Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dallas PD and Facebook Do Fast Murders and Cover-ups

I published a post to Lorenzo Ervin's wall at Facebook as "Mary Neal," about a mentally ill black man who police shot within two seconds of encountering him. I then changed my identity to the director of "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill," then went to post the exact post at the "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill" group wall to publish the same post. I realized it was not on my clipboard to post any longer, so I went back to Lorenzo Ervin's wall to copy it again, and it was not visible. The post I published on Lorenzo's wall was only visible to me when I went as "Mary Neal." Therefore, I assume nobody else can see it at any time. Facebook often chooses which of my posts to allow the public and my friends to see. Proof is below. 

Notice the time on the first post is 12:41a.m., and my video is the last post on Ervin's wall (the latest posts go on top). It had been published for 12 minutes, meaning that I posted it at 12:29a.m. I never removed it, and neither did Ervin. Yet, the second screenshot shows that the post was not visible on Ervin's wall at 12:31a.m. when I looked at Ervin's wall as Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. Actually, the video I posted was probably not showing at any point for anyone other than Mary Neal to see. This may be an example of "computer specific views." Click the three(3) screenshots below to view them.

Another woman posted a screenshot on her own wall for me to see a couple of weeks ago. I did not see the post on her wall. She sent me a copy of the screenshot that I could not see on her wall at Facebook. It captured her view of my Exposed FreeSpeakBlog article titled "Johnny Cochran's CoIntelPro Murder Theory," which had a black box across the data to prevent her from reading it:

Censorship about the senseless murders of mentally ill Americans will be taken before the International Court in "AIMI vs. USA." I have made American authorities aware of the violations against my First Amendment rights repeatedly, yet officials (who I suspect hired stalkers to do this) refuse to help. Mentally ill Americans, especially blacks, are intended to be killed on sight by police who then claim to have "feared for their lives." The USA is doing genocide against that population, and officials obviously do not want the public warned. See the message I posted and the video embedded below:

"Rule No. 2: Try NEVER to call police for help with mentally ill persons, especially if they are black. You may find the police are MUCH more stressed and psychotic than the person who you want them to transport to the hospital.  The video [embedded below] shows the June 14, 2014 fatal shooting of mental patient Jason Harrison, 38. He was killed by police while holding a screwdriver after his mother called 911 for help getting him to Parkland Hospital while he was in a crisis. These cops gave Jason two seconds to respond to their command to "Drop that for me, guy." How did Jason know WHAT he was supposed to drop? Could have been his pants for all he knew. Oh well. The police "feared for their lives."

Rule No. 1: Seek psychiatric help for a person who needs it before a crisis. #TreatmentB4Crisis

Mental Patient Jason Harrison shot by Dallas police 

Do you see how quickly police shoot and kill mentally ill people who pose absolutely no danger to them or to anyone else? Can you see how little time they actually spend talking with someone who is known to have mental illness? Can police even be sure that Jason understood their command? "That" could have referred to anything - not necessarily the screwdriver he held.

Thank you for your interest in the secret war on black America and mentally ill Americans of all races. Articles in "Justice Gagged" blog will help you gain information on how crimes against humanity are contained on the Internet in the USA. Justice is gagged. According to information at the online Jewish Virtual Library, Hitler tried to hide the genocide against Germany's mentally ill citizens, too -- at first. Read about the "euthanasia killings" at

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Margaret Langford said...

Hey, I noticed the same thing a couple of months ago. I post about social justice, a couple of us run Same kind of topics as yourself. I found out the exact same way that you did, exactly! What I learned though is that I wasn't blocked from all of Facebook, just certain sites: ABC News, Wall Street Journal, New York Post--but on lots of other sites like Daily Kos or Salon I can post as two different people all day long, as long as I don't post too fast. Since a few of us write articles, I post under all of our accounts. This sneak censorship really makes me mad. Here is my idea, Justice. It's links that these pages hate and censor, I think even more than content. SO, use your Facebook post on their page to direct them to YOUR facebook page, then make the first thing people see is a couple of sentences explaining and exposing this devious censorship. Then, quickly from your Facebook page, give them the link that takes them off site. I think people with a social conscience will be ha
ppy to ee