Tuesday, March 3, 2015

FEAR of Mary Neal's Photographs

Human rights for prisoners is treated like hate speech by prison investors. Stalkers at Blogtalkradio have decided to prevent my photographs from showing on the billboard there. I suspect that is because somebody at Blogtalkradio is a prison investor. Tonight we interviewed Alexyss Taylor, whose son was allegedly attacked and brutalized by a police officer at DeKalb County Police Department, in Georgia in January 2015. Our guests recounted the most frightening night of their lives during our Human Rights for Prisoners March radio broadcast on the "Human Rights Demand" channel, March 2, 2015. The photographs that stalkers, perhaps at the police department, NSA, CIA, FBI, or Blogtalkradio itself, prevented from showing at the billboard for the show are below. Radio shows are archived for your access 24/7. Listen at this link
Alexyss Taylor and Dinero Red will return next Monday at 3pm, where you can call in and speak to them at (347)857-3293. The first photo is our guest, Alexess Taylor. The video shows her sons's injuries:

More photographs about police brutality are at Google Images 

My billboard at Blogtalkradio is not allowed to post photographs. I am America's most censored person, as pointed out in an article naming 14 reasons why http://goo.gl/aELp3 See the screenshot below of our blank billboard:

Thanks for participating in the "Human Rights for Prisoners March" across the Internet 
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Mary Neal, director 

Thanks for your interest in how news about America's Holocaust is being censored. Justice is gagged. On previous articles, I entered information here that revealed how to remove agents' codes from links if readers are prevented from reaching the targeted data. I discovered last night that NSA, FBI, CIA or other stalkers have now devised a way to redirect links without codes that show up using the methods I laid out to my readers. The next "Justice Gagged" article is "Mail from Mary Neal Rejected by "Human Rights First.org"

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