Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sold: Tiffany Cochran Edwards and Thurgood Marshall Jr

See what money bought: Black Lawyers' Kids

Tiffany Cochran Edwards, your first assignment as spokesperson for The Cochran Firm, if you choose to accept it, is to get The Firm to acknowledge its fraud against Georgia courts and its clients. Wrongful Death of Larry Neal >>

Complaint to +CBS News re: Bias Reports re The Cochran Firm

When will CBS expose The Cochran Firm's frauds against courts of law, its African American clients, former attorneys and partners, and partnering law firms?
Using Tiffany Cochran Edwards' face on this CoIntelPro-like program to "keep wealth out of Black hands" will NOT be an effective cover-up. The frauds are too numerous to continue undisclosed. See "Cochran Firm Fraud" website at for information on many of the lawsuits and complaints against that law firm alleging racism, fraud, malpractice, sex discrimination, etc.

In May 2015, United States District Court of Central California ruled that The Cochran Firm has "unclean hands" and does NOT meet the requirements to be called "a national law firm." That matter is now before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ("McMurray vs. The Cochran Firm"). Yet CBS failed to report this to the public and instead plans to put forward an image of The Cochran Firm being some heroic law firm and featuring Johnnie Cochran's daughter - who apparently works in a law office that had Georgia Superior Court pronounce it NONEXISTENT as a Cochran Firm law office to avoid lawsuit by defrauded clients. Hattie and Mary Neal sued The Cochran Firm after it deliberately withheld legal work as the wrongful death attorneys of Larry Neal, a mentally ill African American man, age 54, who was secretly arrested and murdered in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003. Thanks to The Cochran Firm's perjury (denouncing the Atlanta office's association with the national law firm and with any sister offices (Memphis)), The Cochran Firm avoided accountability for its fraud.

Ever since Johnnie Cochran's death, this law firm that operates falsely in his name has defrauded literally hundreds of families of color, particularly after corporate wrongdoing and police murders. CBS is disgusting to withhold press reports about The Cochran Firm's legal troubles but instead to promote the firm by using Cochran's daughter as the public face of the firm. See "Beware of Treacherous Lawyers - The Cochran Firm" at -- This defrauded client will update the list with numerous other lawsuits and formal complaints against The Cochran Firm this week.

I would appreciate it if CBS would not do more to perpetuate the cover-up regarding this CoIntelPro law firm.

The preceding report went to CBS on January 28 at 1:26pmEST from Mary Neal regarding its upcoming interview on "Just A Minute" with @Tiffany Cochran Edwards (whose name probably prevented from linking here). She spoke about Johnnie Cochran's televised defense of OJ Simpson, which propelled Cochran to superstar status as a lawyer, particularly among Blacks. Cochran has been dead for nearly 11 years, and providing adequate legal defense for criminal charges and civil action cases is the last thing The Firm is interested in doing now, MyCocoaFab, so your coverage of Edwards is unacceptable. Tell the real truth, or just be quiet.

At the MyCocoaFab article, Edwards speaks of receiving DEATH THREATS because of her relationship with Johnnie Cochran, who was her father. Did her threats include receipt of mannequin heads in the mail like mine did, simulating beheaded people? Has she ever been FOLLOWED by an entourage of vehicles led by a government vehicle and called 911, which refused to respond? Have her telephones been taken over to prevent phone calls, and has she had 12 computers destroyed to prevent her from speaking freely about The Cochran Firm? 

How dare Edwards present herself as a spokesperson for a Cochran law office that declared itself NOT to be any such thing in Georgia courts? Bougie Negroes are amazing, like Edwards, who is Cochran's daughter, and like the son of Thurgood Marshall, who is on the board of directors for CCA, one of the largest prison companies. They're making money by exploiting people their fathers tried to help.

The cover-up regarding The Cochran Firm Fraud
against African Americans includes mainstream news, the BBB, state bar associations, and legal referral agencies, etc. Obviously, the NWO hates Blacks. In fact, "Following The Cochran Firm Fraud Trail Leads to White Liberals." >> It's a damn shame in the 21st century to have a CoIntelPro law firm. It will NOT be hidden. The first CoIntelPro program was revealed and allegedly defunded, and so will this one. Destroying computers and blocking Internet access will not work, because as the gospel of Jesus Christ proves, word-of-mouth is a powerful tool. So are public demonstrations, as was proved by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his supporters. Media coverage in the USA is ridiculous. We must become our own mass media company. Please share this post.

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