Wednesday, May 16, 2012

End Times Predictions by Mary Neal

Exposed: Mary Neal's End Times Predictions: (three(3) paragraphs, six(6) links, three(3) photos) I MAKE END TIMES PREDICTIONS. I have no ESP, and I do not hear voices from heaven. My predictions are based on what goes into news reports and what is kept out and the things I learn from cyberstalkers who were assigned to monitor and control what I upload and view on the Internet. Because they continually directed me to posts alluding to future events in "two days" on May 15, 2012, I am concerned about the FBI agent who is reported "missing, armed, and suicidal" in California . Hopefully, no real "Three Days of Condor" movie episode is being played out staring FBI agent Stephen Ivans and a false flag terror plot like the one President Kennedy allegedly rejected, "Operation Northwoods" at (if stalkers run this or other links in this article into the preceding word to stop the link from working properly, just Google the subject). I know that conspiracies in high places do happen . . . Finish reading the "Mary Neal's End Times Predictions" article at and see "End Game Reports, by Mary Neal" at . Both articles are chilling. The End Game is real and laid out in Revelation, the Bible's final Book. However, God did not say WHEN the end of this system of things will happen. I believe it is up to us, as it may be determined by when earth's seven billion people stop resisting evil. Quote: "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

I am hosting ATLANTA JUSTICE SYMPOSIUM at Auburn Avenue Library and Culture Center from 2pm to 6pm EST on Sunday, May 20, 2012, with an exciting line-up of presenters, including Esteban Garcia, director of U.S. Prison Reform Movement and director of Texas/Missouri Writ Writers Association along with William Windsor, the nation's foremost whistleblower and producer of "Lawless America - The Movie," Fred V-man Watson, television host of "Primetime Good News," community activist and founder of the international "Victory Over Violence" project, Gilbert Young, renowned painter who portrays the African American culture on canvas. But hosting the Justice Symposium does not mean I will tell everything my oppressors dread being revealed. So CHILL OUT. There is no need for major remedies being applied to small concerns. There is nothing any presenter at the Justice Symposium will share that is not already on websites, blogs, articles, emails, video and audio reports which have already been read, copied, and disbursed to and by tens of thousands of people, news that is pending release on the feature film "Lawless America - The Movie" and in my book. Please read and share the invitation at - Plan to attend this free public event! I will try to videotape it for my readers who do not live in the Atlanta area.

Blessings to you from Mary Neal, advocate for liberty and justice for ALL, 
After years of oppression through censorship and gangstlalking, I'M COMING OUT, like Diana Ross sang in her dynamic video at , embedded below. I look forward to meeting my online friends at the first Atlanta Justice Symposium hosted by MaryLovesJustice.

Invitation from "America's Most Censored - Mary Neal" (Google it)

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