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Black Judas, Black History and Facebook

Facebook stalkers prevented this comment on March 24, 2015:
Rev. Floyd Harris Jr., I agree that we need more Black History classes. I was completely ignorant about the hatred we had borne until they murdered my brother, Larry Neal, and told my family we were too "immaterial" for justice in Federal Court. But one thing that is needed is more lessons about Black Confederates throughout our history in this country who sell us out, withhold support, and actually work against the best interest of the masses. We need to learn what to expect from all sides, not only white people. Thank you.
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I posted that comment to this post by Rev. Floyd Harris:
Expand Black History in Schools

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. told us that we should judge people not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character, and he was not talking only to white people. Assuming that everyone who is black is a friend to African Americans is ridiculous. Whipping boys were not white, and not all of them were coerced. Some blacks did and still do enjoy damaging or even killing African Americans for elite white supremacists, especially if they profit financially by doing so. Therefore, we must recognize that one's skin color is not a uniform. Nobody can determine on which side of the "War against Black America" a soldier is fighting merely by observing his complexion. If not for Black Confederates, African Americans would fare significantly better in the 21st century than we do.

Teaching Black History classes about oppression by white supremacists and omitting Black Confederates is a huge mistake that actually makes students more vulnerable. White supremacists recognize that all they must do to deceive African Americans who don't know about Black Confederates is prop a Black man before them who will then elect him and trust him to make decisions that are at least benign toward them. African Americans cling to this misconception although the following tragedies are as much a part of Black History as victimization by whites is:

1) The 1984 Black Congressional Caucus voted in favor of 100 to 1 crack to cocaine sentencing laws.

2) When the Fair Sentencing Law came into effect (18 to 1 is not "fair"), the judge ruled that the new sentencing law would be applied retroactively. However, Attorney General Eric Holder appealed the judge's order and won. Therefore, tens of thousands of African Americans who would have completed their sentences already under the Fair Sentencing Act may have to remain in prison for decades longer or for life.

3) Black slave owners were as devoted to maintaining the institution of slavery in America as white slave masters were, and some still are. Many blacks are currently private prison stockholders and make significant financial gains whenever African Americans and others are imprisoned, especially if the new prisoners also become prison laborers.

4) Many Black artists help to perpetuate negative stereotypes of African Americans by music, movies, stage plays, and on television. For example, Ferrell Williams' top hit "Young Nigga, Slang That Dope" encourages young men to get into the drug culture and sell drugs to earn money to have loose women and drive overpriced vehicles. Such songs also help send a negative image of African Americans to the entire world.

5) In 2011, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ("NAACP") suggested that the U.S. Congress should outlaw menthol cigarettes, with the full realization that menthol cigarettes are used by 85 percent of Black smokers whereas non-menthol cigarettes are primarily smoked by whites. Therefore, the NAACP asked for a new law that would be similar to the racist crack/powder cocaine sentencing law that helped mass incarceration to weigh more heavily on African Americans. 

6.a.) On New Year's Eve 2011, President Obama signed the NDAA bill into law. The law provides that American citizens can be ordered into concentration camps by the White House without any Sixth Amendment requirement for trials. The law dispensed with habeas corpus and put the president's office on a par with kings from England's Dark Ages. The kings during that time could simply point to any citizen or group of citizens and demand their arrests without naming their crimes and without allowing any opportunity for defense. In no country have concentration camps been used on the dominant race. To date in the United States, only the following groups have been interned in camps:

     (i) Native Americans were relegated to their reservations. When many starved and some left the reservations to hunt or steal, they were ordered to be hanged.

     (ii) African Americans were relegated to plantations where their labor was forced for their slave masters. Still today, African Americans -- especially men -- are unable to walk in majority white neighborhoods without police harassment. This has from time to time led to violent arrests and deaths of Black citizens.

     (iii) Japanese Americans were interned in concentration camps during World War II.

     (iv) Prisons are 21st century concentration camps that warehouse a population that is overwhelmingly Black and Brown.

6.b.) It is an affront all freedom-lovers, and especially to people of color, that the first Black president would authorize the White House to order Americans interned in the absence of criminal conduct. What would cause innocent people to be interned? Europeans from Great Britain, Germany, and America encamped and massacred people because of their race, ethnicity, or health status.

