Monday, September 17, 2012

Cyberstalking Mary Neal Report #5

Report 1 - TELEPHONE TAKEOVER:  Denise Johnson's son, Gregory Johnson, was murdered at San Jose University in November 2008. His death was ruled suicide, which is the popular excuse when black men are killed and the injustice system decides to allow the perpetrators to escape accountability (Gregory was the only black living in the Sigma Chi frat house where he died). Denise reported that an FBI agent told her Gregory's death was being investigated as a hate crime until it reached Attorney General Holder's desk, where the case file likely sits underneath Larry Neal's murder file and many more. I called Denise yesterday to notify her that my cyberstalkers had put a document entitled "Gregory Johnson" in the trash bin on my computer. Saboteurs regularly go through my computer's documents and programs and remove the items the censorship force determines will be detrimental to their employers' quest to prevent justice in America. Denise Johnson sent me an email, which said:

from: denise johnson
to: MaryLovesJustice Neal <>
date: Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 6:35 PM
"just listened to yr message 2 day couldn't understand all broken up it yr ph no did not show up at all nothing not even unavail ? can u pls send yr # 2 me so i can call u my cell is ...."

We do not have a private telephone number: (678) 531-0262. My telephone is taken over by CoIntelPro to prevent my ability to communicate with justice seekers like Denise Johnson as well as law firms and human rights organizations that may be able to help with my family's justice quest regarding the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal. Denise Johnson was a guest on the Rev.Pinkney Blogtalk Radio show on September 9 and September 16. The broadcasts are available online at Blogtalk. See WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY at . Cyberstalkers also wish to prevent my advocacy against The Cochran fraud, a CoIntelPro program using attorneys to work against their own clients' interests under Johnnie Cochran's name in order to limit or eliminate payouts by government entities and certain corporations for catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths of black people in America. They have been turned loose on whites now through class action litigation regarding the Gulf Coast oil spill and faulty DePuy implants. This victim of Cochran Firm fraud tries to warn legal consumers, but your help is requested. 

Report 2 - ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL (AIMI) TAKEOVER: Last night, I wrote a post at AIMI to expose and oppose a plan whereby mentally ill people in North Carolina will be evicted from care homes and placed in community housing, where they will be deprived of caretakers. This plan will deliver into prisons a substantial number of the remnant of acute mental patients who have thus far been spared joining 1.25 million mentally ill inmates. As soon as I hit "submit" on the post, it disappeared, and my computer reverted to the Care2 sign-in page. They denied my advocacy for H.R.619 the same way - That congressional bill that was introduced in January 2009 by Eddie Johnson (D-TX) to restore Medicaid insurance to pay for mentally ill inpatients. See a video at this link if they let you: H.R.619 Advocacy Censored at AIMI    The censorship force does not want objections to evicting mentally ill people from care homes to reach the public. If the public joins AIMI in opposing this, it may slow the flow of mentally ill people into prisons and negatively impact municipalities' contracts with private prisons to keep them at 90% occupancy rates by victimizing America's most vulnerable people. Inpatient care for the mentally ill was also omitted from the national health care plan that Congress passed last year. I will publish my objections in an articles at HubPages. As usual, Genesis6:2,4 people make the loss of benefits and rights in America sound like something positive is happening. See the news article about kicking mentally ill people out of care homes at this link if they let you:


Report 3 - GOOGLE+ TAKEOVER: I ordinarily post articles published in my blogs to my Google+ page by selecting the "1+" widget at the bottom of each article, and I invite the public to do likewise. When I select "1+," a Google+ screen appears for me to select the "circles" that will receive my notice. In addition, I had an option to send the post directly to email boxes that belong to people on my email address list who are not yet Google+ members or are not in my circles. Although I have over 6,000 individuals on my Gmail address list, the number I was allowed to send emails through Google+ was only 239. That option has now been taken away. The Google+ screen I get when I select "1+" now has a check box by an option to "send to YOUR CIRCLES," not the former option to "send to 239 email addresses."  Presently, if I add a single email address or Google+ circle to the field beside the check box, my response is always "THAT IS TOO MANY." The censorship force believes that no one should receive my reports about government and judicial corruption and advocacy articles against mass incarceration, concentration camps, capital punishment, wrongful convictions, police brutality, or racism and class consciousness in the justice system. In fact, my home was burglarized on August 11, and ONLY file boxes that contained Neals v. The Cochran Firm court records and evidence were stolen. I think the burglary was done to enable criminals to change and remove files from Georgia Superior Court and from United States District Court, the two courts that wrongly dismissed the Neals' lawsuits. Heathens are busy!

