Thursday, August 16, 2012

Censorship at FB re Cochran Firm Fraud

If my posts were really posting at Facebook, would stalkers prevent me sending the same message in an email to the members that I post on their walls? I was prevented from posting the below message in an email to William Windsor, producer of Lawless America Movie , and I was prevented from posting it in an email message to Richardson Shaunes

This is why I became America's most censored - so police departments and major corporations can continue saving billions when sued by blacks through The Cochran Firm frauds. LISTEN to former Cochran Firm attorney Shawn Chapman Holley speak to NPR about RACISM and FRAUD against attorneys who refused to defraud black clients after Johnnie Cochran's death and therefore lost their jobs (Cyberstalkers follow me across the Internet to protect this information from exposure to the public. The censorship is not necessarily from Facebook itself.)

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