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Mary Neal's Lawless America Draft

Stalkers keep removing parts of this 3-min presentation that show criminal and/or unethical conduct. Every time I re-write, it gets better. Putting it here for safekeeping while I join Dr. Shirley for Blogtalk Radio - Exploratory Committee. We discuss solutions to the issues facing the nation. One solution would be for officials to Change. America must "be what she said on paper" (MLK). I understand stalkers attacked Lawless America's website today. I believe part of the reason is to keep my story and injustices to other people offline. Nazis have cyber stalkers. Here is a draft of my 3-minute summary.

1.  Hello. My name is Mary Neal. I am very thankful for the Lawless America movie. As a CoIntelPro target in Georgia, which was declared America's most corrupt state, my family hopes that having more eyes on our situation will discourage further retaliation against us for reporting my brother's lynching and The Cochran Firm fraud against us. 

2.  I am founder/director of ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL ("AIMI"), an online human rights group with roughly 300 members. We advocate against criminalizing mental illness, capital punishment, trying and sentencing children as adults, wrongful convictions, excessive sentencing due to three-strikes laws, etc., disparities in applications of the law based on race, socioeconomic class, and health status. I advocate against censorship that is applied in order to hide crimes against humanity. Videos of real-time cyber censorship are available at my YouTube channel JKEMPP703. 

3.  AIMI was founded after my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, was secretly arrested and killed in Memphis, Tennessee in 2003. AIMI is a secular group, but I do Christian advocacy in obedience to Proverbs 31:8-9: "Speak for the voiceless, and oppose victimization and deaths of poor and oppressed people." 

4.  My empathy for oppressed people and determination to decriminalize mental illness arose after my brother's murder and my family was denied due process of law by Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility and by Georgia courts. 

5.  I will attempt to summarize an eight-year ordeal briefly. Larry was a lifelong schizophrenic heart patient who was secretly arrested by police in Memphis, Tennessee during a deadly heat wave in 2003. Police ignored Larry's missing person report and denied having him incarcerated for 18 days from mid-July until August 1, when he expired under circumstances that neither Shelby County Jail nor the United States Department of Justice will disclose even now, eight years later. 

6.   Police apparently killed Larry because the acute mental patient was a nuisance to them. They tired of their enforced role as Larry's psychiatric caretakers. Every time Larry was arrested on misdemeanors related to his mental illness for 20+ years, he was quickly released to his family or social worker. In June or July 2003, he spat on a nurse who was taking his blood pressure. Larry, who had the mentality of a child, said that happened because she put the cuff on his arm too tight. He was arrested and again immediately released to his social worker. Apparently, police were fed up. Approximately two weeks later, Larry could not be found. Searching hospitals, shelters, the morgue and the jail did not yield any results for Larry's distraught family because police lied continually while they held the heart patient and deliberately prevented his access to vital medication.

7.  The only documents the Neals have been allowed are a fuzzy copy of a faxed autopsy report and Larry's death certificate that said he died of a heart attack. Was Larry's heart attack brought on by Taser? Was he killed in a restraint chair like Shawn LeVert? A restraint table like Tim Souders? Was there a confrontation with jail guards who may have used pepper spray or other means to subdue Larry? Or did he die simply because police lied about his incarceration and brought an abrupt, fatal stoppage to his vital heart and psychiatric meds?

8.    Apparently, Larry's murder cover-up is important to numerous officials. Please visit our website, WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY for details. Neither Freedom of Information Act requests nor federal subpoenas have induced officials to release any information and records about Larry's secret arrest and murder. No one involved in Larry's lynching is intended by the injustice system to ever give an account for his death, just as enhanced interrogation experts were exonerated for partaking in torturing detainees in War on Terror camps at Gitmo and Guantanamo. The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm was instrumental in covering up Larry's death. 

9.  In 2003, Shelby County Jail, America's third largest, was already under direct overview by the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) after a lawsuit by the USA for years of egregious violations against inmates' civil and human rights. Rather than acting in the interest of justice after Larry's murder, officials from Shelby County and the USDOJ colluded with The Cochran Firm attorneys against the Neal family. Behind our backs, they embarked on an elaborate conspiracy to suppress justice and disregard open records laws regarding Larry's death that continues today. 

10.  After Larry died under secret arrest in Shelby County Jail, USDOJ officials who were in overview of that correctional facility following USA v. Shelby County Jail actually allowed Shelby County officials to submit testimony and records in the jail's release hearings before U.S. District Court, Western District of Tennessee, that omitted Larry's fatal arrest. 