Report 4 - FACEBOOK SABOTAGE: Many Facebook members have alternate pages that people reach when trying to open links for particular individuals and organizations. I first discovered this when I tried to follow a link that GodTube sent to me by email. It led to a GodTube page with its last entry being dated 2011. I copied a print screen of this censorship against the gospel message and notified GodTube. (Articles with print screen proof of fake pages at Facebook are in this JusticeGagged blog.) I discovered that my Facebook group ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL had an alternate page, and so do I. I signed up as "MaryLovesJustice," but my email box and FB page say "Mary Neal." There is, however, a "MaryLovesJustice" account operating at Facebook, and I assume that account might receive emails that are intended for me. Sometimes, my "home page" at FB, which is supposed to be current, has posts that are days old with the last comments thereon having been posted days before. That is one way the censorship force hides current news. Last night, a FB friend emailed me and invited me to "like" her group page. I responded that I already "liked" her page and that I post there every day. I then followed the link she sent me via FB email to "like" her page, and I found that none of my posts were there. In fact, her group's real page uses the Facebook timeline view, and the page I always reach for her group from "my groups" has the old FB layout. Censored news and people are channeled there to keep their information from going before blacks at Facebook.  Be aware of extensions that sometimes appear after the names on pages' URLs at Facebook. See my emails with Rozlyn Cross-Ratliff about this below, if "they" let you:

Yesterday Rozlyn Cross-Ratliff
Please support our new national Judicial Justice Page... Click onto link and like our Movement's page... Thank you

The Judicial Justice Movement" formerly known as "The Free Wesley Snipes Movement" is a Grassroots coalition of activists, artists, social media bloggers and ...

Yesterday Mary Neal
Thank you, Roz. I liked this page long ago and post there every day. I think CoIntelPro makes my posts invisible.

Yesterday Rozlyn Cross-Ratliff
Are you refering to the New Page I created 2 days ago?
National Judicial Justice Page.
I don't see any of your comments... Why are they doing this too you? ... Damn!!!"

Yesterday Mary Neal
I am referring to the page I reached using the link you posted in this email

Yesterday Rozlyn Cross-Ratliff
I read this some time ago ... Also heard you speak on this issue many times... Again I say to you how sorry I fell for you... I hate you had to endure this harsh treatment... Feel..

Yesterday Mary Neal
Well, they will do anything to prevent disclosure, like all criminals. The USDOJ itself is a conspirator to hide Larry's murder - the main one, actually. In Willacy County, TX, a previous atty. gen. was indicted for hiding jail abuses and murders in exchange for prison profits or kickbacks.

YES, THE GENESIS 6:2,4 BEINGS HAVE TAKEN OVER AMERICA'S INTERNET. IF YOU THINK THEY ARE HAVING FUN STEALING, KILLING AND DESTROYING NOW, JUST WAIT UNTIL THEY GET THOSE CONCENTRATION CAMPS OPEN! See more cyberstalking videos at this link "SIX VIDEOS PROVE MARY NEAL'S CENSORSHIP . Judge Forrest ruled that indefinite detention without due process of law is unconstitutional, and she placed a permanent injunction against it last week. But the Obama administration appealed her ruling within hours. It is time for everyone in America to get saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and pray for God to deliver us from evil as more people awaken from their Mass Hypnosis . Enjoy the video below featuring a song by Archie Bell & The Drells: "THERE'S GONNA BE A SHOWDOWN."

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