7. While thousands of white people marched and sang "I can't breathe" and lay their bodies down to publicly protest the wrongful deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown in 2014, certain Black sororities and fraternities told members that they could not wear clothes to protests that had the groups' logos or represent themselves in any way as being members of those Greek organizations. It was as though they were saying, "Don't connect our sorority with protests over murdered Black people. We don't want master to think we mind if our sisters, fathers, brothers, sons, and friends are lynched. We want a good career, an expensive foreign car, and a big house. We're more racist than Master is." See an excerpt below from "Jezebel" blog:

"Amid nationwide protests against police brutality and the failed indictments of Officers Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo, the oldest black sororities Alpha Kappa Alpha and Delta Sigma Theta are instructing their members not to wear their Greek letters while marching. . . . On Sunday, Jezebel received an internal Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority email (shown below) sent to a member instructing their chapter in a number of actions but most importantly, not to wear the organization's logo while protesting in the names of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley and numerous other Americans killed by police officers."
(Jezebel blog - see the link below to read the entire article.)

8. If history is taught truthfully, it will give credit to Caucasians who helped slaves escape through the Underground Railroad. The history lessons should reveal that a white man quietly donated the first tents to Black sharecroppers who were evicted from tenant farms when they tried to register to vote in Fayette County, Tennessee, which is this writer's childhood home. History lessons should also teach about whites who assisted the Black Panther Party in providing grocery giveaways, free medical clinics, and America's first free breakfast program for schoolchildren. History lessons should give credit to whites who financially supported Dr. King's struggle for nonviolent social change to help African Americans' battle for civil rights in the 1960's, and some boldly marched alongside Blacks to demand justice for all.

9.a.) Students should learn about CoIntelPro, a secret FBI program that was funded by the United States to suppress African Americans first and foremost (which commanded 85 percent of CoIntelPro's budget from the 1930's to the 1970's). Pueto Ricans and Native Americans were also under FBI surveillance and suppression as well as white environmentalists and peace activists. CoIntelPro relied on African American FBI informants and agent provocateurs who were perfectly willing to help the United States in its quest to suppress equality and justice for the Black race. Operatives like Ernest Withers, the Black photojournalist whose pictures chronicled the civil rights movement, ingratiated themselves to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other leaders to learn their plans and then make clandestine reports to the government. 

9.b.) Black FBI operatives performed other assignments designed to misinform African Americans and keep them subservient to whites. The traitors sometimes falsely testified against activists to facilitate their arrests. This resulted in deadly confrontations with police and wrongful convictions such as happened to Geronimo jiJaga Prat and numerous other Black Panther Party members who are now political prisoners, none of whom have been pardoned under America's first Black president and some of whom have now been incarcerated for four decades or died imprisoned. Black traitors accepted salaried positions with CoIntelPro to help the FBI accomplish Pratt's wrongful conviction although the FBI's own surveillance records clearly showed that Pratt could not have committed the murder for which he was imprisoned 27 years. Agents knew Pratt was hundreds of miles away attending a meeting, just as he claimed to be.

9.c.) “COINTELPRO (an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program) was/is a series of covert, and often illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveiling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations. COINTELPRO tactics included discrediting targets through psychological warfare, planting false reports in the media, smearing through forged letters, harassment, wrongful imprisonment, extralegal violence and assassination. 

9.d.) Covert operations under COINTELPRO took place between 1956 and 1971; however, the FBI has used covert operations against targeted individuals and domestic political groups since its inception. The FBI's stated motivation at the time was ‘protecting national security, preventing violence, and maintaining the existing social and political order.’” (Wikipedia and other sources.) The "social order" was/is dominance by white elitists with a Nazi manifesto. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and many people who protested systemic racism were targeted by CoIntelPro, especially members of the Black Panther Party. Most of CoIntelPro's budget went to suppressing African Americans' quest for civil and human rights. One of the FBI program's stated goals was to "prevent the rise of a Black Messiah," but whites and Jews were punished as well, and some of them also died for protesting racism and war.

10) Treachery by African American professionals like Nurse Eunice Rivers and Dr. Eugene Dibble was invaluable regarding the covert Tuskegee Experiments. Victims of deadly medical research by the U.S. Department of Health never suspected betrayal by members of their own race. The Black Alabama sharecroppers' gullibility caused many deaths. Untreated syphilis irreparably harmed and killed naive farmers, their spouses and children, and caused grotesque birth defects. Blacks have also been misused in many other research projects throughout American history, and all were experimentation was likely enabled by Black Confederates like Dibble and Rivers.

This writer is an example of what withholding the truth about Black Confederates can do. I was nearly 50 before learning how hated and feared African Americans are by high officials in the United States Government as well as major businesses that Blacks support by purchasing their goods and services. My mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, was secretly arrested and murdered in 2003, in Memphis Shelby County Jail while it was under federal overview following a lawsuit by the USA for prisoner abuses. Rather than doing its job, the Department of Justice actually helped the jail escape negative publicity by colluding with the jail against. The USDOJ and jail withheld information about Larry's demise from his survivors and (government?) stalkers are used continuously to censor my reports to the public. 

