette County, Tennessee, which is my home area. 

Read about the causes of the first lawsuit filed under the Civil Rights Act of 1966, which originated from Fayette County area of Tennessee and its Tent City protesters at the link below this paragraph. The sharecroppers' protest would have been less successful without leaders like Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., donations from sympathetic whites in the nation's labor unions, and white liberals like Bob Darby from Northern colleges and universities. Unity was key to seriously wounding Jim Crow during the civil rights movement, and that is no less true now.

"Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011"

It is important for everyone, especially black people, to recognize that many Caucasians like Darby have always risked their own security and withstood extreme disapproval from some of their peers because of their stance for racial justice, including Southerners and whites who came from privileged backgrounds. There is no clear "us" and "them" racial divide when it comes to justice. 

Please join advocates for the People in asking that Blogtalkradio and officials over NSA or other cyber stalkers to allow freedom of press for Mary Neal and other human rights advocates in America by signing the petition at the link below to "Free Mary Neal."

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Margaret Sanger, a racist Nazi, is being considered for the $20 bill. Bravo!

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