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Mary Neal's Stalkers Work for NAACP

My stalkers contain negative news for the NAACP. I sent an email to publish the fact that Rev. Edward Pinkney went to court in Detroit, Michigan today regarding his lawsuit against the NAACP for fraud. The activist minister who is the president of the NAACP's Benton Harbor, Michigan chapter alleges that the NAACP aligned itself with Whirlpool Corporation to oust him for standing with The People against injustice. The email that I sent included a link to Rev. Pinkney's April 8 Blogtalk Radio broadcast wherein Rev. Pinkney explained why he was suing the NAACP. I received a confirmation from a friend that the email was received, and the confirmation carried a copy of the email she received. THE LINK FOR THE APRIL 8 PINKNEY BLOGTALK SHOW WAS MISSING! I DOUBT IF ANYONE RECEIVED IT! The link is  - The link is purple on my view, meaning that it was also sabotaged in this document. The stalkers REALLY do not want people to hear Rev. Pinkney speak about his lawsuit against the NAACP. The organization is likely guilty of working with Whirlpool to victimize blacks in Benton Harbor, Michigan like Rev. Pinkney alleges. That is sad. COPY AND PASTE THIS LINK THE STALKERS ARE DETERMINED TO HIDE: - The NAACP's stalkers made Rev. Pinkney's Blogtalkradio page say his shows are live on Saturdays instead of the correct day, Sundays. They also changed the date for each and every show. For instance, if the show aired on Sunday, April 8, Rev. Pinkney's Blogtalk page will list the show for Saturday, April 7. They go to obvious extremes to reduce Rev. Pinkney's listeners, but more people tune in every week. When will stalkers learn that such censorship ATTRACTS listeners?

The email that I sent to my address list had the link for April 8 Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Radio show in it at the highlighted space. WHERE IS IT STALKERS? WHERE DID IT GO, BEN JEALOUS? WHAT HAPPENED TO REV. PINKNEY'S LINK, NAACP? PLEASE ask the stalkers not to work on your behalf. It will backfire. They are NOT faster than my camera. They understand computer technology better than I do, but they are not intelligent beings. I lay traps for them all the time and they tumble right in. I gather film that will be used on CDs in the flap of my upcoming best seller "COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD." You don't want to be on that video, do you, NAACP? Tell Mary Neal's stalkers, "That's OK. I will pass on the protection you ordinarily give New World Order interests."  You will be glad you did. See the sabotaged email below with yellow highlight where the stolen link should have been.

> *Rev. Edward Pinkney v. NAACP re Fraud*
>  Rev. Pinkney sues NAACP for allegedly siding with Whirlpool against Justice
>  for Blacks in Benton Harbor, MI; trying to oust Rev. Pinkney because
> he
>  stands for The People.
>  [LISTEN TO Rev. Pinkney discuss his lawsuit against the NAACP during
> his
>  April 8, 2012 Blogtalk Radio broadcast. It is archived at
>     - Rev. Pinkney announced discussed the events that led to the
> lawsuit in
>  numerous previous broadcasts. Listen to them anytime by accessing the
>  accessing the link at Blogtalk!
>  Twelve(12) links are in this report]


Obviously, my stalkers who work against open disclosure regarding my mentally, physically disabled brother's 18 days of secret arrest and lynching in Memphis Shelby County Jail also work to help the NAACP avoid negative press. The stalkers were initially hired to hide the secret arrest and WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL  and my advocacy against The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm fraud, but they also help the NAACP avoid disclosure about the attempt to oust Rev. Pinkney for actually working to benefit the organizations' members in Benton Harbor rather than allowing Whirlpool to victimize minorities in that community. (Put WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY in your Google browser to learn about the police kidnapping and lynching of a disabled black man - a death the NAACP's stalkers hide. Stalkers attacked that link and turned it gray on my view.) The same cyberstalkers who send me cyber terror that threatens my family members with bodily harm for daring to ask for open disclosure and justice after Larry Neal's secret jailhouse lynching also work to protect the NAACP from exposure. Benton Harbor residents were offered free membership to the NAACP if they agreed to vote against Rev. Pinkney in a special election that was scheduled to oust Rev. Pinkney before his May 23-26 demonstration against the PGA, an elite golfing event to be played in Benton Harbor on land that the city's residents object to being taken from them.

When Larry Neal was secretly arrested for 18 days and murdered in Memphis Shelby County Jail, plenty of black NAACP members were in City Government and on the Shelby County Commission, including Michael Hooks, nephew of deceased former NAACP president Ben Hooks. That is why everyone should lay aside prejudice. There has been an elite integration among blacks, whites, Hispanics, and Jews against The People of the United States of America. In 2011, Senator Levin, a Jew, introduced the bill for NDAA with provisions for indefinite detention in concentration camps without any criminal charges and opportunity for defense. In 2008, Former Attorney General Gonzales was indicted in Willacy County, Texas for allegedly accepting kickbacks and/or private prison stock for ignoring abuses of inmates, many of whom were Latino like himself. In 2010, the NAACP asked the U.S. Congress to outlaw menthol cigarettes and only menthol - the type that 85% of black smokers use. Yes, the NAACP is interested in enacting discriminatory laws to target blacks for prison if they smoke cigarettes while whites can continue to puff away. I do not know if the NAACP would get a commission for every black Newport and Kool smoker who goes to prison or not. Most articles and movies about slavery involve blacks in America but do not show how blacks were captured from their African villages BY OTHER AFRICANS. Racial prejudice is a fool's decision. All oppressors need do is get someone from one's own race to defraud the People, like some of The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm fraud lawyers do to minorities on a regular basis.

