Saturday, May 12, 2012

Satanists Take the 99% for Fools

Satanic elitists hope for a race war to excuse them applying their destructive plans for America. This is a comment at my MaryLovesJustice blog article entitled "You've Got to be Taught" at  .  The stalkers I was assigned hate Christians and everything to do with Jesus Christ. Their bosses have the same sentiments, no doubt. We had a major disagreement when stalkers wanted the Bible verse in a paragraph in that article to be in small print. They despise the entire article because it calls for Americans to lay aside prejudice and unite for liberty and justice for all. That concept would not lead to Martial Law, which would involve disarming American citizens, using concentration camps, excusing an invasion by NATO troops, and that would give an opportunity to for a Change of government. Therefore, the stalkers were instructed to attack messages about love and unity among races. See the comment below:
Stalkers hate this statement rejecting prejudice. They are particularly adverse to the Bible verse at the end. They made the Word of God small font on my view. I used the Google tool for removing formatting, but before I could hit "submit," the stalker had again changed the font to small for the Bible verse Gen. 11:6. The stalkers are Satanists, and they likely work for Satanists. I have video showing how the Satanic stalker at Care2 would engage me for over an hour changing the "G" in "God" to a lower case alphabet, and I would change it back to a capital letter. The contested paragraph in "You've Got to be Taught," appears beneath people in Trayvon Martin t-shirts. The statement is below:

The t-shirt says, "It's not a black or white thing; it's a wrong thing." Let us not deny that racism exists. There are two empty graves: Jesus Christ's and Jim Crow's. However, We the People should be too busy uniting for social and economic justice to hate. Racial prejudice is an unnatural emotion that is learned. It benefits the oppressors, not the People. Reject it. UNITY is strength for the 99%. People who are united in purpose and speak the same language like computers make possible can have whatever they work toward, even real democracy (Gen. 11:6).

Elitists planned for Americans to riot and have a race war over Trayvon Martin. Instead, whites joined blacks in outrage over Martin's tragic death. We recognize that there is inadequate supervision of police officers and guards who work under the color of law. I find it suspicious that whereas shootings like Martin suffered are usually hushed up in the media, ignored by mainstream media except for cursory mention, and disregarded by federal officials and some civil/human rights organizations, they grandstand on Trayvon Martin's coffin after the youth was killed by a neighborhood watchman in a shooting that does not lay any government agency open to lawsuit by the grieving family.

Police murders get much less press, and justice for victims' families depends on how much support they have in their own black communities. The Oscar Grant murder proved this. Even with continuous public demonstrations and online protests, Grant's murderer was tried for manslaughter, not murder, and Johannes Mehserle, former B.A.R.T. police officer, only served 11 months behind bars. He is now in the Court of Appeals trying to get his conviction overturned and resume his career as a police officer as though he and other BART officers in San Francisco never did a coldblooded murder. Mehserle and gang laid the 22-yr-old unarmed father who was pleading for his life facedown on cold concrete at a train station on January 1, 2009, and Mehserle fatally shot Grant in the back. Videos of that murder were seen worldwide. If the murderer gets his conviction overturned and resumes work as a police officer, that will send a message to racist police officers across the country: "OPEN SEASON ON YOUNG BLACK PEOPLE." And if that does occur, it will be the fault of people in positions of trust over the government who actually want disunity and social unrest for their own purposes - to make even more money on the prison slave trade by filling their concentration camps, excuse Martial Law to confiscate Americans' guns, and weaken The People's defense against a Change of government.

Oscar Grant's family is angry because they were not told about Mehserle's appeal hearing like they should have been. LINK TO story

HERE IS ANOTHER POLICE MURDER. WHO IS DRESSING LIKE KENDREK McDADE IN CONGRESS? He was an unarmed California college freshman who police recently shot seven times for no excusable reason then handcuffed him while he died.

Murders by police are common, unfortunately, but murders by neighborhood watchmen are not. However, as I stated, authorities and the media exploit Martin's death to the exclusion of others that they actually cover up, like my handicapped brother Larry Neal's death. They cover-up some murders in order to limit government liability regarding wrongful death lawsuits, save police officers from judicial accountability, and reduce the number of world citizens who would learn by the frequent police brutality and murder reports that poor whites and minorities do not have Dog Justice in America. Martin's death is an exception to many deaths and abuses that get poor or no news coverage. I a convinced that his murder was handpicked to cause civil unrest and lead the nation to disastrous Change.


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