11.  The USDOJ denies that Shelby County Jail submitted a mandatory inmate fatality report about Larry's death. When I reported Larry's death to the feds, the USDOJ said it would take no action about Larry's murder, and it took no action against Shelby County Government officials about the fraud on the Government regarding the falsified reports from Shelby County, to my knowledge. 

12.  The Cochran Firm, which I now regard as a CoIntelPro operation, signed contract with our mother to represent our family in civil actions for negligence against the State of Tennessee and Larry's final care home and a wrongful death action against Shelby County Jail immediately after Larry Neal's demise, the day following his burial. 

13.  The Cochran Firm contracted with Larry's family under a major undisclosed conflict of interest. The Firm's managing partner of its Memphis office, Julian Bolton, was himself a Shelby County Commissioner and past Chairman. Shelby County Commission owned and operated Shelby County Jail where Larry was killed. The firm accepted a case it could not represent because it would have meant suing its own managing partner in his official government capacity. Lawsuits under Code 42, Sec. 1983 are brought against officials over facilities.

14.  The Cochran Firm helped Shelby County Jail and other intended defendants escape accountability regarding Larry's negligence and wrongful death, which was its real purpose in taking Larry's wrongful death case.  After signing contract, The Cochran Firm used U.S. Mail fraud to lie to our family about a zealous discovery process The Firm falsely claimed was underway while lawyers actually did zero on our behalf. At the end of Tennessee's statute of limitations (one year), The Cochran Firm's file for Larry's wrongful death and negligence cases was empty! 

15.  Many parties from Georgia, Tennessee and Washingon, D.C. subsequently joined the murder cover-up conspiracy. In fact, Larry's murder cover-up is probably one of America's largest. It means a great deal to my family to expose Larry's murder cover-up on Lawless America since we suffer intense persecution in the form of cyberstalking that prevents free use of the Internet and our telephones, plus I endure in-person stalking by a team of people to prevent wide disclosure about Larry's death and The Cochran Firm's fraud against us. 

16.   Since USDOJ officials, Shelby County Government officials knew The Cochran Firm were Larry's wrongful death attorneys. Therefore, Shelby County Jail withheld the mandatory inmate fatality report regarding Larry's secret death in custody, according to USDOJ. In fact, according to USDOJ's records search, the jail omitted reporting Larry's fatal arrest in any reports it made to the USDOJ as required by the Agreement under USA v. Shelby County Jail.

17.  When my family recognized in 2005 that The Cochran Firm had defrauded us and never conducted discovery, I contacted the USDOJ to report Larry's secret murder. The USDOJ answered that it would not investigate the crime. In 2006, USDOJ officials allowed Shelby County Jail to enter fraudulent reports and testimony in release hearings in United States District Court, Western District of Tennessee, that omitted Larry's fatal arrest. Therefore, federal officials and Shelby County officials united to commit a fraud on the USA and became accessories to Larry's murder after the fact.

Years later, in 2008, high federal officials were indicted in Willacy County, Texas for taking kickbacks from county jails and protecting private prison profits by withholding federal investigations that should have ensured after inmate abuses. It is my guess that this happened in Larry's demise.

12.   Officials knew that the Neal family had contracted with The Cochran Firm frauds, meaning they expected never be required to face public outcry or pay damages regarding Larry's death and falsified reports to the government. 


14.   Since The Cochran Firm helped government officials cover-up Larry's murder, the justice system in turn saved The Cochran Firm when my elderly, grieving mother and I sued the lawyers for fraud twice. We hoped that we would ascertain records that finally revealed the exact circumstances of Larry's death so that our mother could stop having nightmares about all the possible ways Larry could have been killed. 

15.   Since The Cochran Firm helped officials escape accountability, we filed a lawsuit against The Cochran Firm in Georgia Fulton County Superior Court in 2005, and deputies served The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office on Peachtree Street. The Firm's Atlanta office was and still is prolifically advertised and operating every day under that identity. However, The Cochran Firm committed perjury in court by falsely claiming it had no law offices within the State of Georgia. Judge Wendy Shoob accepted that perjury and dismissed our lawsuit, claiming falsely that deputies served our lawsuit wrongly because there is no Cochran Firm office within the State of Gergia. Johnnie Cochran is famous for "If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit." New partners who took over the firm after his demise coined a new phrase: "If you have no defense, just say you don't exist."

