Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Free Rev. Pinkney

Every week during his radio broadcasts, Rev. Pinkney accused Governor Snyder of giving corporations tax breaks that Michigan could not afford, negatively impacting the citizenry. ‪#‎Flint‬, Michigan's water crisis has proved Pinkney was correct. The lead and other contaminants in Flint's water remained hidden for a period of time. The government's response: Rev. Pinkney became the first American ordered offline - not any of the thousands of people who used the Internet to do swindles or to attract and molest children but a Baptist minister who used the Internet to inform Americans about government corruption in Michigan. He was prosecuted and sentenced by an all-white jury who were presented no evidence of voting fraud related to his successful petition to recall former Mayor Whitehead of Benton Harbor. Pinkney and other petitioners perceived Whitehead as being one of many elected officials who worked for corporate interests rather than the People's interests. FREE PINKNEY! Free All political prisoners!

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