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LGBT Conversations by Heterosexuals Banned at FB

I announced at Facebook that a new private school plans to open in the Atlanta area in September 2016 called "Pride School." It will enroll K-12 and cater to LGBT students and staff and those who feel "different." Facebook removed my post after it was read by probably 100,000 people and engendered more than 25,000 comments. Some of the comments spoke against indoctrinating children into thinking of themselves as being gay. I invited conversation regarding the school and was banned when the Facebook post gained a large readership. Four of five people who commented below were concerned that children were being unfairly channeled toward homosexuality.
Please have your say in comments. School starts in September 2016.
Carmen Hernandez I am sorry, but this is rediculous, why are they pushing this so early in their childhood. Let them grow up and then they can decide what they want to do with their lives. Stop pushing it, maybe they wouldn't feel so different.
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Shua Carr These people are groming these children to be sodomites wow that's so sad .
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Tenekia Garvin Lost for dare anyone...these are kids...they don't know any better...this is not fair and their parents should be arrested for child neglect...this is wrong on so many levels. You want to do it as an adult fine...but give the kids a fighting chance...I just don't get it...a line has to be drawn some where...this is getting out of hand.
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Shua Carr But some of these who say they are parent adopt some of these children and is forcing these life styles on these poor children and there's no law to stop them how terrible.
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Do heterosexuals and the LGBT community have the right to speak on these issues in a public forum like Facebook without censorship? Some people in the LGBT community were opposed to the LGBT school. TRY to read the 25,767 comments, and add your viewpoint if "they" let you. Is MaryLovesJustice really banned from Facebook because of the post announcing an LGBT school, or is this banning to hide the secret arrest and murder of her mentally, physically disabled brother and persecution her entire family endures in the United States to hide his wrongful death? Search online for the "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" website, social media posts, radio shows, and videos.

My entire family has been under attack by New World Orderlies for more than ten years, ever since I exposed certain truths that elite white supremacists prefer to keep out of the public forum and off the Internet. Attacks include censorship, computer destruction, telephone takeovers, being followed in person by stalkers with police services denied, persecution and unjust prosecution through the legal system, unjust and unexplained job terminations, hacking to prevent job applications and pursuit of business opportunities, online and in-person terrorism.

In 2014, Facebook banned the wife of a close relative who is presently enduring prosecution in Georgia for a crime that never happened. His trial is scheduled for January 2016, just as The Cochran Firm's trial in Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled for January 2016 (see "Cochran Firm Fraud" at for more information. She complained about police harassment against her husband on her Facebook page and was banned from Facebook for exposing the fact that her husband, a Neal man, was being targeted.  As an over-the-road driver, he was detained by police at almost every weigh station without reason, which delayed his loads. In 2015, police went further and falsely accused him of a crime. The innocent young husband and father who had never had police trouble received notification about Georgia's charges against him immediately after returning home from his father's funeral. My brother Ed died on October 27, 2015, reportedly of a blood clot. He was hospitalized for cancer that was contracted when the USA sprayed Agent Orange on him in Vietnam.

I received notice from Facebook today that I was banned. I was accused of publishing pictures of "nudity" and "violence," neither of which is true. The truth is that the United States Department of Justice and Facebook do not want me to expose The Johnnie Cochran Firm fraud against African Americans or the nation's targeting of mentally ill Americans to become prison commodities. That is why I am banned; it is why my relative was harassed by police; and it is also why his wife was banned at Facebook for complaining about police harassment.

Censoring MaryLovesJustice about the LGBT school post is done to prevent tens of thousands of Facebook members from following my name to my Facebook page and seeing the cover photo and profile pictures, which are below, and learning about gross human rights violations being done against mentally, physically disabled Americans of every race:

Cover photo: "Forgiveness without repentance is cowardice." (You should be able to click for a larger view at Blogger.)

Mary Neal picketed CNN and other media companies for deliberately withholding information about The Cochran Firm's many frauds from African Americans. The Cochran Firm frequently subjects its clients to racism, fraud and malpractice in order to "keep wealth from black hands." See a list of complaints and lawsuits by former clients as well as the law firm's former lawyers and partnering law firms at "Beware of Treacherous Lawyers: The Cochran Firm." Media companies refuse to announce that The Cochran Firm has been stripped of its right to call itself "a nationwide law firm" by United States District Court, Central District of California. The firm appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, where the matter is being tried right now. Ironically, my nephew's court dates coincide with The Cochran Firm's.

The Cochran Firm prevailed in both "Neals vs. The Cochran Firm" lawsuits by disclaiming that its Atlanta office was connected in any way to The Cochran Firm or any sister Cochran Firm law offices. Now the lawyers want to be considered a single law firm, and they expect 9th Circuit Court to disregard their previous lies in Georgia courts. The shame on American courts is that they might prevail again. Elitists need a law firm like The Cochran Firm to deflect plaintiffs' law suits against corporations and violent police departments and perhaps to get intel on employees who seek to become whistleblowers, etc.

