Sunday, April 1, 2012

Enter Mary Neal, Exit Lawless America Website

Bill Windsor is producing "Lawless America - the Movie", a documentary that will examine government and judicial corruption in all 50 states by filming witnesses statements. Some Lawless America group members at Facebook are concerned because they did not hear from Windsor today. Their alarm is caused by the fact that Windsor is making a movie the powers that be REALLY do not want to be made. CoIntelPro attacked Lawless America's  website this week. Windsor's members obviously have faith in Windsor's terrorists' abilities. I refer to them as "CoIntelPro," meaning a secret group of stalkers who do not announce themselves but regularly interfere with efforts to publish human and civil rights news and viewpoints on the Internet, by telephone and in my case, in-person. It is my understanding that the real CoIntelPro program, which was a covert FBI operation, ended years ago. I have found that police refuse to trace stalkers' IP numbers or car tags and hold them accountable under State and federal stalking laws.

ATTENTION: Stalkers went into my email account and destroyed every email I received from Bill Windsor, of Lawless America, that I received before March 27, 2012. in the effort to promote human and civil rights to eliminate class consciousness and racism in our society will be allowed to exercise our First Amendment right to peacefully assemble online and share information about the work we do and events planned for 2012. 

An invitation to participate in the Justice Seekers conference call is at this link:
Update: A summary of Justice Seekers Conference Call for April 1 is at this link:
Justice Seekers conference calls will continue each Sunday at 6:30pm EST throughout the month of April . Human and civil rights activists and orgs, attorneys, government, media, and others are invited to use the Justice Conference Calls as a community billboard to share information about their justice quests, services, contact information, publish petitions and meet people from the public who have needs in their areas. It is simply a networking opportunity for the month of April 2012.
Americans must decide whether or not to be OWNED by these people. "Silence is the deadliest weapon of mass destruction." ~Cynthia McKinney

I trust that William Windsor is OK. Many people are praying for his protection and for the success of his movie. I sent him two summaries for my three-minute part in "Lawless America - The Movie" last night. He and his team have been trying to get the website for Lawless America back online for days now. He said it also happened three months ago. The abuses of power exposed in "Lawless America" are shocking, but I think my own case will take the cake. I am "America's Most Censored, Mary Neal." (Google that title for 13 reasons why). 

Stalkers, were you ordered to prevent our conference call for April 1, 2012? Please let me know now so I can notify the people I communicate with at Google+, Facebook, via email and Twitter, where invitations were published. We could all do something else if the Masters have told you to sabotage the phone call. I will finish this document after we know whether or not Americans in human and civil rights have the protected right to peacefully assemble online. Thank you.

Mary Neal

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