Monday, March 5, 2012

Resist Oppression for Native Americans, GA & YOU

Important information in six(6) links! If you are short of time, skip to No. 3 and read about the corporate takeover of the NAACP!

 1.  Mary Neal to the Ramapough People re Cochran Firm Fraud

The Cochran Firm defrauded Native American/African American tribe out of around $3billion to save Ford and EPA after toxic waste dumping and many deaths.

2.  Cochran Firm Fraud in Mann v. Ford re Environmental Racism

Excerpt from link #1
WHO IS LYING - THE JAIL OR THE USDOJ?  As an acute mental patient, Larry made quite an impression, especially when deprived of his psychiatric meds. The fact that Larry had numerous prior misdemeanor arrests, fingerprints on file, contact information on record, and left the jail as a naked corpse negate the idea that Larry's arrest and death could have escaped the notice of Shelby County officials. Therefore, the jail's failure to admit Larry was incarcerated and its failure report his arrest and death to the USDOJ had to be an intentional breach of its Agreement with the USA, and any reports officials did issue to the USDOJ omitting Larry's demise were a fraud on the government. The Shelby County Attorney claims the mandatory fatality report to the USDOJ was made regarding Larry's death. If that is true, the USDOJ lied when it denied receipt of the jail's report in order to cover-up the federal agency's knowledge of and acquiescence to Larry's murder. The Shelby County Attorney failed to back up his claim by forwarding a copy of any report that he claims the jail made to the USDOJ. Since any report authorities give regarding Larry's murder would expose and contradict another government agency, officials apparently decided to issue no further responses whatsoever to the Neals' inquiries about Larry's death.

3.  Recommended siteS: Four Winds - and

4.  Georgia Lawmakers' Plans to Outlaw Certain Peaceful Protests
(APN) ATLANTA -- SB 469, an anti-union and anti-protest bill, would turn nonviolent civil disobedience into a felony punishable by imprisonment for one year and a fine of ten thousand dollars for organizations and one thousand dollars for individuals.   It also has provisions intended to weaken unions.

5.  Martin Luther King, III has a petition against SB 469 at this link . Please sign and distribute to your mailing list. MLK III wrote:

Hi, Extreme lawmakers in the Georgia legislature are pushing a bill designed to intimidate those who would engage in protest activities, such as picketing or sit-ins. This is an effort to silence protesters who are standing up for economic justice.

My father, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., died fighting for economic justice. Before his assassination in 1968, one of the ways he supported striking sanitation workers in Memphis was joining them on the picket line. It’s shocking to me that, 44 years after my father’s death, extreme Georgia legislators are trying to silence today’s peaceful protesters. My father would not back down from this bill and we cannot either.
That's why I signed a petition to The Georgia State House, The Georgia State Senate, and Governor Nathan Deal, which says:

"We urge all Georgia lawmakers to oppose SB 469. This bill restricts the free speech rights of Georgians. It burdens small businesses by forcing them to issue additional notices to their employees, and it puts extra strain on our already-stretched public safety forces. We need lawmakers to focus on real solutions to our jobs crisis, not push bills that take away our basic free speech rights. Again, please vote NO on SB 469." Will you sign the petition too?

Blessings from MaryLovesJustice Neal - Wrongful Death of Larry Neal - Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (If you can sign in and comment at my Care2 group, you are doing better than I am. CoIntelPro blocks me at sign-in these days!)

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