Monday, August 27, 2012

Police Business

I called the police today to take my burglary report. Officer Brooks #2846, car 12522, responded. He saw the space where the missing file boxes were. He told me I could go to the police station within three to five days and get the burglary report for the Neals v. Cochran Firm files. Officer Brooks was dressed totally differently from the "cousin nancy" officer who answered my call on Sunday, August 19. The man who responded that day was dressed in blue knit and carried no gun, but he was in a police car. He refused to write a police report on the burglary. Police told me on Wed., August 22, that the man who responded on Sunday, August 19 could not have been a real police officer, because no police officer was dispatched regarding my burglary call.

I told Officer Brooks today that I also want a report on the fake police officer who came on Sunday, August 19. He said, "Wait a minute," and went to his car. He was on the phone for some time, then he returned. He said an officer was sent to my house on Sunday. I said I spoke to police on Wednesday and today, and both times I was told that no officer had come to my house. Officer Brooks repeated that an officer did come to my house. I just looked at him, and he left.

I then called the police department and confirmed that Officer Brooks had been dispatched to my home. I also asked if the report showed any policeman dispatched to my house on Sunday, August 19. The woman said she saw that I had made a call on Sunday, but she said she could not see where any officer responded. She said it was not in the report and that she would have a supervisor call me.

Sgt. Hughes called. The phone showed "restricted number." I told him I wanted information about the man who came to my house on Sunday. I told Sgt. Hughes that when I talked with DeKalb County Police Department twice before, I was told no officer had come to my house on Sunday, August 19. But today Officer Brooks said that was a real police officer. Sgt. Hughes said he would research it and call me again.

My mom said I received a call while I was away from a police officer who affirmed that a real police officer visited me Sunday, August 19. So now the guy who came Sunday was a police officer. Stay tuned.

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