Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lawless Government Officials

If I read one more lie about officials feigning surprise that this administration would say "f" the law, I will puke. What do you think I have been writing for years? Think of ALL THE LAWS that got disregarded for my family to be in this position. A handicapped man was secretly arrested 18 days and murdered by police or jail guards. The lawyers who contracted to be wrongful death attorneys worked with the USDOJ and Memphis Shelby Co. Jail behind the victim's survivors backs to hide the murder from the public and deny the survivors due process of law. No investigation, no explanation, no inquest, no nothing. While the survivors were made to believe (through U.S. Mail fraud) by The Cochran Firm that a zealous discovery process was underway in preparation to sue the murderous jail for wrongful death, that was really only a ruse to let the statute of limitations pass on filing suit for the wrongful death. When the survivors discovered the fraud and sued, courts joined in the conspiracy and declared the law firm nonexistent to let THEIR sham lawyers off the hook.

"Thanks for scratching my back, sweetheart. Let me scratch yours now. F the laws against perjury. F all the Rules of Professional Responsibility that are used to censure other attorneys. We pick and choose who we hold responsible and to what degree. You helped us escape accountability for a COLDBLOODED MURDER AND CONSPIRACY TO COVER-UP THE LYNCHING; NOW WE'LL HELP YOU, COCHRAN FIRM FRAUDS. We must keep your name untainted, after all, so that we can use you to defraud other blacks throughout America when they sue government entities and major corporations that are in our club. F the law."

"'F Georgia law and U.S. Code. Fuck the Constitution. F every law that would prohibit us from actively covering up a murder then allowing or doing stalking, censorship, cyberterror, and financial persecution against Larry Neal's survivors who dare to pursue justice and open disclosure about his murder. F those laws. F Mary Neal's police reports. F her 911 calls when we allowed/sent stalkers to waylay her and her family at a Chevron station on September 27, 2008. Police officers' right to get away with COLDBLOODED MURDER AND FEDERAL OFFICIALS' RIGHT TO BECOME ACCESSORIES TO MURDER AFTER THE FACT take precedence over any law. F the Executive Order regarding response time for Freedom of Information Act requests. F all claims about "open government." We do what we want. We cherry-pick the law and use it only when it benefits us - when we can use the law to add to our pri$on roll$, conduct executions for our royal entertainment, etc. The law must be obeyed by commoners and slaves; it has no impact over the 'ruling class.' We do what we want and when we please, and we regard not the laws of man or God." Whenever a law is an impediment to something high officials want to do, they simply redact it through a new law or executive order, then do as they please.

I hate it when officials pretend to be outraged over federal employees being told to ignore immigration laws in Arizona. Their outrage is a ridiculous pretense. They have to know that ignoring laws is usual and ordinary.  History is littered with deceptions, thefts, and broken promises. Perhaps some officials really were surprised if they believed the government would not ignore the law when doing so negatively impacts whites. Maybe they also believed the USDOJ would be more forthcoming with records when a white border guard lay dead instead of a black handicapped man. Wrong! Lawlessness is unlimited among people who disregard rules and make up new ones as they go along. That could mean big problems for everyone.
(Quote from "Intelligence Squared presents: The Elders" http://theelders.org/article/celebrating-five-years-elders ) Every rational adult recognizes and accepts that truth to a limited degree. But the notion that any individual or government has the right to ignore basic human rights, particularly the right to life, is beyond what should be considered acceptable, particularly by those perceived as being "less than." Therefore, I object to inequities in application of the law in the United States and the tendency officials have, which has grown increasingly pronounced, to ignore laws they find inconsistent with their agenda, whatever it may be. "Shady" is the word that comes to mind. It is important to stop teaching children that America is a land of liberty and justice for all. They must be taught that "ours is a thoroughly unequal" country that we can work on improving together.

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Mary Neal said...

I cannot tell you how PISSED I am to be sitting here preparing to do job applications when I should be doing business plans had these PEOPLE not killed Larry and diverted my attention from normal pursuits and thereafter PREVENTED me from normal pursuits with their CoIntelPro activities, or if there had been justice after Larry's secret arrest and murder. I am especially angry because stalkers ordinarily STEAL job applications for members of this household and PREVENT communication to/from potential employers. The family as a whole is actually financially persecuted because we dared to believe Larry's death was worthy of explanation by "the ruling class." Meanwhile, every time I turn on the TV I hear, "What shall we do about Syria?" as though the officials who will decide (or already decided) have ANY respect for human rights across seas or here in the U.S.A. The hypocrisy is absolutely infuriating.