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Ramsey Orta Entered the Secret War on Black America and Victims' Families

Orta, Pantaleo, and Garner 

America's war on Black victims and their families is censored. Justice in the United States is gagged. Ramsey Orta published a film featuring Officer Daniel Pantaleo choking Eric Garner to death and now needs support as he fights criminal allegations that quickly followed. Thanks to Ramsey's award-winning video, people all over the world watched Garner's murder by police on the street in New York and heard Garner plead for air. "I can't breathe" became the motto of protests throughout the United States and around the world against police brutality. Not a single policeman was charged and arrested for killing Garner, but Orta was jailed and is being prosecuted on charges that he says are false and malicious.

Orta was not immediately able to pay his bond. He was refusing meals in jail and loosing weight because he fears being poisoned. According to information relayed at a recent press conference, numerous inmates at the jail have already died of rat poisoning. During the press conference, the mother of another man who police killed offered to pay most of Orta's bond. See the press conference on video at YouTube at and embedded below:

During Black History Month 2015, "Human Rights Demand" channel at Blogtalkradio presented programs revealing America's secret war on Black America and victims' families. Non-relatives like Orta, who is a Puerto Rican, enter the battlefield when they take action out of concern for Black victims. He and his family claim being targeted by New York Police Department for harassment and malicious arrests. Orta and his mother and a friend were arrested during a raid on Orta's home, but only Orta remains in custody. Orta was initially arrested immediately after filming Garner's death on the allegation that he gave someone an unregistered gun, although no DNA connected Orta with the gun police said Orta passed. Hear the six(6) radio shows at the links below with various guests discussing the secret war on Black Americans and victims' families:

Secret War - A Summary - Part 1

Kendrick Johnson's Parents Prosecuted for Protesting Son's Murder and Organ Theft

Secret War - Part 2, Guests: Randy Short and Bob Darby

Secret War - Part 3, Organ Thefts

Secret War - Part 4, POLICE BRUTALITY and PRISON SLAVERY, Guests: H.I. Williams, of Afrikan Judicial and Police Observer; Lee Wood, of CAPS; Dr. Earle Williams, a clinical psychologist who performs prisoners' psych exams

Secret Revealed: Most U.S. Blacks are Indigenous Americans, Guests: Dr. David Imhotep, author of "The First Americans Were Africans"

Since the Civil War ended, Africans in America have lived as prisoners of war. We are an occupied people. Our foreparents were indigenous Americans and African slaves, as well as Europeans who committed sex crimes against enslaved Blacks. Most Blacks in America were not allowed to become literate during slavery and therefore developed unique forms of communication through songs and dance. The entire world is richer because of accomplished Black entertainers from America. Blacks also made significant contributions in science, technology, medicine, and other disciplines. Black athletes excel in most sports, and Blacks have made considerable contributions in theology, including gospel music. Our continuous, ongoing struggle for human and civil rights inspired generations of people everywhere. Protesters the world over follow Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s model of nonviolent protests and boycotts for social change.

Slaves were officially emancipated over 150 years ago, but still the war is not over; it wages on in secrecy. America attacks other countries supposedly for the sake of human rights; therefore, its war on African Americans remains incognito except for writers like Mary Neal and videographers like Ramsey Orta. Orta is intended to be imprisoned because he volunteered for battle on behalf of justice for Eric Garner, a man whose murder America has ruled "justified" because he was born black in this racist war zone called the United States. For the most part, oppressors use economic warfare. The FBI's secret racist program, CoIntelPro, had a mandate to keep wealth out of Blacks' hands. The United States also uses its very criminal justice system to warehouse outspoken Blacks and their allies like Orta as political prisoners. Examples are former Black Panther Party members, the Rev. Edward Pinkney, and many other warriors who are suppressed. The struggle continues.

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