The very same cyberstalkers who interrupt my messages against mass incarceration of mental patients, Taser deaths, executions, solitary confinement, prison slavery, and racism and class consciousness in the justice system also work to hide negative press for the NAACP. I publish news all the time about Negro Confederate Soldiers. The stalkers' sabotage to protect the NAACP is more proof, especially for everyone who received my email about Rev. Pinkney's day in court on April 11, 2012. Hurry, recipients who did not read my email to you already! I found out years ago at Care2 Network that stalkers can and do remove links from email messages, and they can also put them back again. One morning at Care2, I sent all my friends an email, which they did receive in their email boxes (a miracle). However, part of the message had been CHANGED. I know whenever stalkers do this because I often set myself up a dummy account at networks where I post news and have email boxes so I can email myself, also. I also include addressees for personal friends when I send emails, and they inform me of what they receive and which emails were edited or never received.

When Care2 friends confirmed that they had read my original email before I complained about the ILLEGAL mail tampering. They re-read the emails after my complaints and found that the emails had changed back again! Therefore, I have witnesses to verify that they read the email at 6:25 a.m. and it had one message, then they re-read the very same email at 6:40 a.m. and it carried a different message! When I communicated with the Oscar Grant Yahoo Group after the unarmed young black father was killed by B.A.R.T. police, stalkers also stole the link to my article about Grant from that email.  The NAACP's stalkers hide news about black men's deaths by police. I collect witness testimony as I go, climbing Justice Mountain. That is probably why judges roadblock me from going before a jury. We have irrefutable evidence and witness testimony attesting to the the ongoing censorship and conspiracy of terrorism against my family to cover-up Larry Neal's 2003 murder and prevent my advocacy for America's incarcerated mentally ill and condemned inmates. First Nazis had The Johnnie Cochran Firm to defraud the Neals and arranged for civil and human rights organizations, the media, plus justice officials to ignore his lynching. When my mother and I sued The Cochran Firm for its fraud in United States District Court, stalkers were hired to prevent disclosure about Larry's murder and my family's denial of due process of law. The online and in person stalkers continue today and have given us hundreds of interesting videos as they impede my work on behalf of other people who are victimized by the injustice system. My video collection grows daily, because cyberstalkers are not magicians. Their illegal edits to my articles are not faster than the camera.

Below is the article from which I used the excerpt for the email that my cyberstalkers attacked for the NAACP. Other people are able to put a link to articles to direct people to the data. I have to put the whole article for one reason: I am "AMERICA'S MOST CENSORED: MARY NEAL" - LOTS OF BLACK PEOPLE AND WHITE PEOPLE IN AMERICA'S ELITE BANNED TOGETHER TO HIDE THE SECRET ARREST AND MURDER OF MY MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY DISABLED BROTHER, LARRY NEAL, AND TO DENY US RECORDS FOR OVER EIGHT YEARS. LYNCHING WAS ONLY PERCEIVED AS "UNACCEPTABLE" TO SOME BLACKS AS LONG AS THEY WERE AT RISK. SINCE SOME BLACKS NOW FEEL THEY HAVE ARRIVED AT A SAFE POSITION IN LIFE, THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US (Michael Jackson). There is an ATTACKED LINK in this paragraph. Can you see it? It is a link to, which referenced my article "America's Most Censored - Mary Neal." Stalkers, for your bosses' information, the links you turn gray within my articles show up gray on our videos. The lines you steal from my articles but allow to show on my IP view appear as underlined text when I highlight them. Therefore, I know exactly which lines of text you attack. I then get witness statements verifying those lines are missing from other people's view. You leave fingerprints all over the place, which would matter if America had honest courts and a real Justice Department that protected Americans' First Amendment rights, but WE DO NOT. Stalkers work for people who hate Christianity. Sometimes we go back and forth for an hour (on video) regarding my having a capital "G" for "God." They want it to be a lower-case letter. It is horribly disappointing that these very same demonic stalkers WORK FOR THE NAACP.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rev. Pinkney Sues NAACP

Press Release

[LISTEN TO Rev. Pinkney discuss his lawsuit against the NAACP during his April 8, 2012 Blogtalk Radio broadcast. It is archived at   - Rev. Pinkney announced discussed the events that led to the lawsuit in numerous previous broadcasts. Listen to them anytime by accessing the accessing the link at Blogtalk! Twelve(12) links are in this report]

On April 2, 2012, Rev. Edward Pinkney, president of the Benton Harbor/Twin City NAACP branch, filed a lawsuit against Ben Jealous, nat'l NAACP president, and state president Yvonne White and Vice Pres. James Gill.

