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CoIntelPro InfoWar on Blacks


African Americans are the most censored people on the planet. Suppressors appoint specific African American spokespersons and organizations, like the NAACP, to speak for my race. They have apparently committed to only give the agreed-upon responses to acts of racism and brutality that continually happen to us in America. Other black people are not allowed to speak, write, or discuss these issues, lest it become patently obvious that our circumstances since Reconstruction have not actually changed to the degree presented to the world, and our human rights and economic gains are systematically being eroded and have already reverted to the 1940s level. The latest example of this happened when a black freshman young man at the University of San Jose in California was tortured by his fellow students. Student protesters expected to give a press conference but were usurped by the NAACP, rushing to give the "official black response" and prevent disclosure about tortures and murders of other black students that happen periodically at that school.

Lynching is still legal, but until recently one had to become a police officer to enjoy that sport. In 2013, that Changed. Private citizens can now kill black people and say they did the murder because they felt threatened. This started after the Zimmerman verdict, and numerous blacks have been murdered by Caucasians who are not in law enforcement since the verdict was handed down. The latest such killing may have been of a mailman who was delivering mail after dark in the Washington, D.C. area. a young lady, 19, was murdered in Michigan when she went on a Caucasian man's porch. A football player was killed by police when he knocked on a white woman's door and frightened her. He wanted to use the phone after enduring a car wreck. A Florida man was also shot by a Caucasian man who saw him running exposed down the street (his clothes had been stolen).

Unemployment among African Americans is around 70% in some areas. Many blacks who do work are still deprived of equal pay and benefits for doing the same jobs as Caucasians, because corporations simply withdraw certain jobs from their own personnel departments and place those positions with temporary service companies. Therefore, the workers are employees of the temporary service company and not the corporation where they actually work alongside whites who earn double their wages and have insurance benefits, vacation pay and sick leave. I have friends who were "temporary employees" in same position for the same company for over five years. There should be a time limit on how long positions can be listed as temporary. So-called "black leaders" do not address this obvious discrimination, because they have apparently agreed not to, perhaps in expectation of prison stock or other personal gain. Censorship of persons who object is necessary to prevent public disclosure and outcry against America's racism and class consciousness. The rest of the world is led to believe that the United States is a country with liberty and justice for all.

I am especially censored because my handicapped brother's government murder while under secret incarceration that lasted 18 days proves that some of the same violations against human rights happen inside the U.S. that occur in China and other totalitarian countries. See "Wrongful Death of Larry" at ~ My censorship and persecution are meant to keep Larry Neal's murder covered-up while the mentally ill continue to be victims of over 50% of police violence incidents as well as over half the nation's 2.3 million prisoners. I am prevented from advocating freely to decriminalize mental illness in the USA while the prison investors in government positions devise new ways to financially benefit from victimizing people.

Since there is an attempt in the 21st century to hide racism while continuing to discriminate against blacks, independent oversight is crucial regarding new mental health laws and facilities that deliver psychiatric treatment. People labeled as being mentally ill in North Carolina will no longer be taken to public hospital emergency rooms if they are said to have a psychiatric crisis. Instead, they will be taken directly to a local for-profit specialty psych hospital. This is acceptable as long as it does not override the citizens' right to trial by jury for whatever offenses they may be accused of doing. 
See the NY Times article about this topic at at this url:

Medicaid was removed for psychiatric inpatient treatment from public hospitals in the 1960s in order to start America's private prison system by overcrowding the nation's public prisons and jails with mentally challenged people. Now Medicaid for mentally ill inpatients is back, but only for specific facilities. Every attempt must be made to see that abuses of citizens' rights do not happen in the private psych hospitals that receive Medicaid funds. Below are five examples of abuses of power involving the mental health care system.

1)     Currently in Pennsylvania, Florence Elizabeth Mason, a black woman, is being detained in jail (or a mental hospital) on allegations of being mentally ill after winning a Court Order allowing her to continue her pro se lawsuits against parties that she claimed (1) wrongly evicted her and her children from a home and (2) subjected her children to police violence by the law officers who evicted them while Mason was not home. Regarding Civil Action No. 12cv01619 in USDC, Western Dist. of PA, the Order reads thusly:

AND NOW, this 13th day of September, 2013, upon consideration of Plaintiff Florence Elizabeth Mason's motion to proceed in forma pauperis and her pro se complaint, it is ORDERED that:  1. Plaintiff Florence Elizabeth Mason is GRANTED leave to proceed in forma pauperis.

The Court Order set forth specific due dates for plaintiff to make submissions to the court, etc. After receiving the Court Order, Mason was arrested and given a psychological evaluation, which she passed. The judge then ordered a second team to administer a psychological evaluation days later around 10:30pm. The psych team awakened Mason and demanded a second evaluation after bed time. This probably caused the inmate, who had been sleeping, to feel disoriented and angry, because Mason knew she had already passed the evaluation once. This time, Mason was said to have failed the evaluation and is therefore eligible for commitment to a mental hospital, or she could already be in a prison psych ward. Mason feels this was done to interfere with her lawsuits.

The legal system can simply arrest ANYONE, INCLUDING YOU, and deliver individuals into a private psychiatric hospital on the supposition that they are psychotic. More information will be provided about Mason in "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill blog" by January 7, 2014, at

2)     Americans must not forget news stories reporting "Former Marine was Indefinitely Detained in a Psychiatric Ward Over 9/11 Facebook Posts."

3)     A young black man is indefinitely detained in a Pennsylvania prison today where he has been denied a trial for 4.5 years. Every time Terrell Scott's case should go to trial, either his attorney asks for a continuance or his prosecutor apparently files a false statement with the court claiming that Scott is not available because he is in a psychiatric hospital. Meanwhile, Scott's attorney allegedly tries to get the innocent young man to accept plea deals. In most states, if not all of them, defense attorneys cannot be sued for malpractice if the defendant accepts a plea deal.

Scott was arrested for crimes that never happened on the word of a single Caucasian woman who has no credibility. His case demonstrates how mental hospitals can be misused in a system where there is poor oversight. The prosecutor falsely asserts on court records that Scott is in Norristown State Hospital when he is in fact in prison year after year awaiting the opportunity to prove his innocence, and his mother visits him there every Friday. A simple phone call to Norristown by the court would have proved that Scott was not a patient there there. See the data at this url

Below is a pdf of Terrell Scott's Court Docket, pages 20-21.   
TerrellScottDocket p20-21

As the director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, it is gratifying that more attention is being given to mental health care. However, there is a greater need for careful oversight than ever to ensure that people's human and civil rights are protected. Before mentally ill persons were de-institutionalized over 40 years ago, the country did not have private prisons. Private prisons plus private local psych hospitals could be extremely problematic without zealous oversight.

Example of the CoIntelPro InfoWar on Blacks:
WHY did you date this post December 31, 1969? Google had not been invented then!
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Question: Is it legal for the District Attorney to continuously lie and say Terrell Scott is in a mental hospital in order to hold the youth in indefinite detention in prison without trial? He feels that he was tricked into signing away his right to a speedy trial by a treacherous defense attorney, who also prevents trial by filing for continuances. Is it legal for the defense attorney and D.A. to take turns refusing trial for Terrell Scott, a Pennsylvania inmate? See proof on the Court Docket


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