"They" sent The Cochran Firm (another CoIntelPro operation) to act as our wrongful death attorneys, and we entered contract with the firm. The Cochran Firm did zero legal work regarding Larry's kidnapping by police and murder, but merely pretended to represent his family while the Tennessee statute of limitations passed. Georgia judges wrongly dismissed our lawsuits against The Cochran Firm, saying there is no Cochran Firm in Georgia (Judge Wendy Shoob, Georgia Superior Court), and that anything The Cochran Firm did to protect the jail was "immaterial" (Judge Timothy Batten, Federal Court). 

Although The Cochran Firm saves large corporations and government agencies billions of dollars per year in payouts to its Black clients since Johnnie Cochran was likely murdered in 2005 to gain control of his law firm and defraud his clients, the "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" is probably the best example of how white supremacists, Jews, and Black Confederates unite to suppress working class African Americans and "keep wealth out of Black hands," which is another of CoIntelPro's stated purposes. 

Mainstream media companies and Internet companies are instrumental in suppressing news about dozens of lawsuits against The (CoIntelPro) Cochran Firm so lawyers can continue misusing Johnnie's name and legacy to defraud Blacks. See a partial list of Black victims who sued The Cochran Firm alleging alleged malpractice and fraud at a link below, "Beware of Treacherous Lawyers: The Cochran Firm." Internet censorship was used to prevent the last person I recommended to read that article from doing so. Stalkers put a large, black screen over the article on her computer. See proof at "Willacy County, TX Prison Riot and Giants Who Caused It" in my "Human Rights for Prisoners March" blog (the link is below). Until my brother's murder and my ten years of suppression to prevent me from exposing and opposing hypocrisy, racism, and a sociopathic lack of human compassion for Blacks and mentally ill people in the USA, I was like a hypnotized person. I thought we had nearly overcome. See my poem:
Mass Hypnosis
This is how we'll win the game
Let just a few live the dream
Marches, sit-ins all in vain
Make 'em think they overcame

Show 'em an empty Jim Crowe grave
Apologize for making 'em slaves
Rising tempers, we must tame
Make 'em think they overcame.

Let a few experience success
Toms come aboard and control the rest
Millions will be left in pain
But they'll think they overcame.
("Mass Hypnosis" - All rights reserved by Mary Neal 11/13/10) 

It is important for Black History classes to include the role of elitist Negroes in suppressing freedom and equality for the masses of Black people, so that students will not be so easily fooled by black skin or shocked to learn about how the government will collude against them. Black skin is no uniform enabling observers to determine whose side the person champions. Many Negroes like being traitors in exchange for money, career growth, and to avoid prosecution for their own crimes. For example, Rev. Sharpton is owes the I.R.S. more than $4million in back taxes, and he admits to being an FBI informant.

Larry Neal, a mentally ill Black citizen of the United States of America, lived in the city where his family members pay property taxes, in a country where they pay income taxes. The Neals are citizens who were born in the USA, as their forefathers were for generations, and possibly even before the Europeans arrived (see the article entitled "U.S. Blacks are Native Americans" in FreeSpeakBlog). As citizens, the Neals pay their debt of loyalty to this country by military service and taxes, and are due protection by the United States. However, like the world discovered during Katrina and the recent acceleration in murders of innocent Blacks under the color of law, Black people have no protection from lynchings that happen continually. 

Larry Neal was secretly arrested and murdered after 18 days of secret incarceration during which time he was tortured. This was not ancient history. It happened during the 21st century in 2003. America's present administration, led by Black Democrats, feels that Larry's extermination was righteous, because as a disabled man, Larry was not efficient. Mentally ill Americans are killed continuously, no matter what race they are. The government refuses to answer Freedom of Information Act requests about how Larry was murdered, and it secretly persecutes and suppresses his survivors ability to speak and write about it under this so-called "Black administration." Learn from the "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" and The Cochran Firm fraud what Blacks' true standing in this country is. Black History classes must be truthful and include treachery by Black elitists, which makes oppression by white supremacists possible.

First paragraph repeated: Facebook stalkers prevented this comment:
Rev. Floyd Harris Jr., I agree that we need more Black History classes. I was completely ignorant about the hatred we had borne until they murdered my brother, Larry Neal, and told my family we were too "immaterial" for justice in Federal Court. But one thing that is needed is more lessons about Black Confederates throughout our history in this country who sell us out, withhold support, and actually work against the best interest of the masses. We need to learn what to expect from all sides, not only white people. Thank you.
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Black Slave Owner William Ellison was also a breeder after slave breeding was outlawed. He were ruthless, cruel, and mercenary. Ellison was not a man who purchased his own family and friends then was forbidden to release them. He owned 100+ slaves and became one of the richest men in the Old South. His grandson fought on the side of the Confederacy during the Civil War, and the Ellisons invested heavily in Confederate money. 

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