Defendants White and Gill knowingly and willfully entered into a joint agreement with Whirlpool employee Marcus Robinson (Whirlpool's Consortium for Community Development, and Band of Brethren) to take over the BH/Twin City NAACP, and to suspend membership fees for new people Robinson brings to NAACP.

Whirlpool Corp. circulated an email stating the nat'l. and state NAACP offices were persuaded to undertake the reorganization of the branch - with the specific intention of revitalizing the leadership. It stated that members should contact Marcus Robinson rather than the branch elected officers or executive officers. This is an attempt at a hostile takeover of the local NAACP branch by the defendants and the following: James Hightower, Leonard Seawood, Whirlpool Corp., the PGA tournament, and Harbor Shores.

The lawsuit will be heard on April 11, 2012, 10am, Judge Sullivan's courtroom in Detroit.

BREAKING: Last night the Benton Harbor city commission, 4 to 2, carried out a Vote of No Confidence in the PGA tournament to be held in Benton Harbor, May 23-27. [The Herald Palladium story is at this link ]

Rev. Pinkney is also president of the B.H. BANCO Organization. More information aboutPinkney v. NAACP is available at the BANCO website: . Rev. Pinkney's phone number is (269) 925-0001. Join discussions at the Rev. Pinkney BlogtalkRadio Show each Sunday at 5:00p.m. EST. Co-hosts are Ralph Poynter, former New York school teacher, union organizer, and husband of Lynne Stewart, a former New York attorney who was disbarred and is presently incarcerated in Texas; and Libby, who is BANCO's Benton Harbor reporter. Join discussions by dialing (347) 994-3644. Archived tapes of the exciting, inspiring shows are online at Blogtalk. RozyWow, a health advocate and former L.A. County school teacher, is a regular guest, as I am. Riveting discussions on social and economic justice issues are enriched by numerous guests who have diverse areas of expertise and everyday people seeking relief from injustices. 

Rev. Pinkney helps give voice to the voiceless and resists victimization of 99% People in his community and others throughout America. He serves without regard to race, socioeconomic or health status (Prov. 31:8-9). Helping people to resist oppression causes Rev. Pinkney to suffer persecution. Because Rev. Pinkney is a daily court watcher and highly accessible minister who is unafraid to confront Power with Truth, we call him "The People's Pastor." 

“The thrust is to physically remove and destroy families through the use of the criminal justice system. Every person they can put in jail; every person whose voting rights they can revoke with a felony conviction; every person they can cause to lose their job by putting them on probation; every person they can cause to lose the ability to pay for basic necessities through imposing ruinous court costs and probation is all part of the process. In the 1960s, it was called Negro removal. In Bosnia, it was called ethnic cleansing. It could be called genocide, the removal of the minority population for the purpose of redevelopment of the land. That’s what’s happening in Benton Harbor and the foremost leader of the resistance is Rev. Edward Pinkney.” ~Atty. Hugh "Buck" Davis
Rev. Pinkney is in contact with Bill Windsor, who is producing "LAWLESS AMERICA - THE MOVIE."  Lawless America is releasing a documentary movie to expose government and judicial corruption in the U.S.A. on the big screen. Windsor and his team gather testimony from witnesses in all 50 states to present on in theaters and before the United States Congress. It is a very large and promising justice project. Lawless America's website has suffered its second hacker attack within three months, but visit its Facebook site at this link . A recent tweet states: "I liked a @YouTube video from @lawlessamerica -  - Lawless America,The Movie: Zahra Ali Y'sra"

Justice article from Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill,  (a Care2 site that stalkers sometimes prevent its director from opening), and a second organization to expose negative impacts on families caused by criminalizing mental illness at Dog Justice for Mentally Ill  - Your feedback is invited at the comments tab below. Please feel free to share this article in whole or in part, crediting the source at FreeSpeakBlog   - Blessings!

I published numerous articles about Rev. Pinkney's struggle for liberty and justice in Benton Harbor, Michigan and around the country, including the two at links below:

For more information about The People's Pastor, visit B.H.Banco, listen to Rev. Pinkney's archived Blogtalk Radio shows, and Google "Mary Neal Rev. Pinkney."


Note - The Dog Justice for Mentally Ill link was attacked. It is the only one that could be used for funds to continue advocacy to decriminalize mental illness. That is the very link that stalkers attacked. It was blue like a link, but it was not linking to the site. This is a type of censorship stalkers do to deceive people, like THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD is deception. Stalkers were hired in part to persecute me with poverty for revealing THE SECRET ARREST AND MURDER OF MY DISABLED BROTHER, Larry Neal. Some of the stalkers are demonic Georgia Negroes, such as Michael Moon. I wrote about him in an article in this blog which is called "HOME INVASION." They are sellout werewolves. I used to call them dogs until I realized that was an insult to dogs.

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