16.  We then sued in United States Superior Court in 2007. Judge Batten and another judge who had actually RECUSED HIMSELF dismissed our case, also. The Order to Dismiss said that whatever The Cochran Firm did to the Neal family was "immaterial" since no jury would find anything actionable about lawyers taking a case in a blatant, hidden conflict of interest, then withholding legal work while the statute of limitations ran as it tricked clients with lying letters leading them to believe their civil actions were going forward. Both courts helped The Cochran Firm by preventing our lawsuit for fraud from going before a jury. Federal court refused to honor motions to compel records release from Shelby County Jail and from Cox Enterprises, Inc., a media company that regularly advertised The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office on television and in The Atlanta Journal Constitution. The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office, which Judge Shoob declared to be nonexistent, is still prolifically advertised. But Hezekiah Sistrunk, its managing partner, vehemently denies The Firm's existence in courts of law whenever Georgia clients sue for frauds. The Firm never denied defrauding the Neal family, but judges in both our lawsuits denied us due process of law in order to save The Cochran Firm from having to defend itself against our lawsuit for its unethical, illegal, indefensible fraud and deliberate malpractice to help cover up a disabled black man's police murder. To this day, authorities REFUSE to say whether Larry was Tasered to death, killed in a Restraint Chair like Shawn LeVert or on a Restraint Table like Tim Souders, used for illegal medical experiments like mental patients and inmates were in the 1940s, suffered a heart attack while struggling with Shelby County Jail guards, or if Larry died because police denied having him incarcerated and forced an abrupt, lethal stoppage of his vital heart and psychiatric meds. Our in-person stalking and cyber terrorism began immediately after the federal lawsuit against The Cochran Firm was served to the firm in January 2008. The Neal family is denied police services regarding the crimes against us, and I am threatened with Tasering and arrest for asking the public for help. It was shocking to find that lynchings of black men are still allowed in America. The 21st century persecution against my African American family for seeking justice is not unlike burning crosses that were used to intimidate blacks after lynchings 70 years ago. Numerous members of Larry's family have been harassed. My niece who was instrumental in serving our federal lawsuit to David McLaughlin, our assigned Cochran Firm attorney, was immediately terminated from her government job after perfecting service of the lawsuit. Men who introduced themselves as FBI agents questioned my middle aged niece that same week about nude dancing of all things - a mother of adult military men! Although other Neal family members have been followed, denied employment, etc., to punish the Neals for seeking justice and open records about Larry's lynching, terrorists concentrate on me most severely. That is because I lead our family's justice quest and also advocate for others who suffer in the injustice system, especially victims of the program against minorities that I call "The Cochran Firm Fraud." Please Google that. I help families to expose injustices they endure by emails to individuals, government agencies, individuals and email groups. We use YouTube videos, Blogtalk Radio shows, and published over a thousand articles in my five Blogger blogs, my Care2 Sharebook, and at independent news sites. I also use social media like Twitter where I am "koffietime" as well as Google+ and Facebook where I am MaryLovesJustice. Officials care about what voters care about, and voters cannot care about conditions they do not know about. Mainstream media censors news about Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder. The media withheld reports about The Cochran Firm denying the existence of its Georgia office in Georgia Superior Court. No mainstream media reports that The Cochran Firm denied having any law offices whatsoever in Memphis when the Neals sued The Firm in United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia. Numerous former Cochran Firm clients and attorneys also sued The Firm for fraud and racism since Johnnie Cochran's untimely death, including former Cochran Firm attorney Shawn Chapman Holley. Her online NPR interview explains that Johnnie Cochran took on new partners ALMOST IMMEDIATELY before he became terminally ill and died, and they took the firm in its present racist direction: 1) Use Johnnie Cochran's name to calm minority communities after police murders and gross corporate wrongs that cost lives and health (such as the Mann vs. Ford case),  2) save billions of dollars for government entities and certain corporations by reducing or eliminating payouts to The Firm's own clients, and 3) gather clients' confidential information under the attorney/client privilege which I suspect is shared with people who The Firm's clients would least like to have it. We could talk more about that, but I fear we have exhausted three minutes allowed for this endeavor. It would take a documentary series to expose all that has been done and continues to happen to prevent justice for my family and others who I encountered along the climb up Justice Mountain. Please Google "America's Most Censored: Mary Neal" for 13 reasons why I attained that uncomfortable position in these End Times.

OPTIONAL - 14.  Larry was an lifelong acute mental patient and a ward of the State of Tennessee who was hospitalized for 20 years before acute mental patients were "de-institutionalized" in the 1970s. Roughly 1.25 million mentally ill people are now prisoners. Like a multitude of others, Larry became a "frequent flyer" at the jail and local mental hospital for crisis intervention. Larry's essential kidnapping and death-by-police happened because the harmless mental patient who should have been hospitalized long-term continually irritated police with loud singing and occasional panhandling. 
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