Thursday, August 30, 2012

Executive Order re Cybersecurity

Will President Obama take over the Internet through an Executive Order?
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"John Brennan, the White House's chief counterterrorism adviser, has said the Obama administration is considering imposing cybersecurity rules via executive order after the Cybersecurity Act failed to gain enough Republican votes to move forward."

First Amendment Threats: Unique Internet I.D. Numbers, SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, CISPA, and now we face an Executive Order regarding cybersecurity in U.S.A.

I found a note pad cyberstalkers had put in the trash bin on my desktop. I copied the notes thereon. It looks like they are uninstalling parts of my operating system:

log=AegisP Protocol (network component):  Uninstalled.
log=AegisP Protocol (device driver):  Stopped.
log=AegisP Protocol (C:\WINDOWS\inf\AegisP.PNF):  Deleted.
log=AegisP Protocol (C:\WINDOWS\inf\AegisP.inf):  Created.
log=AegisP Protocol (C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\AegisP.sys):  Created.
log=AegisP Protocol (network component):
log=Installation failed
log=The specified service has been marked for deletion.
[Windows System Error 0x80070430]
 failure: code=-1

On Saturday, January 15, a young man actually confessed that he was hired to stalk me. He was driving a red V6 Cavalier - DeKalb County license tag BKP8027.

In July 2011, my security program reported: Deny PortScan Attack from Remote Host The cyberstalkers' attack continued, and they won. Then I could not go to Twitter, send emails, or log in at Yahoo Answers. My security program reported: IE Sent Data to Remote Host; IE Sent Data to Remote Host; IE Sent Data to Remote Host; and Application "SYSTEM" sent data to Remote Host

I do not think the Cybersecurity bill would help average Americans who use online services like I do to protest criminalizing mental illness or to protest cuts of $1.6 billion from food stamps and school lunch programs and to post anti-DP messages.

This writer's objections to Internet censorship are laid out in numerous online articles, including:
"Open Letter to Google re S.968"

"Plea for Free Speech, by Mary Neal"

"Lynching America"

"Senate Bill 968 and H.R.3761 to Remove Dissidents from Internet"

Next article in JusticeGagged blog: "America's Sold-Out Negro Leaders"
Advocacy article for freedom of press by Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill , sister of mentally, physically disabled man who was secretly arrested and killed without explanation, excuse; denied records and investigation - Wrongful Death of Larry Neal website , serving under a divine appointment to speak/write for the poor and needy and people who are condemned to death (Proverbs31:8-9) (Matt.25:40) (Heb.13:3)

Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder in government custody and the government's repeated attempts to control communication in America, and the fact that cyberstalkers turned the color of every link in this brief article gray rather than blue, which is my setting, indicate FASCISM.

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