Elite white supremacists have a vision for America, but they fear their plans will not be successful while ordinary people have access to mass communication. Like Senator Bernie Sanders, we are censored. Laypersons' opinions about education, homosexuality, the legal system, racism, and health care are not welcome online or anywhere in the New America.

This month, one of my online ministers is under prosecution for attending a Black Lives Matter march last summer in Fresno, California - Rev. Dr. Floyd Harris, Jr. Months before the false charges were levied against him, Harris was accused by the sheriff of using his free speech to influence children to distrust police. The minister operates Freedom School in the summer and teaches children their human and civil rights, how to plant and harvest vegetables, and how to swim at the beach.

Another of my online ministers, Rev. Edward Pinkney, is presently imprisoned for sponsoring a recall election for former Mayor Whitehead in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Rev. Pinkney and many other voters believed that Whitehead served the corporate elite rather than his constituents. Rev. Pinkney became the first American to ever be banned from using the Internet. That happened before he was convicted of committing any crime. It is ironic that nobody who used the Internet to attract and molest children or to extort people of money was ever banned, but Rev. Pinkney was banned - a minister who had a Sunday radio broadcast during which he and others discussed corruption, racism, and injustice. In a flagrant violation against her human rights, Mrs. Pinkney was banned from going online inside her home although there were no criminal charges against her. Rev. Pinkney was convicted by an all-white jury and sentenced to serve up to ten years for election fraud although the prosecutor presented no evidence of wrongdoing.

George Mallinckrodt was my radio guest last week after the Florida Department of Corrections banned his book. The tape will be played on "Human Rights Demand" channel at Blogtalkradio on Sunday, January 17, at 6pmEST. Mallinckrodt, a former prison psychoanalyst, wrote "Getting Away with Murder," a book about prisoner torture and murder in Florida. It is available in its first and second editions at The book regards the scalding murder of Darren Rainey, a mentally ill Black man who was killed by Florida corrections officers in Dade County Correctional Institution in 2012. Rainey's death was covered up for nearly two years and might still be if not for the efforts of Mr. Hempstead, a fellow inmate who heard Rainey pleading for his life for roughly 45 minutes as he expired under a strong spray of nearly boiling water while locked in a prison shower. Hempstead notified prison authorities, elected officials. Hempstead finally notified the media when his reports engendered no justice for Rainey. After that, Mallinckrodt's book and articles by the Miami Herald exposed Rainey's murder widely. Nevertheless, Rainey's murder remains unrequited. He was, after all, a "useless eater," by Nazi standards.

I am "America's Most Censored - Mary Neal" (search online for an article with that title). I applaud the brave ministers, journalists, and book author discussed above. Special care must be taken to avoid false criminal accusations and being targeted for harassment like my nephew and ministers face in New America. Therefore, I placed myself under self-imposed house arrest nearly a decade ago.  Four vehicles led by a U.S. Government vehicle followed me for six miles and waylaid me at a neighborhood Chevron station in September 2008, where I called police who failed to respond (Google "Mary Neal's Emergency 911 Call"). This happened after my mother and I sued The Cochran Firm in Georgia Superior Court and later in USDC for defrauding the Neal family to help Memphis, Tennessee police and Shelby County Jail escape accountability for Larry Neal's murder after 18 days of secret arrest. Censoring, intimidating and persecuting the Neal family is a team effort among elite white supremacists and their Black Confederates across various industries, including communication companies, law enforcement, and corporate government agencies.

Ordinary Americans, beware. We the People, including ministers, a psychoanalyst, and murdered prisoners' survivors, are NOT allowed to exercise First Amendment rights in the New America. As U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia announced several years ago when he addressed a law class, "The Constitution is dead, dead, dead." Working class Americans are persecuted and prosecuted for speaking and writing on issues that elitists believe should only be decided by millionaires and billionaires, such as many of our elected and appointed officials are -- not by constituents who pay their salaries.

The post about Atlanta's first LGBT school for K-12 is not my first banned post. Some time ago, I invited my readers at Facebook to comment about the Tuskegee Experiments, and I posted a baby's diseased foot. That post was labeled "violent" and removed. What is different this time is that I was banned along with my post about LGBT. Facebook and other elitists do not want to sponsor opinions from ordinary Americans that might clash with elitists who seem to push a gay agenda in America.

I invite my readers' comments on subjects elitists believe working class people should not dare opine about, such as the government's plan to enforce vaccinations for every adult in the USA, various police shootings, and pending legislation, such as H.R.2646 "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act" and H.R.3543, the "Justice Is Not For Sale Act." It was introduced last September by Senator Bernie Sanders and other representatives who likely own no prison stocks. Yes, we have equal rights in these United States, but some people are definitely considered more "equal" than others.

Please check back at this article for links to fuller explanations about the matters covered herein. May I wish you a very HAPPY MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. DAY 2016. Dr. King was one of my persecuted ministers who taught unpopular concepts like Rev. Pinkney and Dr. Harris do, such as, "Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you." That message also led to the crucifixion of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I can never be sure about anything connected with the Internet, but it appears that my ban might be lifted on January 16.

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